I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 1 Chapter 72

Volume 1: Reborn In Naruto Chapter 72 First Death

The water prison holding Karna started to evaporate as his body released large amount of heat ,his whole body was engulfed in the flames as he started to transform into his Lancer-form.

Suddenly the flames which only covered his body and evaporated the water of the *Water-style:-Water prison jutsu* started to increase in amount as the flames started burning with insane intensity.

The flame sphere containing Karna exploded blasting away Kisame who's right hand was brutally burned and was bleeding ,even though he got his left arm disabled ,he was able to protect his body from the flames by using *Samehada*.

The water gave out large amount of steam after being burned. Kisame heard sounds of footsteps coming from the steam which was capable of burning many people and cause great damage. Karna walked out of the steam ,his right hand holding a Golden-Spear ,his ears pierced through as he wore 'kundala' and 'kavacha' integrated into his body.

After returning to his true Lancer-mode ,he asked Izumi not to interfere and let him fight as unlike Izumi ,Karna couldn't fight without holding back his powers as the enemies were too weak to begin with and other than Gilgamesh with his *Sword of rapture:-RA* ,Ichizu and Nikasu, No one was allow the fight him in melee combat and as for Ninjutsu ...Well he only needs his Fire ,though he has also mastered *Wind-Release*.

"Let me fight him and don't interfere ,I want to enjoy this battle as a true warrior V.S a shinobi."

"Hmmm....Okay but I will interfere if their was any danger to your life."

Instead of replying ,Karna just smirked as two golden floating ring-weapons appeared behind if back.

Karna took a stance ,one leg back while the other in front as he his knees bend ,he placed his spear above his neck as it's tip aimed at Kisame's chest.

"May the worthy win..." said Karna as he launched towards Kisame, arriving in front of him in a flash. Kisame opened his eyes wide at the speed his opponent displayed but was still able to retaliate while swinging his 'Samehada' as both of their weapons clashed and created sparks in the air.

Kisame immediately felt an immense pressure weighting on him as his hand trembled from the force coming out of Karna's weapon.

He was able to heal his burn by utilizing the properties of water-style in his chakra and the enhancement his Shark-like body provided him. Though he surely used up a significant amount of chakra in doing so ,he was able to withstand the pressure coming out of the lance.

'I must avoid melee battles with him and use my Water-release to defeat him as it seems that he is very profound in using Fire-release.' thought Kisame as he backed of and made some hand-signs.

"*Water-release :-Shark tsunami jutsu* a large amount of water was expelled out of Kisame's body and flooded towards Karna while taking form of many sharks attacking together ,he just calmly placed his Lance in front of him and muttered in a low tone.

"O AGNI....."

Karna burst into flames forming a Tsunami of flames and launched his attack towards the incoming attack. Kisame once again used *Water-Release:- Tsunami*.

Once again a large amount of Water raged incoming towards Karna ,who thrusted his burning Lance forward as enormous amount of heat was being released in the surrounding.

Izumi cold sweet dropped after seeing the fight between the two of them. One like the ruler of water manipulating it and attack his enemies whereas the ruler of fire who is going solo and overpower Kisame an S-rank missing nin.

They started fighting with fast attacks containing large power while also tried to use their battle experiences to fight and survive.

{Ting} {Ting} {Ting} {Ting} weapons kept clashing against each other as Kisame started throwing all of his Water-release jutsu on Karna who didn't left Kisamecatch his breath and deflected the water attacks with his flames.

Izumi as a spectator was only able to see the condition being in a stalemate.....though she wasn't incorrect ,it still wasn't correct also. As Karna was not having any problems ,sure Kisame was landing powerful strike on him from time to time but Karna's *Kavacha* and *Kundala* nullified 90% of the damage received.

So all the damage done to him were only minor scratches and bruises which were already healed by his flames.

Kisame thrusted forward his sword while Karna parried it with his spear will stabbing forward only for Kisame to move aside and Dodge ,Karna thrusted forward his spear While Kisame swings his sword upwords creating an opening but Karna takes a step back and swings his spear making an arc in forward direction allowing his to not only block the incoming attack but also retaliate.

