Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 4

3 Encounter

The three of them went to where his brothers were, there he saw his two elder brothers. The eldest was Bai Zeng, he was a 29 years old handsome man with a muscular build and a righteous personality. He always talk on how the strong should protect the weak. Because of this personality of his, the previous owner of the body did not get along with this brother of him.

But still, this eldest brother of him seems to care for him. As he was the one always helping him whenever he had fight or trouble in the capital. He was also the one taking care and helping the woman that the previous owner of the body played with. There was just one thing that this elder brother of his have that he was jealous of. That is the fiancee of this brother of him, her fiancee was the second and also the youngest daughter of the emperor. Her fiancee was one of the most beautiful woman in the empire, everyone loves her because of her kind and caring attitude towards the people. Like his brother, she was a righteous person that always helps the weak while beat the strong. There was one time in the past that she caught Bai Shen peeping in her sister while she was in the bath. That time, Bai Shen receive a horrible beating from her and he was send unconscious to the Bai residence.

On the other hand, his second brother Bai Wuqing was a ruthless person. Because of this personality of his, and with his great leadership and fighting ability, he was made as the Left General of the army in the empire. His relationship with his second brother was great, his second brother was like his father. He was overprotective to him, he tends to send his strongest soldiers just to guard and accompany his third brother in the brothel or anywhere he his brother went. If someone offended his brother even just a bit, they will arrest the offender and throw them in the prison even if they were a noble.

There is one time when a disciple of a sect punch his brother unconscious because his brother took a liking to the woman who were with the disciple. His brother leads 500 soldiers and beat the disciple black and blue before throwing him in the prison. As for the female companion with him, her fate was put at the hands of the trash of the empire, Bai Shen. When she enters the Bai residence, she never came out again.


"So why did you attacked me?"

Right now Bai Shen was inside the dungeon staring coldly at the man bounded by chains inside the cage. This man was the one who attacked and stabbed him 23 times in the body.

"S-s-so y-y-you didn't die, how unfortunate" the man looked up and speak with a hoarse voice. His eyes were cold and was full of hatred when he saw Bai Shen.

"You're wrong, I did die, but then again I was alive" Bai Shen said as he looked at the face of the man.

"You know I need to thank you for doing that, because of you I was alive." he speak with a friendly tone.

"W-what do you mean by that?" curious the man asked him.

"What do you think I mean by that?" Bai Shen said with a friendly smile, but his eyes were cold and releasing a killing intent.

"I-i "



Before the man finish speaking, a razor sharp string beheaded him. His head roll down and his neck release a fountain of blood. In this world that was ruled by strong, Bai Shen decided to become ruthless and merciless. But before he can show his true self, he needs to become strong first. Strong enough to protect himself and the one he cares. Strong enough so that whoever wishes to harm him of his family will need to think twice before taking action.

Ding... Congratulations host for completing a hidden mission.

Ding... Hidden Mission: Kill the one who killed you. (finished)

Ding... Host receive Bloodline: Shikotsumyaku (upgradable)

Ding... Host receive 100,000 system points.

"Huh?" Bai Shen was surprise when he heard the system notification inside his head. He became even more surprised when he saw that he accomplished a mission.

"System what is hidden mission" he asked.

"Host, as the name implies it is a mission that was hidden. You can accomplished hidden mission purely buy luck. Also, the reward you will receive in finishing hidden mission were greater than ordinary missions that the system will give." the system replied.

'So it is purely luck. Well I guess I'm a lucky person being transmigrated here with a system' Bai Shen thought to himself feeling that he had great amount of luck with him. Finish with his business in the dungeon, Bai Shen left not before informing the guards outside to clean the mess he left behind.


"Make way! make way! the Eldest Princess was coming!!"

In the busy road, a luxurious carriage with gold door was moving fast. Bai Shen who happened to be walking on the street while covered in cloak look up and smirked. From his memories, this eldest princess was an arrogant person, she tends to mock and humiliate those who are below her. She was notorious in the empire and was called as the second trash of the empire because of her attitude. There was even a debate that happened in the past discussing on who shall hold the title as the 'Number One Trash' of the empire. Eventually it ends declaring Bai Shen as the number one trash.

"Little girl! Get out of the way!!" the one driving the carriage shouted as a little girl wearing dirty clothes with several patches on it was in the middle of the road while holding a dirty bread.

The little girl heard the shout and looked up, only to see a horse with emerald green scale going in her direction in fast speed. She close her big eyes and hug the bread on her hands.


Seconds later, the little girl still have her eyes closed waiting for the impact that never happened. She open her big eyes and realize she was being carried. She looked up to see the face of the one who was carrying her, she was shocked when she saw the face under the cloak. She saw this face multiple time and heard the legendary story of this man. This man was a legendary figure of the empire, He was the 'Number One Trash' and his notoriety to the people was horrible. Tales of him not sparing little kids were spread like wildfire, even the mothers of the children told stories about this man scaring them that if they were not good, this man will take them.

Bai Shen notice that the little girl finally open her eyes, he look to her and smile gently. But what he did not know was that his gentle smile was like the smile of the demon for the little girl. She shivered when she saw the 'gentle smile' of Bai Shen and she tried to break free from his hands.

"You there, stop where you are!"

As Bai Shen was walking carrying the little girl that was trying all she had just to break free from his hold. An arrogant voice came behind them, when Bai Shen turn and look to see who stops him. He saw a beautiful woman with a fiery red hair pointing at him with an arrogant face.
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