I Can Unleash Unlimited Power Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260: It's Not Dead Yet?

Chapter 1251 This Isn't Dead?

There are not many masters here, just a few, they are top masters! There are also some people with higher status. These people and masters may have top-notch props. They have this condition!

The gust of wind hesitated! Would he do it?

He feels something is wrong, why is Shura standing there and being beaten?

But he was afraid again, what if... this battle against Huangquan succeeded?

After thinking about it, his choice was to stand still!

can not be used! Anything that is uncertain, even in the face of great temptation, he can't do it! Unless he has absolute certainty!

"Go to death for me!"

That Zhan Huangquan laughed loudly, and then released the power of his scroll to Shura!


Above the void, thunderclouds flicker!


In the next instant, a thunder of judgment landed on that Shura from the sky.


Then Shura's blood bar was directly emptied by the thunder, and a huge damage figure appeared from the top of Shura's head!


Zhan Huangquan couldn't help laughing at this scene!

Let those people be jealous, let them wait, wait for things to come, right? Now, this Shura is his!


The next second, he suddenly stopped!


Why didn't he increase the experience value? Why didn't he even hear the system prompt? what happened?

Zhan Huangquan stared at that Shura!

His health bar has been emptied!

and many more!

Zhan Huangquan's pupils shrank suddenly!

A drop of blood! He still has a drop of blood!

For hundreds of millions of blood, if a drop of blood looks at the blood bar, it is no different from whether there is it!


He lost the second level?

Is it still true? Isn't this Shura as simple as it seems! Grass!

Chen Mo clicked the corner of his mouth!

"Idiot! No matter how you look at my skills, you know, at least Shura can have such a skill!"

"It's not to blame. How many times have you got a drop of blood on your blood bar? How many people have seen it?"


Chen Mo touched the tip of his nose!

"The next effect?"

Chen Mo said: "Return to full blood."


In the next instant, Na Shura slowly raised his head and slowly stood up, his right foot was slightly stepped on, and an unimaginable force came out!


The screams of the players came!

pain! ow! Grass mud horse! Why does it hurt so much? Why is this pain so real?

Following this, huge unimaginable damage figures appeared on the heads of all players!


All spikes!

What is strange is that only Chen Mo, Qingcheng, Qin Tianyun, Haitiankuo and Sufeng were not harmed!

In an instant, all the players in the available space were emptied, leaving only five of them!


Chen Mo froze for a moment!

This? ?

"It seems that all those who attacked Shura have died, and those who have not attacked Shura have not been harmed!"

Qingcheng Road.

Chen Mo nodded: "It looks so!"

But it's a good thing, that B helped to type out Shura's intention of Shura! It is a good thing for Chen Mo!

The few people looked at each other.

Chen Mo also glanced at Qin Tianyun and Tian Haikuo!

Of course, Chen Mo couldn't recognize it. He hadn't even seen these two men move their hands. How did Chen Mo recognize it?

I just think it's awesome!

The remaining few people present must be masters, possessing both the ability of a master and the vision of a master!

They knew to wait and see what happened, so the others, millions of people all died, but the five of them didn't.

Sudden wind frowned!

"Grass! That Shura is full of blood!"

Suddenly the wind cursed, then looked at Chen Mo and said, "Great God Chenmo, you are Shura's hidden class. What kind of power is this Shura? Tell us, we are also a little bit aware of fighting against this Shura."

Chen Mo said: "I don't know."

"Great God Chenmo, now we have to cooperate to solve this BOSS, otherwise, we all have to die!"

Sudden wind road.

"I do not know."

Chen Mo said lightly!

Gale: "..."

My Nima!

This man is simply a dog!


The gust of wind then laughed!

Forget it!

He has a showdown!

You can't die, can you? Then he doesn't care!

This Zhan Huangquan had already used an instant power, and did not kill Shura! However, this Shura was not immune to death, he was triggered to die, it was just because a certain skill or something kept him from failing, but the effect was coming out!

Normally, you can never be immunized for a second time, right?

And this Chen Mo doesn't give face so much, then he won't give Chen Mo face!

Okay, you can't hang up, can you? Then he snatched the boss! Whether it can be grabbed or not, what if it can? Logically speaking, it can't be resurrected twice, right? With an 80% chance of death, he did not wait! Used it directly! Let you pretend to be B so you look down on people, then wait until he takes the BOSS for a second, and see if you are still smiling!

Na Shura had completely stood up, holding a sword in his hand, welcoming Chen Mo and the others in a state of heyday.

"Do it!"

The gusty wind is not waiting.

"Desperate Arrow!"

The bow and arrow in Yu Feng's hand condensed a powerful, terrifying force, and in the next instant, a desperate arrow shot at Shura!

Shura did not hide!

Maybe even Shura's aloofness makes him bother to hide from this skill, even if he is already dead, he still doesn't bother to defend!

A huge damage came out of Shura's head, and then...

The blood bar is emptied!

Damn it!

Tian Haikuo and Qin Tianyun shook their hearts for a moment!

Nima? Seconds?

Even Chen Mo shook his heart!

Foggy grass? No way?

Don't mess with him, don't look so ridiculous, and then you will be stunned! That's funny!

The gust of wind swallowed! At that moment, his head was blank!

Seconds! Are there seconds? Is he second?

Please, it must be a second!

However... when there was no system prompt in his mind and he did not upgrade, he knew that he had lost!

In the next instant, an unimaginable injury appeared on the top of the gust of wind, and he died directly! I don't know why this hurt happened!

Several people watched the sudden wind turn into a white light and disappear.

Then they looked at Shura!

A drop of blood! Same as before, another drop of blood did not die!

Chen Mo frowned!

A drop of blood did not die, this is the effect of Shura's will!

But Shura's intention is only once! It is impossible to be able to cool down for asura's will for ten seconds, the effect has passed, and then the cooling is over, right? Isn't that too invincible?

Could it be that this is Shura's intention after the advanced level? Probably! After all, it is normal to get a qualitative leap after advanced!

(End of this chapter)

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