Karna is considered to be on par with the strongest servant Gilgamesh. His strength and passive abilities even allowed him to gain an advantage over Gilgamesh and could only be defeated when Gilgamesh used his *Enuma Elish* on him.

Kisame knowing that ninjutsu and taijutsu are not effective against Karna decided to use his trump card.

He fused with *Samehada* and created a *Water-domain* around his body ,covering a large space around him and engulfed Karna into it.

He attacked Karna who was restrained by his surrounding at high speed ,leaving many scares of his whole body except his face and chest.

"Hehehehehehehehe....you were indeed strong but this is the end. DIE..!!!!!!!" laughed Kisame sinisterly.

"Looks like I need to show you the true power of 'Son of Agni'." time seemed to slow down after Karna said these words.

Flames ignited from his body immediately destroying the water Domain around him....the only reason why Karna was holding back so much was Izumi, if he used even a portion of his true strength he would be able to destroy Kisame 'Who knows how many times.'

But Izumi would also be caught up in his attack and he didn't wanted this to happen so he limited himself by only using some tiny portion of his power mostly only his physical strength.

But now after he received confirmation from his master ,that he would protect Izumi he could go ahead and finish Kisame.

Flames covered the whole forest and the sky itself threatening to destroy the world itself ,the flames were so intense that the heat radiating burned even rocks and ground beneath.

Kisame was being burned alive by the huuuugggge....sun created by Karna with him being the center.

(A/N:-For those who don't know Karna's power go and watch Karna Vs Siegfried.)

"Burn to ashes and disappear from existence...."

Saying these words the huge sun's flames intensified to a whole new level the whole location was totally burned as ground started to melt and rocks cracked.

Karna raised his hand holding his spear above his head as it was covered in Crimson-black colored flames.

(A/N:-He is only using a normal attack as any special attacks will be an overkill and also due to Karna absorbing the *Chaos star Essence* which was an ultra-legendary consumable item for Divine servants which Ichizu got from the gacha-spin ticket.His flames evolved in Crimson-black flames. Cool....isn't it.)

His Crimson-black flames of Chaos started gathering at the tip of his spear and took the form of a giant sun colored in Crimson-black.

(A/N:-He is suppressing the true power of his flames as even he himself hasn't gained control your them.)

"*True Chaos Sun*....Descend!!!!!!!....." shouted Karna as he swinged down his Spear and launched the Sun onto Kisame.

"NOOOOOOOOO...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Kisame as his body was totally obliterated from existence.

Ichizu created a barrier around the whole forest using *16-orbs formation* Every single orb containing power equal to a Kage from the first generation Kages surrounded the burnt forest from 16 points and created a barrier cutting this place from outside space.

Even after this, minute cracks could be seen on the barrier even after Ichizu used his *Dispersion* after Kisame died to preserve his *Samehada* and gift it to Mei. All this even when Karna was no were controlling even the most basic level of this flame and had to you his normal flames most of the time.

(A/N:-Remember the Chaos bloodline is still not given to the Mc by the system so don't complain saying Karna is way stronger than Ichizu.And one more question:-Isn't Mc system very generous ,always giving out cool stuff for easy quests. lol.)

Izumi was in a state of shock after witnessing Karna's power and was further dumbfounded when she heard Ichizu saying that ,Karna wasn't at full power.

"Well....well try to control that power as soon as possible."

"Yes master ....I will try my best to master it and not waste your precious gift."

Ichizu was able to save Izumi by placing a hand on her shoulder and sharing his Kamui power.

Ichizu moved towards the slightly burned *Samehada* and held it in his hands and used *Takeover* to make *Samehada* like a proper weapon so that any one could use it.

Since he wanted to gift Mei this sword he had to make sure that people could use it without any problem.It couldn't resist as the ability was too fast and strong.

Ichizu willed it to open it's mouth.....it followed Ichizu's command and opened it's mouth. Ichizu narrowed his eyes as he activated his E.M.S and used *Amaterasu* and *Flame-control* to kill the hiding Kisame.

After killing Kisame he transported the sword into his Kamui dimension and moved towards Karna and Izumi and teleported back to the village.

