Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 30

29 Start And Preparations

Outside the Bai Residence, Bai Shen and Bai Mei was on their horses. The two were ready to go on their little adventure.

"Son come here for a second" Bai Chen called Bai Shen.

"Father what is it?" Bai Shen jump down from his horse and went beside his father.

Bai Chen dragged his son in a corner and quietly whisper to his ears, "Son I know your relationship with your sister, so you better take care of her this time. Also, I don't want to learn when you come back that I will be a grandfather. There is a right time for that" after saying that Bai Chen push his son with a wicked smile on his face.

Bai Shen on the other hand was dumbfounded when he heard what his father just said. He just scratch the back of his head and let out a hollow laugh.

"Are your preparation complete? If so have a safe trip" their father said while waving his hands. His face was like someone shooing away some stray dog.

"Oh wait I have another baggage" Bai Shen ran inside the mansion. Everyone outside let out a bitter laugh and wait for Bai Shen.

"NO! NO! NO! Put me down! Young Master you cannot treat me like this!!" a shout of protest came from the mansion. When everyone turn they saw Bai Shen carrying the little girl Xiao Ke on his shoulders like some sort of baggage.

"Little Ke stop and be a good girl, didn't I said that you were my personal maid, so you also need to follow us. Ha ha ha" Bai Shen said with a mischievous laugh.

"Wu wu wu, why are you treating Xiao Ke like this. Wu wu wu" with a face full of tears Xiao Ke said to Bai Shen with a wronged expression.

Bai Shen then throw the little girl in his horse and jumped after. He put the struggling little girl in front of him. Xiao Ke was looking at everyone with a pitiful expression. But when the servants saw her look at them, they all turned their head away and pretend to whistle.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, the pitiful little girl just lowered her small head while feeling extremely down.

"Then father we will leave now" Bai Shen said and kicked his horse to run. Bai Mei followed behind him, her loose hair was swaying on the wind which makes her looks like a celestial being.

"SON TAKE CARE AND REMEMBER WHAT I JUST SAID!!" their father shouted towards his children and wait for them to disappear in his vision before going back to the mansion.

When Bai Shen heard what his father just shouted, he almost choke in his own saliva and smile helplessly.

"Little brother what did father said to you earlier?" Bai Mei was really curious of what their father said to her little brother when he called him earlier.

"Father just said that he doesn't want to have a grandchild for the meantime." Bai Mei's face turned bright red when he heard what he said. Her face was so red like an apple and a steam could already be seen coming out of her head.

The three then continue their ride until they went out of the capital.


Magician Academy

"As you all know, the three of you will be the one representing our academy in the upcoming tournament. There is only one thing I have to say, and that is we will definitely win this time. Among the students in the pasts, you three are the most outstanding and impressive so I believe that winning this time is an easier task" an old man wearing purple robe said. In front of him were the three students he was most proud of.

"We will definitely win this tournament headmaster!" the three shouted at the same time. Their eyes were full of determination to win.

'Junior sister I promise you I will take revenge for what that bastard did to you' a handsome man said to himself while looking at the woman beside him.

'I will finally have my revenge against that devil' the woman was clenching her jade white hands as she muttered to herself. Her body release a chilling aura that spreads to the surroundings.


Aurora Sword Sect

"Senior brother the tournament is coming near. Do you think there is anyone who could possibly defeat us?" a young man said towards a man who was sitting cross leg.

"Defeat us? There is no one in the empire that could possibly stop us from winning again this time" the young man who was sitting cross leg opened his eyes and boundless sharp Qi spreads in the surroundings cutting the grass and trees around.

"Senior brother I heard that the Young Lady of the Bai family still isn't engage to anyone. Senior brother should propose to her this time, she was known for her genius talent and peerless beauty. She will be best to be together with you senior brother" the young man said againd.

"Young Lady of the Bai Family? Bai Mei?" the man ponder for a moment and said, "What you've said is true, with my talent and handsome face. There is no one in this world that will dare to reject me" the man said confidently while he smile lustfully.


Church Of Light

"Pope our children of light are already prepared for the upcoming tournament. With their peerless talent and the power of the God of light bestowed upon them, this wins champion will be us" an old man wearing yellow robe kneels and said.

"Our children will definitely win this time, I have already pray to the God of light to bless them" the Pope who was sitting said in amicable way. His eyes were bright like the sun as if he could light every darkness.


Several families, sect, churches and academy was preparing for the upcoming tournament in the empire. All of them have one goal, and that is to win this time. Whether if it is for the prizes, for the honor or just for themselves, they were all determined to win.

While they were busy preparing, our little Bai Shen will be busy adventuring with his big sister while teasing the little girl Xiao Ke.
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