I Can Unleash Unlimited Power Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259: Shura Was Beaten?

Chapter 1250 Shura Was Beaten?

Chen Mo and Qingcheng didn't do anything, they watched other players besie a Shura!

For these players, how about millions of them, isn't it easy for them to besiege one? They like the feeling of besieging BOSS!

"What are you planning?"

Qingcheng asked!

"Wait! Since there are so many people trying the water for me, then I don't need to do it. I'll take a look first!"

Qingcheng looked at that Shura and said, "I have to say, it's definitely not a level that can be compared to an ordinary strong person!"

Chen Mo nodded: "It's Shura after all!"

"Attention everyone, although this Shura is strong, it is just one after all. What skills and attacks are all smashed on him to quickly reduce his HP! At the same time pay attention to your own safety!"

Zhan Huangquan shouted!


Zhan Huangquan's Death Scroll can be used when the BOSS's HP is less than 50%, so he urgently needs others to reduce this Shura's health bar to half! Then he uses it directly without giving others a chance! Even if Gale has a hole card, he doesn't need it now. When this Shura blood bar is less than 50%, he is definitely too late!

The gust of wind also has the power to die, it is a skill to die, which can be used once in a lifetime! There is an 80% death rate, the lower the opponent's HP percentage, the higher the chance! Therefore, he also has to wait until this Shura's blood volume is lower before using it!

They don't understand Shura, and no one here understands Shura. Except for Chen Mo, they will not underestimate Shura, but they definitely don't take Shura too much! why?

Because they all felt that Shura could be killed easily with the instant-to-death effect, so they just didn't put Shura in their eyes!

Think about it, even if they think that Shura is very strong, but that is also the previous Shura is very strong, the current Shura is the state of the undead after Shura died before, and his power will be weakened to unimaginable! Even though it still looks very strong, there is absolutely no certain power!

As for Chen Mo, he knew the power of Shura, and even this Shura Chen Mo couldn't see clearly. Why? Because Chen Mo is the second rank until the limit, this Shura is also a third rank skill, so there must be some skill effects that Chen Mo doesn't know!


Shura's figure was attacked by countless people, the damage was not high, but the dense number of damage came out, and he could still see that his health bar was effectively reduced.

"Who has the skill with the maximum health? Use it quickly, and reduce Shura's health bar as quickly as possible! Use it!"

Zhan Huangquan shouted!

"President, why doesn't this Shura attack us? Why just stand there and let us attack it! This is not right."

"Why do you want to do so much? This kind of boss kills us is just one move, no matter what he wants to do, or he wants to gather big moves, anyway, it is a move for us, taking advantage of now, he did not attack us, we should hurry Isnt it beautiful to have the opportunity to attack Shura as much as you want? Anyway, whether its a normal attack or a skill, or a big move, we are all killed in seconds, so dont worry about these things, and attack!



Sudden wind frowned!

"Why does this Shura stand still and let them attack? It's really strange."

The gust of wind did not attack, he did not dare! It just feels wrong, very wrong! He still chooses to wait and see the changes, anyway, one less person is nothing for this Shura's health bar!

As time passed slowly, Shura really stood still and let them attack. This blood bar had fallen below 60%!

Sudden wind frowned!

Something is wrong!

Normally, he used the scroll now, but it was too wrong, causing him to feel that it might be a waste of it, so he decided to wait a little longer and couldn't eat hot tofu in a hurry!

But for Zhan Huangquan, he thought the opposite! He is on the second floor!

He felt that other people were afraid that this Shura would be immune to death and other effects, so he would bet against Huangquan! Bet this Shura is not immune! After all, he is a dead existence, certainly not as strong as before! Do it directly and destroy it. The treasures are all his own. No one else can do it. He feels that his second level is correct! He is waiting for Shura's blood bar to fall below 50%. Once it arrives, he will use it directly!

Moreover, this Shura seems to be being beaten, but there is no such a beaten boss. He feels that Shura is holding a big move, and it is the kind of big move that can kill everyone in a second, so I dont need it later, wait for Shura Suppresses them all for a second? Then let others wait, anyway, he will do it as soon as the blood bar arrives!

This is an opportunity!

"What's going on? This Shura blood bar is about to fall to half, why stand and get beaten?"

Qingcheng frowned.

"It should be a big move."

Chen Mo said.

"It doesn't make much sense, right? Asura himself has a way to kill these people casually and passively beat them, which feels boring."

Qingcheng Road.

Chen Mo thinks so too, is he deliberately letting others hit his health bar below half, triggering multiple damage effects?

But it's meaningless!

The current Shura's damage has overflowed too much, there is no need to trigger multiple damage.

It's really strange.

"Maybe Shura wants to condense big moves in order to save trouble, and instantly kill everyone in a flash."

Chen Mo said.

"It's possible."

"Furthermore, Shura is not afraid that he will be out of blood. It is estimated that he is accumulating big moves!"

Anyway, Chen Mo didn't know if Shura had any big tricks that needed to be released in this way. Anyway, Chen Mo didn't have such a trick. It is estimated that he could only have it with the third rank?

"Strange, why didn't this Shura fight back after being beaten?"

This time has passed for a long time, and Shura did not move his hands, it was outrageous!

"Anyway, this is absolutely abnormal, don't use it, don't use it even if it's dead! It's absolutely useless now!"

The sky is wide.

"I know! Always prepare for invincible skills, UU reading www.uukanshu.com I think it should be bad!"

Shura's health bar dropped to half like this! It's less than 50%!

When Shura's blood bar reached halfway, Zhan Huangquan's eyes suddenly lit up!

Shura, it's his!

The baby is his too!

Let your group of people wait and see here, wait here, and dont want to take action here, you guys on the first floor, wait and regret it!

Then Zhan Huangquan took out the scroll!

Su Feng frowned when he saw the scroll in Zhan Huangquan's hand!

Is this war against Huangquan going to start?

He also subconsciously took out his own scroll! But he was hesitating!

(End of this chapter)

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