Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 33

32 Side Story: Qian And Wen 3




The thin man was dragging the struggling Wen-wen away from the Inn, while the fat man was stomping at the powerless Qian who was already lying on the ground. Qian's whole body was badly beaten and he was already coughing out some blood.


The fat man stomp at Qian's back and said viciously, "Little boy you better stay there and don't move. If you anger me I will not be merciful and stomp you to death"

"W-where a-are you taking her" while groaning in pain, Qian asked the fat man. His face was bloodied and a line of tears were coming down from his eyes.

"He he he, don't worry she will be in a good hands. If she manage to satisfy third master Bai, she will be blessed more than what you can think off" the fat man said with a roguish smile on his fat face.


The this man went into several alleys while carrying a huge sac on his back. Inside the sac was Wen-wen who was tied by ropes and a piece of clothe was inserted on her mouth.



"Third master is awesome" the thin man knock on a metal door and say some sort of password. A sound came from the other side and the metal door slowly opened.

"What do you want? Third master Bai is now resting and can't be disturb" a man with a huge body said. He was even larger than the entrance of the door by couple of times that you would think on how the flip did he manage to get inside.

"Elder brother I have a little gift for third master Bai" the thin man put down the sac and open it.


Wen-wen roll out from the sac with her pale face that were full of tears. Her eyes were already red because she was crying this whole time. Stare at the thin man with her eyes full of hatred.

"Is this the gift you were talking about?" the man with a huge body said, "This gift of yours were beautiful, third master Bai will definitely like it. Here"

The man throws a small pouch of fold coins which the thin man catch and quickly hide inside his pants.

"Then elder brother I will take my leave, please tell third master Bai that I will continue to bring goods for him" the thin man said his farewell and immediately left the area.

Wen-wen was staring at the huge was with a pleading look. She was scared of what will happen to her in this unknown place.

"I will now take you to third master Bai, you better behave properly if you still want to live. Third master Bai is a benevolent person, he will definitely treat you kindly" the huge man then toss Wen-wen on his back and went inside.


Inside a room was a young handsome man lying on a large bed. Beside him was three woman lying powerlessly on the side while naked. The man was the Number One Trash of the empire, Bai Shen. He was enjoying his time in his secret base. He just finished his fight against this three woman which were a blissful feeling for him. There were a satisfied smile on his face as he admire the bodies of the three naked woman beside him.

"Young master the thin man came here and brought a gift for you" a voice came outside the room.

"Alright enter I have already finish my fun time with this three women. Take them out" Bai Shen said.

The huge man enters the room while carrying Wen-wen behind him. He then put the tied Wen-wen on the bed and proceed to take the three women out of the room.

"You are beautiful" when his subordinate came out, Bai Shen said to Wen-wen who was on the bed shivering. Bai Shen then remove the piece of clothe in her mouth and said with his gentlest smile and voice, "What is your name"

"Wu wu wu wu wu" Wen-wen continues to cry when the clothe in her mouth was removed. When she entered the room, she was really scared, especially when she saw the three woman who were naked. She began to imagine that she will become like them.

"Don't cry~ don't cry~ I will not harm you" Bai Shen remove the binding on her body and hug Wen-wen's shivering body. He took out a small pill and hand t to Wen-wen.

"Drink that pill and it will calm you down, don't worry big wol- big brother here will 'definitely' not harm you" Bai Shen watch with an evil smile on his face as the girl in front of him swallow the pill.

"Now tell me what is your name?" after the girl finished swallowing the pill, Bai Shen asked again.

"M-Murong Wen, b-but my friends and family call me Wen-wen" Wen-wen dumbly believe in what Bai Shen just said and swallow the pill without even thinking if what he said was true.

"Wen-wen, what a beautiful name" Bai Shen said while the smile on his face was getting wider, "Tell me Wen-wen, do you know what a man and a woman inside a one room like this should do?"

"N-no" Wen-wen answered nervously when she saw the 'gentle' smile on Bai Shen's face.

"Then I will teach you what they do" Bai Shen like a hungry wolf pounced to the defenseless lamb in front of him. With his powerful claws, he rip the the clothes in Wen-wen's body.


Wen-wen was shock and horrified on what just happen. The man in front of her suddenly move and tear all of her clothes. She was now shivering extremely hard while naked, she was only using her hands to cover her private areas.

"Little lamb, let this wolf have a taste of your body" Bai Shen pinned Wen-wen beneath him and slowly move his hands all around her body.

"Don't try to use you Qi, the pill you just ate removes your ability to use Qi for some time" Bai Shen said when he noticed that Wen-wen was trying to use her Qi to fight back.

Bai Shen's right hand then creep down towards Wen-wen's meat. There are some thin hair around her area which makes Bai Shen even more hungry. His mouth and other hand were pinching and biting the two cherry bunnies at the same time.

"N-no no please stop this, I don't like this" Wen-wen was powerless and was crying as Bai Shen played around her body. Her face was extremely pale as if all the blood was gone.

"Believe me, you will like this later on" Bai Shen then release his secret weapon, the Bai spear.

"N-no no IIIIYYYYAAAAA dddoooonnnnn'ttt pleasssseeeeee" the moment Wen-wen saw the Bai spear, she become hysterical.

"He he he, you should take this as a good blessing for you to be pierce by my weapon"

Bai Shen then aimed his spear towards his nemesis. With a single thrust, he release a boundless of energy which single handedly broke the tight defense of the meat shield. A trickle of red blood came out running from the meat shield.


Wen-wen release a miserable cry as she was pierced. Her body turned stiff and her hands were tightly holding on the bed sheets. The tearing pain she felt was was so intense that her face contorted in pain.

"Ha ha ha, we are just getting started" a ferocious smile appeared on Bai Shen's face as he began to wildly thrust.




Different cries came from the room as Bai Shen began his vicious attacks. Wen-wen was like a lifeless doll beneath him as he continues to do whatever he wants.


Bai Shen came out of the room after a couple of hours. A wide smile was plastered on his face as he walk towards the exit.

"Brother Ya, you can now take the girl away and bring her to an Inn where she was taken. Ask the one who brought her here to where that is. She said that her friend was staying at that Inn, I'll just leave it to you" Bai Shen then proceed to walk out of the house. He was in good mood as he was even humming as he walk.
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