Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 29

28 Confirm

Ding... Congratulations host for completing a mission.

Ding... Mission:Participate in the Massacre on the Jiang Family (COMPLETED)

Ding... Host receive 50,000 System points and 1 Spin on the Unlucky Roulette.

Notifications sounded inside Bai Shen's head who was lying right now on his bed. When he was on his way to their mansion, Bai Shen left the nude Qing Ying in the dungeon. Her eyes when he left her there was dead, she had give up on her life and on her fate.

"Haaa, I's so sleepy, I guess I sleep for now" Bai Shen close her eyes and slowly fell asleep.


Afternoon the next day...

Bai Shen was in his courtyard sitting with his eyes closed. Early this morning Bai Shen stay true to his words and parade the naked Qing Ying in the capital until she was sent to a brothel. Also the news of the destruction of the Jiang family was spread. No one was left alive except the broken Qing Ying. Her fate was left in the hands of the brothel owner who happened to be one of the former Bai Shen's lackey.

The business and the territory of the Jiang family was put in the emperor's name. The only thing that the Bai family get was the treasures left in the treasury. Bai Chen sends some men to confiscate everything before morning so when the soldiers of the palace arrive, the only thing left for them was ashes and dead bodies to clean up.

"Little brother are you hiding something from big sister here" Bai Shen who was sitting peacefully was interrupted by the sudden arrival of his sister.


Bai Shen open his eyes and look around, noticing that no one was nearby he instantly appear beside his sister and carry her in his arms. Bai Mei who was caught off guard let out a yelp and lower her head which was blushing so hard. Bai Shen then move to a nearby tree and lay down on its shade while sitting and hugging his sister from behind.

Bai Mei who was blushing hard rest her head on her brother's chest. The heartbeat of her brother was like a peaceful music in her ears as she close her eyes with a sweet smile on her lips.

"Sister I plan to leave the capital for the time being" when everything was peaceful Bai Shen just suddenly dropped a bomb which shakes his sister.

"L-little brother are you leaving big sister here alone? Little brother big sister will never let you leave" with a slightly pale face and shaking voice, Bai Mei said to her little brother. She hold his hands tightly afraid that he will leave.

"I absolutely won't leave big sister, that's why I'm gonna ask you if you could accompany me. Don't worry your little brother here is powerful enough to protect both of us." Bai Shen smile and tightly hug his sister, he could feel her body shudder when he said those words.

"You should have said so earlier, big sister here thought you were really gonna leave her alone here" a satisfied smile appeared on her face and said, "But brother how long are we gonna be gone for? We still need to participate at the tournament as one of the great families in the empire"

"Don't worry big sister, we will definitely return before the tournament. We will just explore some places and return here. It will only take a short time" Bai Shen said as his hand started to wander in his sister's body.

"Little brother, your little brother down there is poking me" Bai Mei turn her head and look at Bai Shen in the eyes then continue, "Should we go to your room?"

Like a wild beast who were starving for several days, Bai Shen's eyes turn red and he instantly disappear with his sister.

Inside Bai Shen's room, two voices overlapped each other. The sounds of pure bliss was coming from the room. The sounds of skin slapping each other followed by an enchanting moan was continuously sounded. The sibling were on their own world as they sunk deeper in their love.

(I'll just leave it in your imagination this time. THANK ME LATER HAHAHAHA)


"So you're saying me that you two wanted to travel for some time?" Bai Chen was facing his two children while rubbing his temples.

"Yes father" Bai Shen and Bai Mei answered at the same time.

"Then why travel together?" Bai Chen said while inside his mind was,' When will the two of you tell me about your relationship'

"Father it's simple, if we're together we can protect each other, and our night time will be exciting" Bai Shen said with a meaningful smile then he winks at his sister.

Bai Mei's face turned bright red when he heard what her shameless brother just said. She move her fingers to her brother's waist and pinch him hardly. A force smile appeared on Bai Shen's face as he felt the twisting of his skin.

Their father on the other hand had black lines on his face. The action of his children never leave his eyes as he felt headache in this two. 'Does this two really think I'm blind and they even dare to flirt in front of me. Please if you're gonna act like this tell me first about your relationship with each other'

"Alright, alright, the two of you can go but you must remember to return before the tournament or else I will not give you my blessings. Okay the two of you leave now, I still have some work to do" Bai Chen push the two out and close the door.

Just outside the door, Bai Shen and Bai Mei stare at each other. One have a bright smile while the other have a shocked face.

Bai Shen was smiling brightly when he heard what his father just said. It seems he already knew his relationship with his sister. Bai Mei was shocked while her face was brightly red, she didn't expect her father to knew about their relationship. But base on what he said, she agreed to it which make her extremely happy and she immediately hug her brother tightly with a wide smile on her lips.

"Sister with this, we will not be sneaky in our night activities" with a lecherous smile, Bai Shen said to his sister which makes her embarrassed but she still softly nodded her head.
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