I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 2 Chapter 162

Volume 2: Reborn In Irregular At Magic High School Chapter 162 Kaguya's Kiss

"Ichizu you have been controlling the *Hanging garden* for too long, take a rest let me handle it...." Kaguya walked towards Ichizu standing beside him.

Others had gone to change clothes in castle whereas Nikasu along with Cynthia had gone to take a stroll around the whole place.

Currently Ichizu was standing near the *Sky-Altair*, the whole journey he had been controlling the whole floating fortress with his connection with Semiramis even with his level of control it was draining to control such a huge fortress.

Ichizu turned around and extended his hand towards Kaguya, he smiled and said "You don't need to take my burden Kaguya....But I am willing to share it with you."

Kaguya looked at Ichizu and said after taking his extended hand "You know Ichizu, you are like a sun for me.....You shine so brilliantly that sometimes I feel I am not worth the wait."

"Whatever I do ,it tends to hurt someone. When I came into the shinobi world , she was killed protecting me. When I became the rabit goddess, the world was dying because of me, because of me many humans die, even my own sons had to seal me."

Listening to her words Ichizu tightened his grasp around her hand and pulled her closer.

"Calling me Sun, is quite ironic don't you think so....??? As for whether you are a disaster or not....I don't care because I know you ARE worth the wait....What happened was in the past and because of your clan...It had nothing to do with you."

Kaguya looked down to hide the tears that had flooded her eyes.....Ichizu pulled her into his embrace, his hands around her waist.

With his right hand his lifted Kaguya's face, he smiled while wiping the tears on her face. He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

"Cheer up ok!!!! After we return from this vacation, your sisters will be coming back home. Enjoy here with us.....Also even though I have introduced you to Mibu, she still isn't comfortable with you." Said Ichizu as he looked into Kaguya's eyes.

Black flames burned deeply inside his eyes, Kaguya blushed a little before looking away. After regaining her composure she nodded and replied in her usually calm tone "I too want to get to know her better....."

"Well let's first land the fortress....Shall we???" Saying this Ichizu used his connection with Semiramis and transfered some control and burden of the ancient city to Kaguya.

While holding hands, both of them manipulated the fortress to gently land on the backside on the mansion on the island.

Ichizu went towards the castle while Kaguya walked beside him, Mibu looked at Ichizu and then at Kaguya from her window, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Are you jealous...????" A voice came from behind Mibu, she was shocked and hurriedly turned backwards to see the person who suddenly appeared in her room.

Standing behind her was Mahiyu, Ichizu's elder sister wearing a cold expression on her face.

Mibu was indeed surprised upon seeing Mahiyu but quickly recovered her senses "I won't lie to you Mahiyu-san....."

She once again turned around to look at Ichizu through her window before saying "Indeed I am a little jealous....I want Ichizu all for myself, you may call me selfish but I can't help it, he is so good to everyone, kind and smart...."

"I really love him, for me he is the brightest thing in this world. It hurts me to know that I can't have him all for myself...." Her fingers balled into a fist.

"So what will you do...???, Will you try to get him to distance himself from the others...." Asked Mahiyu in a cold tone.

"No...That will only distance him from me, I don't want that to happen, I am willing to share him as long as he loves me..." Said Mibu with determination.

A smile broke onto Mahiyu's face as she said in a neutral tone "My brother is...A bit possessive ,that's why I wanted to check your resolve, the more time both of you spend together, the greater his possessiveness will grow....."

"What do you mean...???" Asked Mibu with a bewildered expression.

"Ichizu's magic amplifies his emotions ,especially his feelings of love, hate and possessive nature. Don't betray his feelings, our clan is extremely strict when it comes to relations outside the clan." Warned Mahiyu before a circle appeared beneath her feet.

She disappeared from Mibu's room. Mibu continued to look at Ichizu and Kaguya before heading downstairs. Mibu's room was on the 6th floor next to Mari's.

"She is coming down...." Kaguya glanced at Mibu's direction before looking at Ichizu.

Ichizu smiled at Kaguya before saying "Give her sometime to get comfortable with you, after all even if having multiple wives is common in magic-clans ,many need time to accept that fact."

Kaguya nodded before she kissed Ichizu on his left cheek. She immediately rushed towards the castle leaving behind a gazed Ichizu.

Her voice echoed inside his ears "Thank you for not giving up on me..."

An excited expression appeared on Ichizu's face along with a magic-sequence beneath his feet. His body was launched upwards in the sky.

After reaching a satisfying height ,Ichizu opened his mouth and screamed in happiness "Wowwwwww...Hahahahahaha.....!!!!!!!!"

His voice resounded throughout the sky, thankfully their was no one to listen to his scream, due to the height , Mahiyu and others also couldn't hear anything.

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