I Am Supreme Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Reunion of Master and Disciple
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All the way back, Dugu Chou, a pinnacle artist who had been unrivaled for centuries, was still dumbfounded.

The three of them were naturally faster than the others in making their way home. In addition, all of them were entertaining their own thoughts and did not speak a single word along the way.

Yun Yang was tabulating his gains, enjoying himself while he did so, beaming widely. He looked like he was on top of the world and his stride was breezy.

Ling Xiaozui was also sorting through his yield. He made a huge leap this time around, equal to at least thirty years of cultivation effort. His cultivation base was already at the peak of this world, thus the urgent issue to be resolved now would be what was needed to push his cultivation base and combat power a step higher.

As for Dugu Chou, he was laden with questions, pondering what he should do in order to realize his lifetime wish.

At the door of the Residence of Yun, Ji Lingxi stood with a long neck, full of anticipation. Her pretty face was plagued by worry and anxiety. Beside her stood Shangguan Lingxiu who was equally troubled.

Both of them had wanted to head to the Residence of Nine Supremes to investigate but Yun Xiaoyao was adamant on them staying put.

Having Yun Yang there was already distressing enough; if the two of them were to go over during such a critical moment where experts and pinnacle masters would gather… the security issue was enough to scare everyone else in the Residence of Yun.

They were not allowed to go! Under Yun Yang's father, Yun Xiaoyao's vehement resistance, the two ladies who also knew what a precarious situation it was could only wait patiently by the door.

On the other hand, Lao Mei and Fang Mofei were calmer than the rest. The pair was even sneering at the anxiousness that overwhelmed Yun Xiaoyao and the girls.

'Danger? It doesn't exist!'

'That is Lord Supreme Cloud we are talking about – what danger could Supreme Cloud possibly face? This would just be another routine encounter!'

He had already overcome everything with incredible destiny, even when he was still feebly capable. Now that his cultivation base was at the top of this mortal world, what danger could there be for him?

The two old men only felt a sense of regret that they had to watch over the residence. If they could join in the fun, they might reap some benefit from it. After all, they had one too many experiences in seizing the chance. It was no longer strange territory; instead, they were happy to see it happen!

In spite of this, they could do nothing more when Father Yun was stopping activities across the entire house. The pair could not help grumbling silently about the gentleman's exaggeration, preventing them from obtaining another advancement opportunity.

As for Dong Tianleng and the group of young masters, worry was not even a word in the quad's dictionary. These four people did not even understand what exactly had happened as they played mahjong in complete ignorance.

The four of them already had paper strips littered all over their faces, but these paper strips were no ordinary notes. One paper strip was worth ten thousand silver taels. Not only was such a method entertaining and thrilling, but it was also ingenious. Therefore, the four popinjays were utterly immersed in their game. Truth be told, they were so focused on defeating the others that they did not even notice the purple Qi changing…

Bai Yixue and his master, Xiao Shaoqing, had already announced their stay in the Residence of Yun by now, thus they waited by the house's door as well. Bai Yixue looked indifferent, sharing similar emotions with Lao Mei and Fang Mofei; he was completely calm and collected. On the contrary, Xiao Shaoqing looked nervous, checking his dressing and tidying himself intermittently, before he paced around with a frown locked into place. His anxiety was evident from how troubled yet excited he looked.

Fogs of wraith occasionally rose around the Residence of Yun. Those were the ten court kings from the Concourse of the Underworld who came out to check if there was any particular news, unable to hold their patience before they returned immediately.

Under the group's watchful eyes, three lean silhouettes appeared at the end of the long street, walking shoulder to shoulder.

Ji Lingxi and Shangguan Lingxiu heaved a breath of relief once they cast their sights afar. The person in the middle of the trio was lean and tall, his mannerism poised, and he was handsomely clad in purple – who else could it be if not Yun Yang?

Ji Lingxi scoffed, suppressing the delight in her eyes, and lifted her chin defiantly to head back inside.

Shangguan Lingxiu had taken a few steps forward subconsciously to welcome the man, but seeing that Ji Lingxi had gone back inside, she hesitated before turning to follow the latter as well.

Yun Yang was initially thrilled, spotting the two devoted ladies waiting for him by the door from afar. Just as he took a few steps forward to be received, there was no one before him anymore…

Yun Yang was struck dumb by what he had just witnessed.

"Hahaha…" Ling Xiaozui could not help guffawing when he took in what had happened.

Yun Xiaoyao who was also at the door with his arms behind him spoke up, "Are you alright? Came back for good?"

His tone was apathetic like he was unstirred by recent events.

Yun Yang was respectful when he answered, "Yes, I am well. I've returned home."

"Good, good." Yun Xiaoyao smiled. Then, he nodded a greeting to both Dugu Chou and Ling Xiaozui before heading back inside without another word.

Yun Yang could make out the fact that Yun Xiaoyao's form was currently completely at ease. He had walked back inside without hesitation as if he was not concerned about whether Yun Yang was coming back or not. However, the large patch of wetness on his back had already exposed his worry.

Sincere surprise lingered in Yun Yang's gaze, leaving the youth in a long silence.


With a cry of delight mixed with sorrow, Xiao Shaoqing fell to his knees. He shuffled forward quickly in the kneeling position, his face streaming tears. "Master! Sob… Your disciple finally sees you again today!"

Xiao Shaoqing clung onto Dugu Chou's leg while still kneeling on the ground, openly bawling and refusing to get up.

Dugu Chou took in a deep breath, barely keeping his emotions in check, and scolded the distraught man, "Get up, get up quickly. So many people are watching – have you no sense of propriety?"

"I won't get up if you don't forgive me, master!" Xiao Shaoqing sobbed.

Dugu Chou lashed out, "Do you still want face? I still want it even if you don't. Why would I have asked for you if I didn't forgive you? Have I not been angry enough?"

"Then, is master willing to take in this disciple again?" Xiao Shaoqing looked hopeful.

Dugu Chou snorted and said, "Will I have allowed you to call me master otherwise?"

Xiao Shaoqing was overjoyed, springing up and said with a smile, "I knew it. This disciple is so handsome and talented. How coulld master actually be willing to chase me out of the school?"

There were still tears on his face, he was in a miserable state. Yet, he was grinning, eyes turning into crescents from how gleeful he was.

Dugu Chou could not help sighing. His expression was menacing when he said, "Xiao Shaoqing, taking you as my disciple was perhaps… the biggest mistake of my life. I would never have expected that I, Dugu Chou, would actually repeat this mistake!"

He sighed again and continued, "Forget it, forget it. My face… You've disgraced me anyway…"

Xiao Shaoqing crawled forward in a pandering manner and with a bootlicking grin as he held onto Dugu Chou, speaking with a chuckle, "Master, who else is there if not your disciple to embarrass you? Besides, aren't we all living just for this face? Isn't this face to be put to shame?"
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