I Am Supreme Chapter 1018

1016 Hu Xiaofan

"My parents hadn't been involved with the martial world for a long time back then. Our whole family survived through farming. The days were hard, and we were happy every day. However, once the nightmare came, my entire family but I was killed. The reason I'm alive is that I kowtowed. I told them I was obedient, and that I was willing to cook and wash for them, I told them that I was afraid of dying That I wanted to stay alive no matter what"

"Ultimately, they thought that I was good for nothing but having eight innately awakened chakras, they took me back to sell me away seeing that I was moderately gifted I actually began to cook and wash for them, doing anything they asked me to every day from morning to night for three full months."

"Then, I finally got them to let down their guards and I killed them with a pot of poisoned soup. I avenged my parents' deaths the blood debt of my family. On the day I took revenge, I laughed. I laughed so happily Too bad I was caught by another group of human traffickers not too long after I escaped. That aside, I'd most probably be an average worker in a shop now. Maybe I'd like my life ordinarily but it's comfortable"

"Faced with another group of human traffickers, I begged them meekly again, worked for them diligently and even helped them bully and train kids who were new. A few months later, I poisoned the five people once more with a pot of soup and saved a bunch of kids too"

"I took the dozen of them around to beg on the streets. I actually still wanted to go work at a shop but what about the young kids after I leave? I took everything with a smile, thinking that I could still be a shop worker, an average joe, after we go our separate ways when everyone was a few years older!"

"But our begging lifestyle didn't last past a few days as we were targeted by another group of people in less than ten days. We were caught This group wasn't killed by my soup, they were killed by peers of the same field in a battle. As they were wiped out, I became the goods of another group of men."

"In less than two years, I've gone through five batches of human traffickers. It's like an endless cycle and I'm nearly numbed. I no longer want to become a shop worker, no longer want to live like an average person. I I've come to the Residence of Nine Supremes."

"I'm sincerely grateful to master. I genuinely like this environment too. But the martial world is the martial world. No matter how much I like it here and how thankful I am, this is a reality I can't change. When I encounter danger, when I don't have master around me, when I willbe killed, I will still die."

"The old saying is that nothing matters after death but I've come so close to death too many times what's the big deal! Why can't I go hahahaha?"

"This is how I am. The martial world to me is like a laugh. I try to laugh when I'm alive, to face life happily while making myself stronger so I won't die as soon. However, when it's time to die... when I'm killed, I want to keep laughing Even before I die, I don't want to give the other party a sense of gratification!"

Hu Xiaofan said while laughing, "Imagine the moment when I'm about to die. Do you think that the person killing me will ask the same question you did? Why is he laughing? Death is looming over him but how could he still laugh so happily?"

"This is my complete realization toward the martial world. The martial world is hahahah"

Hu Xiaofan recounted his tale with an icy gaze but tears kept falling from the corner of his eyes. Nonetheless, there was a spread of smile on his face all this while.

All the disciples were shocked. Yun Xiuxin's mouth was agape too, speechless for some time.

Hu Xiaofan continued speaking with a tipped chin, "So this expedition didn't exactly give me too much of a realization It's still the same old same old, even affirming many of my previous thoughts"

"Hu Xiaofan!" Yun Yang who had been quiet above them finally uttered.

"Master." Hu Xiaofan bowed respectfully to listen to him.

"Your feelings are valid but I'd like to tell you that there's an implicit standard to the practitioners of the Residence of Nine Supremes. It's guarding! Guard your senior and junior sisters, your senior and junior brothers, guard your master and senior uncles, guard your sect and in the future, guard your family, your children. Just like your parents, guarding everything that they cherished."

"I trust that you understand what I mean," Yun Yang continued to say after a beat of silence.

Hu Xiaofan mulled over his master's words and replied, "Yes, master. I'll do my best to become stronger and not be like my parents, watching everything I want to guard being destroyed before my eyes so this disciple dares not slack every day."

"It's good that you understand," Yun Yang commented with a comforted nod.

"Yes, master. I shall do everything I can to guard and turn stronger the best I can from now on. If I were to be unlucky or inadequately capable one day, however, I hope that I can still die laughing," said Hu Xiaofan.


Yun Yang choked, waving his hand. "Enough rest, go back to practicing."

It felt awful to be countered by his protg.

'So what if you have a deep realization? Do you know how to respect your master? Are you going to eliminate your master and sect?'

Yun Yang subconsciously wanted to beat this kid up and teach him a lesson

'No I can't do this. I shouldn't scold and beat the kids. I'm a kind master, I win by rationalizing'

When night came, Yun Yang had still caught Hu Xiaofan and given him a good wallop.

The boy had complained about the dull atmosphere and actually put a snake in every senior and junior sister's blanket

Hu Xiaofan became the pupils' mutual enemy then.

Yun Yang sighed.

'Why did I take in such a fella'

When rationalizing could not work, violence was the answer the effect was equally striking!

In spite of it, Hu Xiaofan's improvement was truly speedy. Under the high spiritual Qi pressure of the Residence of Nine Supremes, his cultivation base had advanced to Jade Mystic pinnacle within three days and respectively advanced into Earth Mystic with Yun Xiuxin and Cheng Jiajia.

That day, Yun Xiuxin had just achieved the breakthrough in the morning, Cheng Jiajia in the afternoon, and Hu Xiaofan trailed after them in the next night!

Yun Yang breathed in and finally decided to ignore the children. He would no longer ask or care about their progress, completely leaving them to fend for themselves.

Yun Xiuxin was more than a notch better than Hu Xiaofan in terms of talent or Yun Yang would not have selected her as the Central Peak's leading protg. She had a resilient character too which was evident in the sect contest among the Jade Mystic students previously. She was also far more hardworking than her peers, basically cultivating as if her life depended on it.

In spite of it, such cultivation speed did not throw Hu Xiaofan far behind her. It was even possible that Hu Xiaofan could catch up with Yun Xiuxin anytime. After all, Yun Xiuxin had been the only Jade Mystic disciple among Yun Yang's many pupils back then. For Hu Xiaofan to step into Earth Mystic almost right after Yun Xiuxin, it only meant that Hu Xiaofan was cultivating even harder!
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