I Am Supreme Chapter 742

A quick glance would show that the giant was at least a few thousand feet tall. Everyone felt the presence of two suns in the sky when the giant opened his eyes. It stirred reverence within their hearts with just a single glance, a sense of intimidation without rage.

"I am Supreme Cloud. I am well!" The giant's voice roared like a thunderbolt in spring, spanning across the land.

"The Residence of Nine Supremes was a blessed presence. Its existence was to aid Yutang's astral providence; it was never meant to stay long in the human realm. Now that Yutang's providence to rule over Tianxuan is improving and its national destiny has stabilized, there is no longer any need to depend on the Residence of Nine Supremes. Therefore, I am retrieving the Residence of Nine Supremes today to prevent ill intentions. This shall be my farewell. I wish the Empire of Yutang governance over Tianxuan, eternal presence, and peace upon its people!"

The words boomed over the city. Anyone could hear it the moment it was spoken. Even those who were thousands of miles away could hear it loud and clear.

The worries of the people of Yutang quickly gave way to a sense of ease.

They thought to themselves, 'True enough, a saintly structure like the Residence of Nine Supremes shouldn't linger in the worldly realm for so long. It makes absolute sense that Lord Supreme Cloud would want to reclaim it'

As for why Lord Supreme Cloud could keep it was this question not redundant?

How could a godlike presence like Lord Supreme Cloud not be able to keep the Residence of Nine Supremes?

The Residence of Nine Supremes belonged to Supreme Cloud anyway what objection could there be if he decided to move it? It would be strange indeed if there were anyone else in this world who could take the Residence of Nine Supremes away.

The ensuing chaos that threatened to ruffle the entire nation dissipated in between Yun Yang's few words.

Such influential power was not achievable by even the Emperor of Yutang himself!

Listening to what was said, watching the giant in the sky that was manifested from the very clouds, gazing at the expressions of the officials beside him, then looking at the sincere cheering and joy from the citizens around, His Majesty sighed softly.

The idea of locating Supreme Cloud and retaining him as his personal force that had been slowly but steadily growing disappeared abruptly.

Enslave Supreme Cloud?

Under such a situation and with such influence, it would only be too effortless should Supreme Cloud want to replace him instead.

To wish to manipulate such a figure with the monarch's tactics was only a fool's fantasy.

"From now on, Supreme Cloud" It felt like an internal knot within the emperor was being unraveled as His Majesty said softly, "Is free to do whatever he wishes so long as he doesn't bring harm to the empire!"

"Your Majesty is brilliant!"

Qiu Jianhan and Fang Qingtian bowed in unison, showing support for the emperor's decision with their actions.

His Majesty laughed and shook his head, saying with a sigh, "It was all my fault. Things have gone so smoothly for me that once a selfish thought popped up, foolish ideas are all that filled my mind. At least it is not too late for me to wake up now."

Qiu Jianhan and Fang Qingtian grinned at each other, feeling like a huge rock had been lifted off of them as relief flooded their beings. For so long, the struggle between the Nine Supremes and the royal supremacy had brooded deep inside them.

The emperor was brilliant and firm, without doubt, a gifted leader; he reigned over a prosperous dynasty as well, being in his prime. However, the Nine Supremes existed in Yutang as gods. This was akin to a contest between imperial power and divinity, yet this divine being held an actual presence and was equipped with godly abilities

Should a rebellion break out, it would cause the Empire of Yutang to fall, no matter which side won in the end.

Luckily, such a worry was finally erased now.

"The disappearance of the Residence of Nine Supremes means that Supreme Cloud will disappear in the sea of people as well. To find him again will only be a wild, wild wish" The emperor sighed.

He stared at where the Residence of Nine Supremes originally stood and felt heart-wrenching pain.

When the Residence of Nine Supremes was still here, it was as if his eldest son was still by his side as long as he could look upon it Now, the Residence of Nine Supremes was no longer there

His Majesty felt like a hole had been dug out of his heart. The emptiness was excruciating and he, who had always stood tall, suddenly hunched over

"This matter has come to an end. Let's return to the palace" the emperor said weakly after a standing there for a long while.

"Old Qiu, be my company Let's go to the Residence of King Yun."

The emperor said feebly, "I would like to visit Bao'er. I haven't seen him in a long time."

"Certainly!" Qiu Jianhan agreed instantly.

Supreme Cloud's words spread across the land.

Some people were startled when they heard it.

"The formation of the Nine Supremes, the fortification of the land; eternal dominion, supremacy forever!"

This saying had long circulated in the Tianxuan Continent. Now that the sole member of the Nine Supremes, Supreme Cloud, had said something like this what could it mean?

Everyone was deep in thought, pondering upon the possible meaning of this saying.

Hearing Supreme Cloud's parting words, Ling Xiaozui and others were equally relieved. As they were leaving, Dugu Chou bemoaned, "I've always thought that Yutang's Nine Supremes was only the product of words passed around among Yutang's people. To me, they were frauds, using rare peculiar arts. Now that I have seen Supreme Cloud today, I know that words in the past were only a fragment of the truth. There's really someone out there that exists like a God I regret that I won't be able to meet such a hero."

"Yes, exactly" Ling Xiaozui agreed, still rather dazed.

Then, a clear voice beside them piped out, "Senior Ling, yes exactly about what? I rarely hear you say things like this. Are you willing to share?"

The two men turned, following the sound, and when they saw who was talking, Ling Xiaozui could not help the glow in his eyes as he beamed from the bottom of his heart. "It's you."

Standing not too far away from them, handsomely clad in purple like he did not belong among the commoners, smiling softly with an airy grace, who else could it be if not Yun Yang?

Dugu Chou could hear the clear exhalation from Ling Xiaozui. It was a breath of relief. However, what was there from this child in front of them that was worthy of Ling Xiaozui's concern?

"Are you alright?" Ling Xiaozui asked smiling, his gaze falling upon Yun Yang with the question hanging in the air.

Yun Yang grinned. "Do I look like I'm not alright now? I'm fine! I'm great!"

"Good. Let's head back. We can talk more then," Ling Xiaozui replied with a smile.

With the smile, Ling Xiaozui returned to how he usually was, like everything was beyond his concern. He was back to his impervious state, unaffected by all things in the world.

It was too bad that Dugu Chou refused to follow suit.

The reason was none other than the fact that he had seen the purple jade flute Yun Yang held right away. His eyes bulged instantly.

That was that was obviously the same purple jade flute that Gu Chaliang had held. Was it not the exact purple jade flute that he had kneeled down to ask Ling Xiaozui to send it to the Residence of Nine Supremes?

The purple jade flute had brought Gu Chaliang a heritage and a consignment, but now it was in Yun Yang's hands!

What did this mean? What did it symbolize?

For a moment, Dugu Chou's thoughts were a train wreck, blearily scattered all over the place.

'Does this mean that as long as I follow this child before me, I can see my wife?'

'Does this mean that Yun Yang is the person Gu Chaliang has hinted at?'

'The person with an incredible future!'

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