I Have Ten Strongest Beasts Chapter 756

Chapter 756: Nangong Ling Qing

Above the tall buildings in the distance

Nangong Lingqing glanced at the place where the two of them disappeared, then said lightly.

"Since it is the person sent by Lord City Lord, the younger generation should respect it."

After speaking, he turned and left, leading a few people behind him to the flat building where Suning and his party were.

Although Mo Ziang was dissatisfied, due to Fan Lao's majesty, he had to give up and walked into the chariot with a gloomy face.

The guards of the Mo family looked at Mo Ziang's appearance, and their bodies trembled slightly, fearing that he would send their anger on them, and then hurriedly helped the injured person to leave the place.

The people around gathered together again, and only after watching the Mo family's chariot go away did they breathe a sigh of relief.

"Oh my god, who is that man just now! How could he let Old Fan come to intercede for him!"

"Hush, I'm afraid it's a child of a big family, let's stop talking about others, so as not to cause trouble!"


After a hustle and bustle, everyone dispersed, each doing its own thing.

Suning and Jiang Bailin glanced at each other, and both felt a little surprised.

"Look at the appearance of these people, the old man just now should be a very majestic person in Taikun City."

Qian Linglong spoke slowly.

Suning and Jiang Bailin nodded slightly.

"It seems that there are many heroes in Taikun City now!"

Jiang Bailin put his hands behind his head and said softly.

While the two were talking, the one beside Nangong Lingqing slowly came to the crowd and bowed slightly.

"This little friend, please, my young master!"

The man smiled at Suning and said softly.

Suning raised her brows slightly, not knowing why.

"I wonder who your young master is?"

"Little friends, please don't ask too much, I am just ordered to come and invite them to come."

The man said with a smile.

Jiang Bailin and Qian Linglong both showed solemnity between their eyebrows, shook their heads slightly, and signaled Suning not to go.

"Don't worry, it's okay!"

Suning stood up, smiled at the three Jiang Bailin, and said softly.

Then he followed the man to a room in the corner. Several people stood on both sides of the door. There was a faint trace of Spiritual Origin spreading out around them, causing the others in the building to avoid and dare not approach. Here.

The man slowly opened the door and led Suning in.

"Young Master, his subordinates have brought people there."

The man respectfully arched his hands and said.

Nangong Lingqing responded softly and waved his hand, then the man left the room on his own, leaving only Nangong Lingqing and Suning in the room.

"sit down!"

Nangong Ling Qing smiled at Suning and said lightly.

"I wonder if Xiongtai is?"

Suning sat down slowly and asked Shili.

"Haha, Ling Qing in Xia Nangong."

Nangong Ling Qing said with a smile.

"Mr. Su can be said to be young and promising! I have been admired for a long time!"

Nangong Ling Qing continued.

Hearing Nangong Lingqing's words, Suning's figure was slightly taken aback, her heart tensed, her brows wrinkled slightly, and doubts in her heart, but did not appear.

"Oh? I don't know where Mr. Nangong is, how could he know where he is?"

Suning smiled slightly and said softly.

"Mr. Su shined in the ruins of Shanglin Province last time. Among my peers, I have never heard of Mr. Su before, so I have asked Mr. Su privately in the clan."

"Mr. Su won't mind it!"

Nangong Ling Qing said softly, staring at Suning with deep eyes.

"It's okay. I wonder if Mr. Nangong asked me to come here. What's the matter?"

Suning said lightly.

"Mr. Su is worried, I just want to see Mr. Su's demeanor."


Looking at the expressionless Suning, Nangong Lingqing smiled slightly.

"I heard that Mr. Su is still the master of a domain, so I want to come to busy with trivial matters on weekdays!"

At this point, Suning inevitably became a little wary of Nangong Ling Qing, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes, I don't know how much he knew, if he knew about the beast in his body, the consequences would be disastrous.

"Mr. Nangong is indeed a good method, and he can even know such obscure things."

The corner of Suning's mouth evoked an arc, and she said softly.

As if noticing the change in Suning's expression, Nangong Ling Qing smiled slightly and said nothing.

"It seems that Mr. Nangong knows a lot about my affairs, but I don't know what I can attract Mr. Nangong to investigate so carefully."

Suning's deep eyes met the green brown eyes of Shang Nangong and said softly.

"Mr. Su is more concerned, and he is only a momentary curiosity in the next stage. Mr. Su is handsome and young and promising. In the next stage, he just wants to make friends with her husband."

Nangong Ling Qing said with a smile.


"Mr. Nangong's method of making friends is really special!"

The corner of Suning's mouth evoked an arc, and she said softly.

"If Mr. Nangong is only for this matter, then it is not necessary. For people who have never liked too deep thoughts, among friends, it is better to be frank!"

Suning continued, and then got up and walked outside the house.

The corner of Nangong Lingqing's mouth made an arc, and he muttered, "It's interesting." Then he said to Suning outside the door.

"Mr. Su, we will see you again!"

Hearing the sound coming from behind, Suning's figure was taken aback, and then he took Jiang Bailin and a few people away. He knew the horror of Nangong Lingqing and did not want to have too much contact with him.

Unexpectedly, when he first came to Taikun City, he would meet such a master. Suning couldn't help but sigh, "It seems that people who come to the ruins are frequently masters."

"What? Are you scared?" Jiang Bailin raised his eyebrows and gave Suning an interesting look.

"Me? Afraid? Huh." With a sneer, Suning raised a disdainful smile and shook his head.

There are four sacred beasts in his spiritual treasure, and the most is to appreciate, how could he be afraid of Nangong Lingqing.

"There is a familiar aura." Su Ning suddenly constricted his expression and began to explore the surroundings with his spiritual sense, trying to find the source of the aura. This aura is a bit weak but very familiar, like someone deliberately hiding his spiritual power and pretending to be A little white.

"I feel it too." Jiang Bailin also stopped, and carefully explored his surroundings.

Pedestrians on the street and the scattered streets flashed in their minds. In the two streets ahead, they saw a familiar figure. The two looked at each other and nodded.

Suning looked at Qian Linglong, "Follow me."

Two white brilliance enveloped the two of them, and they disappeared in an instant. Qian Linglong and Qian Tingting immediately followed.

"Ding Ling?" Suning fell in front of Ding Ling, looked at her with some doubts, and then thought of what Pang Jiu'er had sent to pass on, "Listen to Patriarch Pang, you have something to do with me?"

Ding Ling was a little surprised when she saw Suning, but she quickly recovered her calmness and walked beside Suning profusely. After a while, Qian Linglong and Qian Tingting also fell aside, and she couldn't help but stunned when she saw Ding Ling.

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