Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 19

18 The Visitors

Bai Family Courtyard

After their round in the bath, Bai Shen and his sister was now eating at their large courtyard. For the two of them, this was a blissful day. They were chatting and laughing as they told jokes and stories to each other. Their father who was at the door looking at them had a peaceful smile. He still told them that he already know their relationship, he wanted them to be the one who come and tell him.

"Sister close your eyes, I have a perfect gift here for you" with a gentle smile, Bai Shen said to his sister.

Slightly surprised that her little brother has a gift for her, Bai Mei closed her eyes in anticipation.

Bai Shen seeing his sister closed her eyes, took out something and put it in her hand. The soft and smooth hands of her sister makes his heart beats fast. He felt her sister slightly shivered when he touched her hands.

"Sister open your eyes" Bai Mei slowly open her eyes and look at her hands. There she saw a silver white hair pin with a phoenix design. There were also several glistening gems engraved on it. Her eyes turn watery as she look at the pin and her brother.

"I also have something for little brother, close your eyes and don't peek" gently holding the phoenix pin, she took out a golden necklace with a dragon design on it. She went behind her brother's back and put the necklace on his neck. Then she lean forward and kiss him lightly on his lips.

Bai Shen was surprised when he felt the sweet kiss on his lips. He opened his eyes and look at his sister who was looking down with her ears turn red. He took the pin in her hands and gently put it in her hair. The color of her hair and the pin compliment each other perfectly. As his sister was still looking down, he pulled her gently into a tight embrace. Bai Mei shivered and tightly hug him back. The two looks peaceful as they hug each other, they felt like they have the world at their arms.

After some time, the two release their hug and look at each others eyes. They both let out a small laughter as they hold hands. Their father on the side was shocked as he watch his two children act like a married couple. It was unknown how many times he have breath a helpless sigh. He just turn around and walk away leaving the two alone in their own world.


At the gate of the Bai Residence

"Tell me who you are and what is your business in coming here!" a guard shouted as he stand in the front gate. A luxurious carriage was stopped right in front of him. Although he knew that the one inside must be from a powerful family, he still fearlessly shouted as he knew he the power of the Bai family behind him.

"We are from the Jiang Family, I wish to speak to Lord Bai about something important" a deep voice sounded from inside the carriage.

Hearing that they were from the Jiang family, the guard who was blocking the carriage look at his superior at the side. His superior just nod and the guard move and opened the gates. This is the 3rd time that a reputable family in the capital visited the Bai residence this day. They all wanted to seek favor of the youngest son as they knew he was going to be the husband of the eldest princess in the future. They thought that the Jiang Family was here for the same reason that is why they let them in.


"What does Patriarch Jiang's wanted in visiting my Bai Family?" Bai Chen said as he look at Jiang Zhang who was sitting opposite to him. He and this Jiang family had no relations to each other, they were not friends and also they were not enemies. So he doesn't know the reason on why they visited him.

"Patriarch Bai I will get straight to the point, my Jiang family wants to propose a marriage to your Bai Family. You see, my grandson here is deeply in love with your daughter. I believe that with my grandsons talent he was capable of being your daughter's future husband." Jiang Zhang directly said not hiding anything. He was confident that Bai Chen will agreed to this marriage proposal.

Bai Chen's expression turned heavy when he heard their purpose of coming here. He look at the handsome young man who was looking at him with clear expectations. He had heard about this young genius of the Jiang Family, although he was a very genius that doesn't mean he will just agree to the proposal.

"Patriarch Jiang that would be difficult, you see the reason I didn't arranged any marriage for my daughter was because I want her to freely choose the man she wanted to be with. I give her so much freedom and I don't want to take it away from her. Also, she already had someone she love, and she love him more than her life" Bai Chen said with a straight face, his voice was decisive and firm.

The faces of Jiang Zhang and Jiang Yu changes when they heard what Bai Chen said. They know he was rejecting their proposal, he doesn't want his daughter to be engaged to Jiang Yu. Jiang Zhang took out a small lotus flower with several colors.

"Patriarch Bai this is a 'Five Striped Colored Lotus', if Patriarch Bai would accept the marriage this lotus will be given to your Bai Family. I know Patriarch Bai knew the effects of this treasure, by absorbing the essence of this lotus the overall talent of a cultivator will drastically improve. With this even a trash can become a dragon and soar through the skies." Jiang Zhang said with confidence. His face was full of smiles like a generous old man.

When Bai Chen saw what the old man in front of him was offering, his face turn helpless. This lotus that he was offering was a real treasure, but it has no use for him and any member of his Bai Family. If this man came when his youngest son was still a so called trash, maybe he will just kill this two and destroy their family just to take the lotus. But now it all changed, his youngest son was a genius among the geniuses. So why should he accept this lotus.

"Patriarch Jiang, I appreciate your offer but this lotus have no use in my family." Bai Chen said.

"No use? Patriarch Bai, I heard that your son is a trash so if h-" having no chance to finish what he was saying, Jiang Zhang felt heavy pressure fall upon him. The pressure was so great that his whole body started shivering while cold sweat covered his forehead and back.

"Patriarch Jiang, you really gone old as you even have the guts to call my son a trash in front of me. Do you want your Jiang Family become a history in the empire?" with a dark face, Bai Chen release his cultivation and look with gravely towards Jiang Zhang.
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