I Am Supreme Chapter 744

Chapter 744: A Wonder!
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The statement stumped both Yun Yang and Ling Xiaozui.

Was this one's pride, that he worked so hard for throughout his life, merely to be humbled?

Such an expression and view was uncanny, but it was undeniable that it – perhaps, maybe, probably – was quite reasonable! Deviant logic was still logic after all.

In the face of such an eccentric person, all the color drained from Dugu Chou's face. He heaved a sigh into the sky and was left speechless for a long time. He only felt that it was the biggest mistake in his life for him to soften his heart and allow the fellow back into his guidance!

It was simply unforgivable.

Indeed, the man had embarrassed him the moment they met.

"Master, slowly – master… Master, your disciple has brought you your favorite Fell Spike from the Mountain of Clouds. This is your disciple's effort… Master, you haven't changed at all throughout these years! You're still so handsome and striking and gorgeous and fine…"

Amidst Xiao Shaoqing's endless fawning chatter, he brought Dugu Chou in towards the Residence of Yun. Bai Yixue followed behind the pair, his hands covering his face.

'What can I do? I'm also helpless training under such a master…'

Dugu Chou was sighing incessantly. He had barely taken ten steps, but he had already sighed twenty times. He was deeply aware now that asking this fellow back this time could very possibly be the largest mistake of his lifetime.

Oh, how he was bringing trouble to himself! He had chased this bastard out of his tutoring and enjoyed peace for so many years, but now that he grew older, he was a fool to seek out his former student. Oh, how he wished to smack that tawdry face!

"Little Snow1! Little Snow!" Xiao Shaoqing called for his disciple even as he served his master.

Bai Yixue ran over with hands over his face and a lowered head. "I'm here, master."

"Today is a great day for your master, me, and you. It's the world's happiest occasion that you and I both are being received into your grandmaster's doors once again! How can we not celebrate this joyful event? Go prepare dozens of dishes, make it big – then prepare some wine. Tonight, your teacher, I, shall gratifyingly…"

"Gratifyingly what?" Dugu Chou glared.

"Uh…" Xiao Shaoqing choked, blinking and saying with a shameless grin, "This disciple – this disciple… This disciple wants to gratifyingly sniff… the aroma of the wine…"

Dugu Chou sighed again, suddenly feeling like he had nothing more to live for in this world.

The joy and excitement of meeting his disciple whom he had not seen for so many years actually lasted shorter than an inhalation of breath before it turned into the familiar sense of powerlessness that he had experienced in the past.

"What a sin…"

Dugu Chou's exasperation was clear to anyone's perception.

Xiao Shaoqing was still chuckling and tailing behind Dugu Chou obsequiously, his fists carefully massaging his master's shoulders, while he turned and glared at Bai Yixue to urge him forward.

"I'll go now – right away – immediately." Bai Yixue bolted off.

"Master, master, this disciple has missed you almost to the point death all these years…" Xiao Shaoqing spoke with reddening eyes, "Having met master again if I can't drink to my heart's content tonight… this disciple… this disciple… honestly doesn't know how else to express my stirring emotions... sob…"

Dugu Chou glowered helplessly, not even having the energy to sigh for now.

'Can't you think of anything else other than wine?'

'Did you try so hard to reenter the pupilage just so you can break your wine fast?'

"Haha, Brother Dugu, your disciple has the innocence of a child– pretty, pretty good." Ling Xiaozui was having a stomachache trying to hold in his laughter. When else would the opportunity arise if he were to keep away from poking fun at the elder right now?

"Who are you young one? Is this a place for you to speak up?" Xiao Shaoqing rolled his eyes, looking disapprovingly at Ling Xiaozui. "How dare you compare your status to my master? Do you know who my master is? Do you know who I am? Do you know who my disciple is?"

Dugu Chou landed a loud slap on the back of Xiao Shaoqing's head. The strength of the blow was considerable, sending the fellow stumbling away. The former chastised, "How impolite! This is your Senior Uncle Ling!"

"Senior Uncle Ling…" Xiao Shaoqing was bewildered. "Since when did I have a senior uncle… This fellow isn't much older than I am; why is he a senior uncle?"

"Open your eyes and look carefully. This is your Senior Uncle Ling Xiaozui!" Dugu Chou introduced and suddenly exploded in fury. He kicked his student. "Bastard, you say you don't know who this is when you and your disciple have stayed here for so long? What dumb act are you putting up?"

This was when he realized he had been tricked by his bastard disciple.

"Aiyaya…" Xiao Shaoqing turned to bow in delight. "Senior Uncle – Senior Uncle Ling, it is indeed your honorable presence. This – this disciple has long admired your great reputation of being the Unrivaled Expert. It's a loud thunderclap to the ears, it's my lifetime of honor to be able to see you today…"

The series of praises were almost without consideration, uttered in an incredibly practiced and well-worn manner.

Ling Xiaozui could not help being stunned before he chuckled, "Brother Dugu, your disciple is really like what you said… A wonder… His greasy compliments are obviously ingratiating, but I still feel absolutely flattered!"

Dugu Chou's face was crimson from being flustered and angered.

This was humiliating!

Watching his student groveling to Ling Xiaozui with extensive effort, Dugu Chou's temper rose as his hands went to work.

'it is fine when you mentioned other things, but how dare you say that Ling Xiaozui is number one in the world? What about your master? No longer the first in the world? Your master has been the world's number one for five hundred years! You've just come back, but you're already disrespecting your master – who should I wallop if not you? Your father is going to clean the school today, I'm going to clean your mouth good!'

Following his decision, Xiao Shaoqing flew around the yard like a ball from the violent beating. His face instantly swelled with bruises instantly, and he no longer looked like how he did.

When Dugu Chou finally ceased his attack, Xiao Shaoqing sat in the yard like a swollen swine. He heaved a long sigh of contentment, "Ah, the pleasure! I haven't been beaten up by master for so many years… This long-lost feeling is back again and it's still as pleasurable as ever…"

Yun Yang breathed in deeply to hold in the bubbling laughter within him.

"Get out of my room!" Dugu Chou bellowed when he saw that Xiao Shaoqing was about to follow him inside.

The latter swiftly scrambled away.

"What an ill fate… An ill fate indeed…" Not even the waves of the Borderless Ocean could wash away Dugu Chou's sighs.


Ling Xiaozui hugged his stomach as guffaws broke out. This was truly his happiest day in many years. Not only had he succeeded in teasing Dugu Chou, but this wonder of a man was also extremely amusing!

Translator Note:

1Little Snow (小雪xiǎo xuě): The last word in Bai Yixue's name is snow.
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