I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 2 7chapter 146

Volume 2: Reborn In Irregular At Magic High School Chapter 146 Attack On The School Part 7

"We can discuss about everything later, first we need to return back. Suzune want is the situation there.???" said Nikasu.

"Most of enemies has been dealt with and the school premises are clear for now but I think they have just retreated so that they can converse power and attack once again."

"Also the *Inscription* covering the school has sustained heavy damage and has forcefully shutdown." reported Suzune.

"Let's meet at the Broadcast room and discuss about the next step." suggested Mayumi as she disassembled her sniper and headed towards the lower floors.

"Let's go.." said Nikasu as he activated his *Movement-type* Magic and a gigantic sequence appeared beneath their feet.

They teleported inside the Broadcast room scaring A-chan, Mizuki ,Miyuki and Shizuki.

"Gosh.....what the hell, you all scared the hell out of me..." said A-chan while trying to calm down.

"Calm down A-chan...." said Mayumi as she entered the room.

"Welcome president...." greeted everyone. Miyuki wanted to talk to Tatsuya and see whether if he is hurt or anything but refrained from doing so after sensing the tense atmosphere.

"Mayumi-san what is the current situation with the enemy forces and also where you able to contact with the authorities and inform them about the situation????..." asked Juumonji.

"Katsuto-san ,the enemies have retreated for know but I could see *Anti-magic* tanks stationed at the boundaries of the school."

"I think they just wanted to exhaust the *Inscription* around school buildings with the first wave and attack at full force."

"They even have magicians stationed near the tanks."

"We were able to contact the authorities and they had already sent reinforcements but were intercepted by the enemy forces. So the government has dispatched special forces." said Mayumi.

"Hmmm...they won't be able to hold back the special forces for much time, so they will surely try to rush the attack and achieve their goals." concluded Juumonji.

"But the real problem is when???, how much time do we have to prepare ourselves to hold on till the reinforcements arrive.????." pondered Hattori.

"If I were them, I would have launched the attack immediately." said Tatsuya.

"Why do you think so Oni-sama....." asked Miyuki.

"Our have lost our defenses ,we don't have necessary equipments for everyone ,not many are experienced enough to act, we need to protect the students and teachers. Our forces are busy maintaining the group of students."

"We only know what they want from us. We don't have the necessary force to retaliate or even hold long enough for the reinforcements to arrive." concluded Tatsuya shocking everyone with his analyses.

"Nikasu can't you just teleport everyone out of here." asked Mari with some hope.

But Nikasu shook his head much to her disappoint. He said "I can teleport because I use *Self-effect* type interference."

"Even though it may look like I can go wherever I want but that's not the case."

"They have set up *Zone-interference* at the boundaries ,making the surrounding space extremely stable. Also teleportation is easy and safe if you use it for single-unit."

"But while using Multiple-targets ,it is very likely that many of the targets will be shredded by the surrounding space." concluded Nikasu but he withheld the most important reason from them.

[Quest:- Defend school till the reinforcements arrive.

Reward:- ??????

Failure penalty:-Death of Half of the students.]

Suddenly the door of the Broadcast room opened as an armor-clad figure with an invisible blade in her right hand entered the room while dragging an unconscious person behind her.

"Artoria-sensei????....." asked Suzune.

"I was able to capture this follow by knocking him unconscious before he could commit suicide." she said as she tugged her hair behind her ear.

"Thought you could interrogate him to get information about the enemy." said so she dropped the 'body' on the floor and walked away.

"Thanks..." said Mari with an awkward smile.

"What should we do....????" asked A-chan.

"Maybe I can't interrogate him using some chemicals and get some information from him." said Mari.

"How rude of you to start the party without me...." a cool voice entered everyone's ears as the door once again opened.

A figure whose entire right arm and half of the chest was covered in blood appeared in the room. He had am otherworldly handsome face and perfectly structured body ,wearing black-exorcists outfit.

There were droplets of blood of his cheeks and forehead. He held a long barreled gun in his left hand while a non-uniform played dagger which was covered in blood could be seen in his other hand.

"What the hell...!!!!!!" shouted A-chan.

"Yes, the hell exactly that happened down there in the lowers floor while I was clearing them." said Ichizu with a slight smile of his face.

Mari and Sayaka wanted to rush forward and inspect his body ,of there was any wound on his body.

But Mizuki beat them to it. She quickly arrived near Ichizu and asked with concern "Ichizu-senpai are you alright, there is so much blood on your dress. Are you hurt anywhere???? Should I get the first-aid kit???"

Even though she was in the same year as Ichizu, she still liked to call him senpai as he is her senior in the *Eye-ability users* community.

She was extremely worried that her precious senpai was hurt so she immediately bombarded him with questions.

Mari and Sayaka bit their lips in frustration while Erika had a cheeky smile on her face "Ohh...such a faithful wife."

"Pffftt....hahahahah...." Leo and Shizuki couldn't help but burst into laughter after listening to Erika's words.

Mizuki heard what Erika said but ignored it as her top priority right know was to make sure that her precious senpai, Ichizu was alright and unharmed.

Ichizu smiled and said "Ohhh.....all this is not my blood."

"Can I use the shower inside the *Student-council* room????.....you see ,all the other places are occupied by the Enforcer's squad." said Ichizu was he glanced at Mari who just displayed an apologetic smile.

"Of-course!!!!...that's not a problem at all." said Mayumi while the others nodded in approval.

"Sorry for the interruption.....you guys continue I will be back in a sec...." said Ichizu as he disappeared inside the bathroom.

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