I Can Unleash Unlimited Power Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258: Shura Appears

Chapter 1249 Shura Appears

Reasonable, shameless!

But to be honest, every piece of equipment here is so attractive!

However, he came with hundreds of thousands of players and hanged a lot. He didn't get anything. The loss was not small. He really couldn't stand it, so he decided to come and ask.

Although this Great Chenmo is very indifferent, he is a decent gentleman. What if he licks his old face, is it really useful?

Chen Mo glanced at him, did not speak, and then continued to put away the equipment on the ground.

joke! Laozi fights the monster himself, so why should I give it to you, oh, your guild has lost someone, so what's the matter with him?

Isn't this funny?


Zhan Huangquan was embarrassed for a while, and didn't ask for it, and continued talking happily.


At this moment, a figure appeared in the air, and Chen Mo raised his head and glanced.

Qingcheng saw that the battle was over. Even if she knew that Chen Mo was there, it should be fine, but she was still quite surprised!

So many top BOSS are gone?

"It's done?"

Chen Mo asked.

"Well, it's done!"

Everyone looked at Qingcheng!

Since this is the Great God Chenmo, it is basically certain that this should be the Great God Qingcheng!

"Great God Chenmo, I...I'm your fan, can I ask you for an autograph?"

A MM shyly ran over!

As she ran over, I didn't know how many people were all around in an instant.


Seeing this scene, Qin Tianyun condensed Tian Hai's broad eyes!

It's sour! Jealous!

"You said, will the treasure we're looking for be in Shura's hands? You know, Shura hasn't appeared yet!"

Qin Tianyun said!

Tian Hai frowned and frowned.

"It's very possible! But why didn't Shura appear? Everyone else appeared, how could Shura fail to show up? Or is it because the power of the woman in the picture prevents Shura from showing up? After all, this is the only special thing. point."

"I can't be sure, but the situation is not optimistic. We know that Shura did not appear, and others know that, he Chen Mo knows better, after all, everyone watched the scene together!"

"Look at it!"

At this moment, a loud sound rang through the entire space.

"What's wrong? What happened again?"

Everyone raised their heads and looked ahead!

Chen Mo frowned and looked over!

Everyone else should have appeared, only that Shura!

Could it be that

Everyone looks at that position!

In that huge gully, they followed the flashing thunder at this moment, vaguely saw a figure standing up somewhere in the distance!

Too far! I can't see clearly, but... it just seems to have seen such a scene!


In the next instant, a powerful force rushed towards his face and rolled up the dust on the ground!

Everyone fell backward one after another.


When the dust dispersed, they looked ahead.

A figure did not know when it had passed through the huge gully and came to them!

He was holding a sword in his hand, yes, it was holding it, and the tip of the sword hit the ground, making that kind of noise, and he was walking towards them step by step!


Everyone swallowed!

To be honest, such a person, such a momentum, made everyone feel terrified!


"Attention everyone, this is probably the Shura who was besieged by everyone in the previous screen! But it doesn't matter, he is no longer in the heyday when he was alive. We can't beat tens of thousands of top BOSS. But now, there are millions of players still here. The Great God Chenmo and Great God Qingcheng are tired. Let them rest. We millions of players, masters, can't even beat a BOSS, right? It's fake!"

Zhan Huangquan drank.

I have to say, it's a thief!

Great God Chen Mo and Great God Qingcheng were tired, and he said this to prevent Chen Mo from doing anything with Qingcheng! Because in his eyes, whether it is Chen Mo or Qingcheng, they all have the ability to kill this BOSS!

Then if the two of them want to do something, doesn't it mean that they have no chance at all? Before so many BOSS, they didn't get any benefits, now they have to give them a chance, right?

Yes, Shura is very impressive, they all saw it in that picture!

But that is the living Shura! After this hangs up, what will happen again? That's it! They have more than one million players, there is still a gust of wind, and there are props! Now, it should be the final goal, and the props in their hands are also willing to use it!

After all, this place was left from fighting with Shura, so Shura is the ultimate boss here, everyone knows it! Then, the props they have been hiding and tucking can be effective, and the rest is up to who can grab it!

Chen Mo did not speak, and went aside with Qingcheng!

If they want to fight, let them fight.

The three-headed Devil Dragon Emperor before they couldn't help it. Now that there are a million more people, they think they can fight Shura? Just so, let these people consume Shura's skills! Then you can do it yourself!

Moreover, Chen Mo knew that they must have powerful props in their hands!

But ah! Chen Mo didn't need to guess, as Shura, even if it is dead, even if it is just like a BOSS now, it should be immune to some special negative effects!

No matter how bad we are, even if this Shura is a bOSS and is not immune to the death effect, then Shura has the skill of Shura, right? Why can't you just die like this?

Moreover, Shura's intention is immune to death during the opening period, and the health bar is directly full after it ends. In other words, Shura has two lives!

No matter how these people are, at most they will kill Shura's first life, but what do they do with the second life?

Therefore, Chen Mo did not panic~wuxiaworld.online~ This should be the last BOSS Shura. If the treasure is not in his hands, then we will definitely not be able to find it. It is logically in the hands of Shura. ! "

Qin Tianyun said.

"So, whoever kills it will be able to get the treasure! The gust of wind probably has a hole card, including the battle against Huangquan, but I feel that Shura will not be so weak. Let's not rush to shoot. !"

"But, if they have instant-death items, should they just give Shura to death? Before they looked so weak because they didn't show up and they were reluctant to come out. They have the same idea as us. Now, they think they will start. Robbed!"

Tian Haikuo shook his head; "It's not that simple. Didn't you see that Chen Moguo is really not ready to do it? He is a Shura professional, he knows the specific skills of the Shura professional! He is not in a hurry, then we are not in a hurry!"

"you are right!"

The battle is about to start.

(End of this chapter)

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