Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 7

6 Another Misunderstanding..

The next day...

"Little brother come, walk faster we still have so many places to visit." right now it was afternoon. Bai Mei was pulling Bai Shen as they walk in the crowded streets of the capital. A peerless beauty and a handsome man walking on the street, everyone who sees them will be amazed by their appearance. The only problem was that, when they suddenly realize who the handsome man was, their faces automatically turn to scorn.

'Tsk' Bai Shen clicked his tongue as he saw the stare of the people on him. 'Fvck! The notoriety of the former owner of this body was really impressive.' he cursed inside his mind.

The siblings continue to stroll the capital. Bai Mei bought many things from cosmetics to dresses. She was enjoying herself with her brother while Bai Shen almost dig a hole to bury himself because of the stares he was receiving.

"Little brother I'm getting hungry, lets go and eat. I know a good place that serve delicious foods" Bai Mei said as she dragged her little brother.

"Oh, it is Young Lady Mei and Young Master Shen, welcome to our restaurant." when they arrived at a restaurant called 'Flying Sparrow Restaurant' a waiter immediately tend them. He dare not to be careful in front of this two, especially the young lady.

"Give us a private room and serve us your best dishes" Bai Mei coldly said to the waiter.

"Y-yes, this way please" the nervous waiter show them the way towards their room.

The two of them enters a large room with beautiful decorations. There was a huge table at the center and some musical instruments at the corner of the room. There was also a large window overseeing the plains outside the capital.

"Little brother come and seat beside big sister. I'm telling you the food in this restaurant is really good. It is even more delicious than the food cooked by our maids" Bai Mei said proudly. She thought of impressing her little brother by bringing him in this restaurant, and by letting him taste the delicious food they serve here.



A fat man wearing golden robe knocks and enters the room. Beside him was two beautiful woman with thick make up. Bai Mei coldly stare at the fat man who just let himself enters the room, while Bai Shen began to sweat.

"Young Master Shen, good to see you are alright. I was really nervous when I heard you were attack, now that I see you here, it seems the gods listen to my prayers" ignoring the cold stare he was receiving from Bai Mei, the fat man talks and walk beside Bai Shen.

The fat man was Zhu Zifang, he was the owner of the restaurant and a close friend of the previous Bai Shen. He was also famous as he was the fattest creature in the whole capital. He was even fatter than a pregnant pig. Whenever he walks, the fat on his body will shake disgustingly. He was so fat that you would think that he was a fat that become a human.

"He he he, Young Master Bai, do you see this two. This are the most beautiful ladies in my restaurant right now. How about it, do you want to play with them?" without having any thought about his surroundings, Zhu Zifang said.


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, STOP SPOUTING NONSENSE!! THIS YOUNG MASTER DOESN'T KNOW YOU!! YOUR EYES MUST BE BLIND AND MISTAKEN ME FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!" Bai Shen slap the fat face of Zhu Zifang and yelled at him angrily. He just dodge a bullet yesterday and now another one shot him, he was feeling really unlucky in this new body of his.

"Y-yes yes, I-i don't know you, my eyes were really blind i mistaken you for someone else. P-please forgive me.." Zhu Zifang said cowardly as he take a step back.

When Bai Mei heard what the fat man said, her face turn frosty as killing intent was released directed at the fat man. The fat man shivered as he felt cold in his whole body. He looked at Bai Mei and thought, 'Oh, Sh!t I'm dead better leave quickly'.


Like a wind, the ginormous body of Zhu Zifang move swiftly and went out of the room. The two beauties that came with him immediately retreat when they realize he was gone.

'That fvcking pig, he just left me here to deal with this' Bai Shen curse then look at his big sister. She was now staring coldly at him, her expression was really scary that he felt he was gonna die.

"B-big sister, don't listen to what that pig just said, you hear him right, he just mistaken me for someone else. he he he" Bai Shen said nervously. His back was already drenched in cold sweat as he continue to curse the pig inside his head.



When he heard the knock on the door Bai Shen become nervous as he thought the fat man return. But when he saw that it was just the waiter carrying their foods, he just sigh.

"Enjoy your meal" the waiter said and exits the room.

Bai Shen and Bai Mei just eat quietly, no one talked the whole time. For Bai Shen, this was the worst and the atmosphere was suffocating him, he knew his big sister was extremely angry right now. Who would have thought that the bonding with her little brother will turned out like this.


As the two was eating quietly, a loud explosion came outside their room. Bai Shen felt his head going to explode as he thought another problem arrive. Bai Mei put down her food and walk towards the door.

'OH GOD BLESS YOUR POOR SOUL' Bai Shen prayed inside his head to whoever cause the explosion. Bai Mei took out her golden sword and Blue Qi covered her whole body.

Bai Mei was extremely angry of what she heard, she wanted to release her anger at somebody or at something. But who would have thought that a lost soul will present himself. The lost soul will never thought that someone will guide him into the afterlife.
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