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Husbands Lovely Wife summary:

On their wedding night, \nZhi Ruo was scared and nervous, sitting on the bed she was awaiting her husband since hours. \n\This is the first time I will be meeting him... Shall I run away? Anyway he will not be able to find me, afterall who marries without meeting even once\ \nThe door opened and a handsome man entered:\nQing Shan moved towards the bed with a steady pace that was neither hurrie...

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Husbands Lovely Wife Chapters

Time uploaded
136 Leave11 hrs ago
134 The Words2 days ago
132 Getting In3 days ago
128 Shocked4 days ago
117 Location Ia week ago
116 Dark Soulsa week ago
112 Wife Slavea week ago
111 Killeda week ago
109 Suspec2 weeks ago
106 Harassemen2 weeks ago
104 Secretary2 weeks ago
101 Blue Eyes2 weeks ago
96 Mouse..2 weeks ago
95 I Like Black2 weeks ago
94 Shopping2 weeks ago
93 No Injuries2 weeks ago
88 Kiss2 weeks ago
86 Angry????2 weeks ago
84 Smart Wife2 weeks ago
82 Medicine3 weeks ago
81 Rampage3 weeks ago
80 Leave3 weeks ago
78 Safe Place3 weeks ago
73 Celebration3 weeks ago
72 Trainee3 weeks ago
71 Job3 weeks ago
64 Senior Xu3 weeks ago
63 Pasta3 weeks ago
62 She Knew Who3 weeks ago
60 Smoke3 weeks ago
58 Email.3 weeks ago
57 Punching Bag3 weeks ago
55 Mother Qing4 weeks ago
54 Tired4 weeks ago
53 Mopping4 weeks ago
52 Loud Noise4 weeks ago
51 Abandonmen4 weeks ago
49 Hungry Wife4 weeks ago
40 Carved Box4 weeks ago
39 Grandma Qing4 weeks ago
36 The Letter4 weeks ago
35 Meeting4 weeks ago
33 Old Age Home4 weeks ago
29 Trump Card4 weeks ago
28 Reques4 weeks ago
24 Yifei4 weeks ago
22 Origin4 weeks ago
21 Smar4 weeks ago
20 Scandal4 weeks ago
14 Choice4 weeks ago
5 Hospital4 weeks ago
4 Memories4 weeks ago
1 Rainy Day4 weeks ago
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