I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 1 3chapter 88

Volume 1: Reborn In Naruto Chapter 88 Gathering Of The Leaders Part 3

"Since everyone is here let us begin the discussion concerning the group of S-ranked criminal *A.K.A.T.S.U.K.I* and the disappearance of the Jinchuriki`s from 2-Tails to 7-Tails." said Ichizu with a smile on his face.

"Didn't *Konoha* already defeated the leader of the group???.... The one with the Rinnegan.???" asked Tsuhikage with a raised brow.

Hearing him the heads of the other village started mummuring to each other as they were truly shocked by this revelation as they had no idea about the leader of the infamous group *A.K.A.T.S.U.K.I* possessed the legendary Rinnegan.

If this information was right then it would mean that *Konohagakure* has taken the Rinnegan in their possession which was very unnerving for them.

"You!!! can't take the Rinnegan for yourself as it will disrupt the balance of the whole shinobi-world..." said Raikage who stood up as he banged the table which his palm.

"Yes I agree.....I personally think we should destroy it as it will prevent anyone from mis-using it." reasoned Tsuhikage as he nodded to himself.

See their behaviour Jiraiya felt his blood boiling from anger as he thought 'Even though we defeated Pain, we weren't able to acquire the Rinnegan as all the six individuals had fake Rinnegan....even if we had the rinnegan why in the hell would we just destroy it or give it to some other village.....this is pure bullshit.!!!!'

Ichizu smiled as he replied "I expected something like this to happen.....Tsuhikage-sama is indeed correct ,we did fought Pain, we did kill him, we do have the rinnegan but....it is not the rinnegan...."

Everyone was confused after hearing Ichizu's words and couldn't understand what he was saying...

"Please explain Ichizu-sama..." said Mei as she acted as the current Mizukage of Kirigakure.

"What I mean is the six-individuals that we defeated weren't alive but were more of a puppet...let me show you what I mean." replied Ichizu as he nodded towards Nikasu who returned the gesture.

He took out six-scrolls from his holder and placed them on the large table in front of him.

Everyone stared at the scroll wondering what was so special about it.

The Scrolls unfolded themselves and summoned the contracted object t the summit with a Poof.

{Poof} {Poof} {Poof} {Poof} {Poof} {Poof}.....

Six bodies appeared on the table in Akatsuki's outfit. Ichizu walked up to them as green light flashed in his hands and said "Know please keep watching..."

He swept his hand across Pain(Naraka-path) slashing opening a cut perpendicular to his waist and what everyone saw was black rods...black-rods inside their whole body forming a connective network.

"As you can see what I meant when I said these were just puppets with a single power out of the 6 powers provided by the Rinnegan."

"As long as you act as the server and transmit chakra into their body their these black-rods ,you can many them walk and talk like people."

"Their eyes are all fake-rinnegan with one of its power given by the *True body* and are connected to each other and the *True body* allowing shared vision."

"Then you mean the True leader of *A.K.A.T.S.U.K.I* is still alive and well....and that you have been fighting puppet all this time while they had enough power to demolish an entire village.????" said the head of the *Village hidden under stars* with a deep frown on his face as he thought of the worst scenarios.

"Well aren't we here to discuss that....??? but before I want to inform you all about something very important."

"Well what is it Ichizu-san???" asked Yahiko while looking at him.

Others also stared at him waiting for an answer. Ichizu looked at everyone of them before saying with a smile on his face "Itachi Uchiha is no longer a rogue ninja, he has been freed from that Masked-man's control and is currently rehabilating back at Konoha."


This new was like thunder-claps to their ears as their mind blanked for a second processing what Ichizu has just stated.

The Tsuhikage immediately levitated in the air as he shouted "Itachi should be placed in the custody of the nation's collectively so that we can extract all the information about *A.K.A.T.S.U.K.I* from him."

"I agree with the old fool....Itachi was a part of *A.K.A.T.S.U.K.I* ,even though he was 'controlled' by that Masked-man ,still he should be able to provide us with valuable information." said the Raikage with a serious expression on his face.

"I think you both didn't hear correctly so allow me to repeat 'he is currently *rehabilating* at Konoha to recover his bearings.' and as for the custody part....thanks but no thanks as Itachi will be only in the custody of Konoha and no other village."

Hearing this both Raikage and Tsuhikage were immediately angered as *Lightning-cloak* covered Raikage's body and chakra started to converge at the finger tips of Tsuhikage.

Mei immediately made some handsigns and got ready to strike anyone who attack her Dear~, Yahiko also moved towards Ichizu's side and so did the head of the *Village hidden under stars*.

While Gaara stayed his ground ready so block the attacks coming from both the sides.

Just when things were about to get worse, the room cracked as some parts of it ruptured due to the pressure being released by Jiraiya who was still sitting on his chair as a greenish-mark below his eyes appeared due to the absorption of the Nature-energy.

Due to Jiraiya's body being extremely compatible with the nature energy ,his sage-mode was way stronger than the normal one.

"Please do behave like civilized people and this matter shall be decided by vote."

"Sorry for behaving so unsightly...."


"Ok start the voting...."

"Sunagakure is ok with Konoha taking the custody...."

"Kirigakure is ok with Konoha taking the custody...."

"Hidden village under stars is ok with Konoha taking the custody...."

"Hidden rain village is ok with Konoha taking the custody...."

"Hidden Cloud village is not ok with Konoha taking the custody...."

"Hidden rock village is not ok with Konoha taking the custody...."

"Since there are more votes in favour of Konoha taking the custody.....we shall abide by."

"Now let's procee...."

"DANGOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (DANZO)..." everyone heard an ear piercing shout as killing intent drowned the room.

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