Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 40

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Jirou right now feel extremely scared. This man in front of him that he'd met in the capital was much more terrifying than the woman with him. Earlier when they were at their Inn, he saw and recognized this man and follow him. The men that his young master entrusted to him was killed easily. He was petrified and couldn't move, his legs went soft as he continues to kneel and shiver in fear.

"You don't need to tell me who sends you here and what is your intention in following me," Bai Shen walk over and held the head of shivering Jirou with his hand, "I can do that myself"

Using the power of his Rinnegan, the human path. Bai Shen read the memories of the wide eyed Jirou. A purple soul like figure came out from Jirou's body and disappear on the hands of Bai Shen. Jirou collapse on the ground with his eye wide open and a saliva dripping on the corners of his mouth.

"So that young master of yours wanted to take my sister huh. Let's see if I don't take his life when we return in the capital" he then leaves the alley leaving behind the dead and burned bodies on the ground.


Bai Shen return to where he leaves Ming Yue, when he came back he saw that the shy young lady was being surrounded by the people. The young lady just hang her head down not willing to lift her head up. The people around her thought that she was too cute and continued to pester her.

"Ha ha ha, I's sorry for making you wait here, lets go now" with a laugh Bai Shen stretch his hand and hold the hands of the shy Ming Yue. The people around look at him with a confused look as they don't know who this new comer is.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing? Release the young lady or else you will pick your teeth on the ground" a not so handsome man said angrily at Bai Shen. He knew that the young lady was the city lord's daughter and he wanted to impress her. When he first saw her standing there alone he felt that the gods were favoring him for the encounter. In the past when the city lord introduces his daughter to the public, he was there and he was captivated by her beauty. But as he didn't come from any rich and reputable family, he can just admire and love the young lady from a distance.

"Yue'er, who is this ugly man talking sh!t? Is he your secret lover?" with a teasing tone, Bai Shen said to Ming Yue who was already has a red face.

"L-l-l-lover? N-n-no no no no, young master Bai I didn't even know who he is so why did you came up in an idea that he was my lover" Ming Yue said clearly embarrassed.


The man felt a hard blow in his chest as his breathing turned heavy. His face turn pale and grim as he stare viciously at Bai Shen. He admit that his appearance was a lot inferior compared to the man in front of him. But that's just it, he thought that he was clearly above this man in any other aspects aside from appearance.

"Oh, so you don't know who he is" Bai Shen then look at the man with an arrogant smile, "Hey ugly man, you better shut your smelly mouth. Or else, hump I sew it close for you"

"YOU!!" the man was angered by what Bai Shen said to him. His face turned red because of anger and his body started shaking. His eyes stared at Bai Shen with a cruel glint in them.

"I will teach you a lesson you won't forget!!" the man said as red colored Qi started to surround his body. A long stick appeared in his hands as he pointed it towards Bai Shen. The people surrounding them began to move away afraid of getting involved in the fight.

"Bu ha ha ha ha ha" a loud laugh escapes from Bai Shen's mouth as he watch the man, "You are just an apprentice mage, what can you do to me?"

The face of the man twitch uncontrollably when he heard Bai Shen. A vein started to pop up from the side of his forehead, he was extremely angry right now that he wants to beat the man in front of him. He pointed his stick and shouted,

"Light System: Piercing Light"

A thin light beam came out of the stick and shot forward to Bai Shen. The beam was directed towards his shoulder. The man had a smile on his face as he watch the light.


Bai Shen stare as the light coming towards him with a bored face. He could feel that this kind of attack won't even graze him and posed no threat to him at all. With a quick move of his hand, Bai Shen flick the light when it was about to hit him and directed the beam into the sky.

The man and the people watching all have their eyes and mouth wide opened. They watch as the light shoot towards the sky before gradually disappearing.

The man look at Bai Shen with a surprised and shocked face. That was his most pride attack, he studied that attack for two years just to be flicked away like an insect. His brain tried to think of how that happened, but there is only one thing he could think off. And that is the man in front of him was much more stronger than him.

Bai Shen holding Ming Yue's smooth and slender arm drag her away from the scene and resume their walk. They left the man who was rooted on his place.

Ming Yue doesn't think too much of what just happened a while ago. She thought that it was already given that Bai Shen was strong as he came from a reputable clan in the capital. She just let him hold his hand and lead the way while shyly lowering her head.
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