Husbands Lovely Wife Chapter 112

111 Killed

Looking at his hands with eyes full of sadness Xu Beihan spoke "That dosen't change the fact that I have killed someone, who ......."

"Who would have been killed by her" said the voice in a authoritative tone while holding the hands that Xu Beihan was looking at trying to pass him the warmth that had been snatched by a incident.

"You don't understand yifei, I ..."

"Only I understand Beihan." said Yifei looking at him with teary eyes.


"Enough whining" shouted Yifei

Looking at Beihan's pitiful face she then softened her voice and explained him, "Beihan, We are the pillars on which she is supposed to stand. If one of the two pillars are weak, will she be able to stand?

Sigh ....Don't let the past rule your today Beihan.

She needs us, she needs you.

You will have to be strong,

if not for yourself, then be it for her.....

Let's go." Taking a deep breath Yifei started dragging Beihan's soulless body along with her.


Getting inside the car, Zhi Ruo adjusted herself while Qing Shan asked her, "How was your first day wife?"

"It was good. I got to assist on a harassment case. And the colleagues are also good, they are friendly" spoke Zhi Ruo simply while adjusting herself and her stuff, without noticing the pressure which was created by her cute husband.

"That's good." said Qing Shan with a flat tone while keeping his head straight but his eyes completely focused on his wife.

"How was your day?" asked Zhi Ruo while looking at Qing Shan.

With a grumpy face Qing Shan said while quickly looking away from Zhi Ruo, "Not so good. I felt hurt."

'Hurt, who can hurt him?' thought Zhi Ruo and asked, "Who can hurt the almighty president Qing."

"My wife." came the reply smoothly, as if the person he was accusing was not the same person asking the question.

"Me? What did I do?" asked Zhi Ruo with a shocked expression while continuously thinking about what she might have done to hurt him.

'I was busy at work full day how can I hurt him? Why did it turn out to be me? And most importantly How me?' thought Zhi Ruo while waiting for Qing Shan's answer.

Before Qing Shan could answer they had already reached home, getting down from the car Qing Shan started walking towards his house, but still keeping a track of Zhi Ruo.

After walking a little bit ahead, Qing Shan noticed that Zhi Ruo was far behind him, in order to let her catch up but not to be so noticeable, he dialed a fake call and stood there talking on his phone while looking the other way, till she had passed him while thinking,

'I am walking so slow, can't she catch up. Yes, she cannot catch up with me because she is wearing that tight skirt. How can she run behind criminals then.....huh....'

"Yes, yes Mr. Moshin. Let's get the project work done." spoke Qing Shan on the phone.

That was the line that Zhi Ruo heard when she reached closer to Qing Shan, holding his other arm which was free she dragged him with her towards their house while Qing Shan kept talking or can be said blabbering till they entered home.

After the call was disconnected, Qing Shan saw Zhi Ruo standing behind him while folding her hands on the chest with her look clearly saying, *waiting for explanation*.

Though Zhi Ruo's presence surprised Qing Shan but he still maintained his ever so calm face and asked, "What happened?"

Trying to control her laughter Zhi Ruo pointed towards his ear while saying,"You already had your Bluetooth in the ear, while you were using your cell phone to talk. I wonder how important call it was that you had to use two devices to speak."

With his cover all blown up Qing Shan had no other way to stay quiet and spoke up, "I figured out that you are my wife and no one can fire you, also, even a jeans and top is considered as formal, and, if your colleagues bully you it is harassment. So there was no reason to wear this dress. You can't even match up to my speed, while I walk slow. How can I stay calm when you will be working with criminals in such a beautiful dress."

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