Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 6

5 Misunderstanding And Xiao Ke

Bai Residence

In the living room of the mansion, Bai Shen was kneeling on the floor. Beside was the little girl wearing a large loose robe. In front of them was his big sister, Bai Mei. Her face was red in anger and she was looking at the two person in front of her with hateful eyes.

Bai Shen was sweating in cold sweat, his forehead and back was already drench. He doesn't know what to do right now. He was caught by his big sister in a big misunderstanding earlier when she came into his room.

"What do you want to say before you become an eunuch?" Bai Mei said as she hold a golden sword. Her eyes were full of anger and jealousy as she look at the two of them.

"B-big sister it is a misunderstanding, I will explain what happened" Bai Shen quickly said as he was nervous that his big junior brother will be cut off.


Flashback, Minutes Earlier.

Bai Shen brought the little girl inside the mansion and to his room.

"That is where the bathroom is, you can go there and clean yourself." Bai Shen said as he pointed in towards the bathroom. He lie in his bed and close his eyes.

"T-then please wait me here" the little girl run towards the bathroom like a scared rabbit. Her whole face was red like an apple.

Half an hour later, the little girl came out of the bathroom. Her hair was wet and she was holding a large towel covering her whole body. She went at the end of the bed and look at Bai Shen who had his eyes close while lying on the bed.


The little girl drop the towel covering her body and come near Bai Shen. Bai Shen feeling someone near him open his eyes and get up, only to see the little girl wearing nothing.

"HOLY SMOKE!! WHY ARE YOU NOT WEARING ANYTHING!" Bai Shen picks up the little girl and put her on the bed. Next he pick up the wet towel on the floor and tried to wrap the little girl in it.


"Little Brother why did yo" her big sister Bai Mei burst into the room. When she saw the scene in front of her the words were stuck inside her throat. There she saw his little brother holding a wet towel, while there was a naked little girl in his bed.

'Oh Sh!t, I'm dead' Bai Shen thought as he saw his big sister's face. Her bright eyes lose its color and become cold. Her slender eyebrows that was a symbol of her elegance suddenly frown. He don't know why, but the temperature inside the room suddenly dropped. He started shivering as he feel he was dropped in a pool of cold water.

The little girl on the bed was shocked by the sudden appearance of a beautiful woman. She immediately thought that this was Bai Shen's elder sister, Bai Mei. She stare dumbly at the woman who have an empire toppling beauty. She was sure that this woman was the most beautiful person she saw, even more beautiful that the two princess of the empire.

"Little Brother~ What are you doing just now~?" Bai Mei said sweetly with a smile that was not a smile.

"B-big sister, l-let me explain this" Bai Shen nervously said.


"T-that's what happened" Bai Shen said as he explain everything to his sister. His heart was pounding wildly as he feel it was gonna come out of his chest anytime soon.

Bai Mei just look at him with cold eyes. Every second that passes feels like years in him. He just curse his bad luck and his sister's timing.

"I see, so that's what happened. Why do you look scared when you're talking? don't worry big sister here understand it completely" Bai Mei said with a cheerful smile.

"T-then c-can I stand now?" Bai Shen said as he already can't feel his legs.

"Okay~ You know I hate it to see my little brother suffering" Bai Shen said as she help him stand up. His legs were wobbling as he walk.

"Little brother, this matter is still not finished. In order for me to forgive you, you must accompany me tomorrow around the capital" Bai Mei said as she crossed her arms on her chest. Her bountiful fruits was pushed up making her cleavage much more define in her tight dress.

Bai Shen just agreed helplessly in her demand.

"Then its settled, now about you" Bai Mei said as she looked at the little girl wearing a large robe. Her big eyes were looking scared when she look at her, "What is your name and where did you come from?"

"Oh right, I don't know your name." Bai Shen said ah he realize he doesn't even know who this little girl that he save earlier.

"M-my name is Xiao Ke, I was an orphan." the little girl said while feeling scared as the siblings stare at her intently.

"So basically you have nowhere to go?" Bai Mei said.

"Y-yes" Xiao Ke answered nervously.

"Alright, since you have nowhere to go, why don't you stay here and work as a made. You will receive a shelter and we will pay you. How's that, do you agree?" Bai Mei said as she look at the little girl.

"I-I greet young master and young lady" shakingly Xiao Ke kneeled in front of them and said. Tears were falling in her beautiful eyes as she finally had a shelter. From now on, she will not sleep in the cold streets and get chased away by the people.

"Go go, look for a maid and tell her that from now on you will work here. She will guide you to your room and tell you what your job is" Bai Mei said while smiling sweetly. The little girl thank the two of them again and run fast naked leaving the large robe in the ground.


Bai Shen look and stare at the cute little figure running in hurry when suddenly he was hit by a slap on the head. He turn and see his big sister looking at him with red face and a pout.
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