But before leaving he used *Earth-release* to fix the ground and used *Wood-release* to recreate the Forest so that no one would ever know about what happened here and recalled in 16-Truth seeking orbs.

(A/N:-As for were is Itachi, he is currently conforting Sasuke with his team Taka as unlike in the real anime Orochimaru has already being killed by Sasuke and he has already rescued Taka members and gone to save Itachi will Naruto has already mastered Sage-jutsu and Rasenshuriken. Hidan and Kakuzu will soon be killed.)

(A/N:-For those who are not understanding what I mean wait for the next chapter.Also I will take the long route and finish this arc with a satisfying ending.)


"Are we there yet.????"

"We are near the hideout location Naruto ,I have been able to track Kabuto inside a hideout were Sasuke is most probably kept."

"Hmm...let's hurry then."

"Sasuke-kun we are coming to rescue you."


"Nii-san I have finally became strong enough to free you from that masked Bastard's control."

"With my team Taka ,we will finally free you from his control and bring you back to the village ,to our family ,to Izumi-nii-san, to our Oni-san."

"Humph....stupid brother you think I am being controlled by 'Him'. No I killed the clan on my own violations and now I will kill you and take away your light as my own Hahahahaha....!"

"No matter what you say brother ,Oni-san has said that you are being manipulated.....then you must be...and I will save you no matter what hehehhehehehehehehehehe..."

(A/N:-Here Sasuke is laughing maniacally like a madman who will do anything to achieve his goal.)

'Damn...it Oni-san has put Sasuke under a very strong genjutsu ,equal to *Tsukoyumi* to fix Sasuke's mind telling him that I am being controlled but the truth is that he is being controlled and by the looks of it ,I assume Oni-san must have placed this genjutsu on him the second I left the village with Madara.'

'Did brother knew that something like this would happen one day...*Creeped out* I know that I too can predict possible future but I require info and facts to do so and the predicted stuff may not be so accurate but Oni-san predicted this with such details and with no information....what in the hell..!!!!!!!'



Ichizu nodded towards his father, fugaku understood what Ichizu wanted from him and nodded back at him while activating his M.S.

"Sasuke...." called out Ichizu as he was standing behind Sasuke.

Sasuke turned back but sees his father standing behind him with M.S activated, he mutters "*MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN:- WICKED TRUTH*"

Sasuke's mind blanked for a minute when he saw his father's Eyes.....he hears Ichizu's voice inside his head saying "Remember Sasuke ...Itachi is being manipulated by that masked man and was forced to kill his own clan....he didn't had a choice it was all that Masked man's fault."

Sasuke dumbly nodded as he started muttering "Yes....all that Masked bastards fault .....his fault...Nii-san is just being forced by him.....Nii-san is innocent and is being used by him.....I must save Nii-san."

Ichizu and Fugaku looked towards Sasuke as they thought "Sorry Sasuke but we did what was best for you and Itachi."

Fugaku earned his title 'The wicked eye' because of his M.S. ability *The Wicked truth*

nobody has known about this ability and fugaku's M.S....it was known after Ichizu asked him to tell everyone about it but only about him Unlocking his M.S not the ability itself.

*The Wicked Truth* is an ability which allows the user to implant a fact/truth/law/postulate/universal truth inside enemies mind without them knowing about it, like implanting that Itachi is being controlled and all this is not his fault ,results in Sasuke not being able to go against or deny this fact even after all the evidence says otherwise...this ability is impossible to block ,on whom ever this ability will be used he would forget everything about Fugaku and his M.S plus this ability can be used 7 times a day.

......../Flashback ends/........

"Be ready brother here we come..."


"Nikasu go with team Asuma and kill Hidan and Kakuzu.....we have already saved the Jinchuriki-es of 1 to 7 tails and they have seal large chakra to these tailed-beast so there is no need for Akatsuki anymore kill them." said Ichizu.

"Very well then..." replied Nikasu as a space rift opened beside him and he disappeared in it.

"Orochimaru is 'dead' time for Jiraiya-san to become the next hokage while I take care of Nagato.... hehehehheheheh. Everything is is going according to the plan ,soon all the chess pieces will be in place and we will win this game."

(A/N:-The following events will not be following the original canon and something's will be changed accordingly.)

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