Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 5

4 Trash1 Vs Trash2

Yun Yi was feeling confused right now, she does not know what had gotten to her that she called out this man. She just felt something from this man and the next moment, she already went out the carriage and called him.

"You remove your cloak and let me see your face, I find you suspicious and as a princess I have the right to question you" Yun Yi said unreasonably. This man in front of her was carrying the little girl that was about to be run over by the carriage earlier.

'How dare this number two talk to the number one like this' Bai Shen was feeling angry, he felt he was being disrespected by this number two in front of him. He put the little girl down and stretch his arm, a wooden staff appeared on his hands and he pointed it to the princess. Orange Qi covered him and the staff.

"Hhmpp!" when she a staff suddenly appeared on the man's hand, she was a little shocked. But when she saw the orange colored Qi surrounding him, she just coldly snort.

'A mere beginner Mage pointed his staff at me, Hhmp' Yun Yi takes out a golden long staff with gems at each end. Green Qi covered her whole body as she concentrate her power.

"Bastard you dare pointed your dirty stick in front of me, learn your place." Yun Yi said.


Huge amount of Qi was poured in her staff as a huge phoenix made of water came out and fly towards Bai Shen.

"Reduce All Creations to Ash" the wood from the staff suddenly peel off revealing a sword. Bai Shen draw the sword from the sheath and make a slash towards the incoming phoenix.


The blue phoenix release a loud cry as it was engulfed by a blazing flame. The surrounding temperature instantly increases because of the immense heat coming from the flame. The sword on Bai Shen's hand return to its sealed appearance. The events happened so fast that no one even noticed what he just did.

Yun Yi looked and watched as the phoenix was instantly evaporated into gas. She stood there shocked of what she just witnessed. The heat she felt when the flame appeared was so intense that it evaporated her attack so quickly. She had seen different type of flames, even a flame created by a Magician was not this hot and intense.

'He must be a cultivator of a Master Magician rank or higher. But why is it that his Qi is orange colored.' she thought. She looked and saw the man was walking towards her. She felt her heart beat faster and cold sweat started to appear on her forehead. She bit her lip and stand straight not wanting to looked scared.

Bai Shen looked at the princess in front of him. He smiled as he saw her act tough in front of him. He swing his hand and a string appeared binding the princess. He raised his both hands and make a grabbing motion.

"B-bastard release me! I am the princess of this empire, if you do anything to me my father the emperor will never let you off. You will be hunted down!" Yun Yi shouted in anger as she tried to free herself from the strings that suddenly appeared. Yun Yi closed her eyes as the hand gets close to her.







Yun Yi stopped moving as her eye and lips twitch. The pain she was waiting to arrived did not happen. She opened her bright eyes and look at the man in front of her. He was grabbing her chest and squishing it.



"Aah, b-bastard had you have enough, stop touching my chest and release me now.!" Yun Yi was feeling extreme rage and anger for this man. Her eyes were already burning in anger as she stare at this man who was touching her chest.


"Aahh" Yun Yi released a soft moan as the man slapped her chest.




Bai Shen continued to slap the chest of the arrogant princess. Each slap will make those bountiful chest jiggle softly, while the princess release a soft moan. Bai Shen was enjoying his time slapping and touching the princess chest.

"B-bastard, t-trash stop this..please.." Yun Yi said as she was on the verge of crying. Her fiery eyes now looked like a little kid that was wronged.

"H-how did you know my name?" feeling surprised that the princess know his nickname, Bai Shen said.

Bai Shen removed put down the hood covering his face. He looked towards the princess who had her eyes and mouth wide open.

"Hhmp, how dare a number two like you disrespect someone who has a higher rank than you" Bai Shen arrogantly scoffed. His face was of a teacher teaching his students a lesson.

"Ba" Yun Yi softly said.

"Ba? Ba what?" Bai Shen asked with his head high and his chest puffed up.

"BASTARD!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!! DON'T MAKE ME CATCH YOU OR ELSE, HHMMPP!!" Yun Yi shouted in rage and anger. Her chest was moving up and down rapidly and her face was red. She had never felt this angry her whole life. She wanted to bite this trash in front of her to death.

Bai Shen jump away from the deranged princess who was bearing her fangs on him. He turn around, pick up the little girl who was dumbfoundedly watching them, and then make a run.


The little girl shouted in grief as she was taken away by the number one trash. Her small head started to imagine the scenes of what this trash was gonna do to her. Her small face turn red as she shake her head trying to remove those thought inside.

"Haa haa haa" Bai Shen was breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breath. 'That princess was scary as hell' He looked at the little girl who was covering her face with her small hands. Bai Shen could clearly see that she was shivering and her ears were red. He stretch out his hand trying to calm the little girl down, but as he touched her she backed away instantly.

"A-at least let me clean myself, and please in a bed" Bai Shen heard the soft whisper of the little girl. He was confused as he didn't know what she meant by that.

"Okay, I will bring you to the mansion" Bai Shen just said without thinking. When the little girl heard that, her whole body shuddered and her face turn extremely red, there was even smoke coming out of her ears.


Meanwhile inside the study room of the Emperor


"Yun Yi, what did I tell you about opening the doors." the emperor said when he saw his daughter enters the room.

"Father I've already decided who I want as my fiancee" Yun Yi said with a red face. She was playing at the hem of her clothes. The her right now looked cute, unlike before when she looked like a angry tiger.
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