Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 35

34 Invitation

When the city lord and his guards enters the room, what they saw was a young man and woman sitting on a chair beside the window.

"My name is Ming Tiankong and I am the city lord of this city. May I know if the two of you are a member of the Bai family?" the city lord introduced himself to the two.

Bai Shen then turn to look at the city lord when he heard him introduced himself. A smile appeared on his face and he said, "I am Bai Shen and this is my sister Bai Mei, like you've said we are a member of the Bai family. Our father is Bai Chen the current patriarch of the family"

When the city lord heard what the man just said he couldn't help but release a wide smile. He thought to himself, 'They aren't not just a member of the Bai family. They were even the children of the current patriarch'

"Greetings Young Master Bai and Young Lady Bai" Ming Tiankong cupped his fist towards them and said respectfully.

"Ok enough of that, clearly you didn't came here just to greet us?" Bai Shen said as he stare intently at the city lord.

A shiver run through the city lord's spine when he saw the eyes of the man in front of him. Earlier he didn't notice it because he had his eyes were focused on the beauty in front of him. But now that he focused his attention to the young man, he clearly saw his eyes were different than ordinary. This was his first time seeing something like this.


"City lord isn't it rude to just stare at somebody, if you don't have any purpose of coming here you can just leave immediately" with a light cough, Bai Shen said as the city lord was busy staring at him.

"I-I am so sorry young master Bai, I couldn't help but admire those eyes because this is my first time seeing eyes like that" with his face slightly red because of shame, Ming Tiankong immediately said in a respectful manner.

"Young Master and Young Lady Bai, the reason I came here is to invite both of you in my city lord mansion. My mansion will definitely treat you with respect as you will be my esteemed guests" Ming Tiankong said in a polite tone.

Bai Shen thought for a second and then asks his big sister, "What do you think big sister?"

"Whatever little brother decides, big sister will agree to it" replied by Bai Mei with a gentle smile on her face.

"Ok then, I would have to trouble city lord for the meantime" Bai Shen said as he agreed to stay in the city lord mansion.

"Thank you young master and young lady Bai for accepting my invitation" the city lord thank and then look at his guards, "Prepare the carriage, our esteemed guests will leave with us"

"YES CITY LORD" the guards respectfully saluted and went out of the room.

The Bai sibling and the little girl then boarded the carriage prepared for them and head to the city lord mansion. The city lord asks them some questions which they answered half heartedly. The city lord noticing that his guests was not in the mood to talk to him doesn't even feel that he was disrespected, he just think that they must be tired or something.

"Esteemed guests welcome to my mansion" the city lord said as everyone went out of the carriage, "Tell the servants to prepare a feast for our guests here. Tell them to cook the most delicious food they can prepare"

"Esteemed guests this way please, a maid will escort you to your respected rooms" the city lord said as he called out one maid to escort the three.

"I would like it if we two stays in a same room, while you assign a room for this little girl here" Bai Shen said to the city lord when he heard that they will receive a room for each of them. He wanted to share one room with his sister, while removing the extra little girl.

Ming Tiankong look confuse for a second before nodding to his request. He just thought that the siblings really have a great relationship staying in a single room even though they are already at the marriageable age.

"I will just inform you if the food is ready. Please enjoy your stay and rest well" Ming Tiankong said with a smile on his face. He thought that he was really doing a good job in the two siblings. For him, building this relationship will definitely bring benefits to him and his family.


Black Sky Organization

In the underground base on the Black Sky Organization, a fat man was hugging the thighs of a man who has a huge scar on his face. The fat man was Bu Chang who Bai Mei encountered in the clothing store.

"B-brother that b!tch kill the men you gave to me. She even said that he will kill you even if you went there. That b!tch even dare to said some insults towards you" Bu Chang was crying relentlessly while hugging the thighs of the man. With his head down, an evil smile was on his face as he add some words to make his brother angry. He knew his brother well, and he knew that he hated being insulted and disrespected. Especially if it is a woman who said it.

"Little brother tell me who are that woman and where she lives, I will fvcking teach that b!tch a lesson" the man said while his face contorted in anger when he heard what Bu Chang said.

"I-I don't know who she was but I think she didn't live in the city because that was the first time I saw her and she was wearing a veil over her face. But is ever I see her again even if it is just her back, I will easily recognize her" Bu Chang said while inside his mind he was thinking, 'B!tch if I ever find you again, I will play with you until you are broken'

"If she didn't live here, then she must be from other cities of villages. The question is why did she come here?" the man said as he began to contemplate.

"I think I have an idea on why she came here. Brother isn't the Emerald Lotus Auction House will held an auction this week. I think that news reach where she came from and came here to attend tha auction." Bu Chang said.

"You're right, she may have come here to attend that. Little brother you really are smart" the man slapped the fat cheeks of Bu Chang softly. Making the fat on his face jiggle in a disgusting way.

"It is fortunate that we will also attend that auction as we have to buy something from them" the man said as he began to think.
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