I Reincarnated As The Universe Chapter 40

40 Library Of Knowledge 1

'It's time, to begin with the next thing in line.

Should I create the Library of Knowledge, or should I go with my other plan first...?'

First of all, creating the Library of Knowledge in time for when I'll get "visitors," should be a pretty good idea.

Second of all, if I create the Library of Knowledge first, the rest of my plans will automatically fall into place.

Now since that's decided, before we begin creating it, I'd like to share with you my other plan that has been on my mind for some time.

I was thinking that perhaps I'd create some more artifacts, but this time identical ones that each scan the soul.

If that person's soul is then accepted by the said artifact, they will be teleported to a trial of sorts, that which in turn for being cleared will allow them access to parts of the Library of Knowledge.

You clear trials to gain knowledge that no other person could achieve otherwise.

Doesn't sound so bad, eh?

As the saying goes; Knowledge equals power.

The trials, however, will not be the same for everyone, as they'll have to be customized to that specific soul.

If it was the same for everyone, people would reveal to others what that trial was, and in turn for other rewards perhaps even help other people clear that trial.

I honestly wouldn't want that to happen, as that would be cheating.

Especially since not everyone would be able to cheat.

Only those with valuable assets and connections would be able to, which would limit the possibilities of those who own little to nothing.

And those with valuable assets are often those that have a rotten heart.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that all rich people have a rotten heart, but a lot of them do.

Likewise, a lot of poor people also have a rotten heart, but not as many as rich people.

At least, that's what I've understood from...novels.

So, therefore, the trial will be different for each person entering the artifact.

In a sense, the scanning, and acceptance of the soul is like a filter of sorts.

Those of which are not deemed worthy will never be able to enter the trials, and will never be able to enter the Library of Knowledge.

They will never be able to obtain extremely precious knowledge they may use to advance or use for other purposes.

Only those deemed worthy will be able to obtain incredibly rare knowledge, the so-called, "Chosen One's".

Right now, however, I'm not sure as to what kind of souls should be accepted.

It shouldn't be a ruthless, murderous, and vicious soul with no compassion for others.

It should be more like a soul that's compassionate but knows when to strike and be ruthless.

But, we'll figure that out later when I've begun to create the Library of Knowledge.

After a couple of minutes of contemplation, I think I'm ready to begin the creation of the Library of Knowledge.

Use Major Skill: Creation to create the frame of the Library of Knowledge according to my imagination and desires.

Instantly an incredibly huge building appeared before me.

If I had to guess the sheer size of it, it would be about a thousand times larger than the sun from the Milky Way.

Perhaps it's even bigger than that, I'm not too sure.

But either way, such a size is...maybe a little over the top?

From the looks of it, the material it's made of resembles a sort of white marble.

But at the same time, it looks like it's made of white jade.

However, it's not made from either of those.

I can feel that the material it's made of is so hard, even a half-power punch from my Blessed Body wouldn't make a scratch.

Perhaps it could even take a fully-fledged and serious punch from me?

I'm not going to try that though, as I'm quite impatient right now since I'd like my plans to go into action.

Especially the plan of The Trials that the inhabitants of the galaxies will face.

Perhaps I should place an artifact in each galaxy?

In that way, no inhabitant of the Universe if left out, and it'll get more and more interesting.

Fate will take twists and turns, and something unpredictable will certainly happen.

Perhaps something unpredictable will happen sooner than I'll anticipate?

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