I Reincarnated As The Universe Chapter 41

41 Library Of Knowledge 2

'In that way, no inhabitant of the Universe if left out, and it'll get more and more interesting.

Fate will take twists and turns, and something unpredictable will certainly happen.

Perhaps something unpredictable will happen sooner than I'll anticipate?'

You may think that the sheer size of the Library of Knowledge is way over the top, and believe me, I think so as well.

But when you then think that it's got to hold knowledge for the whole universe, it's actually not really big.

It wouldn't surprise me if it needed to be even bigger at one point.

Now, the Library of Knowledge will hold...knowledge. Duh.

All kinds of knowledge, perhaps even knowledge of every single individual?

A book for every living entity?

That would be pretty...stalker-like.

But, that's basically what governments and the secretive forces back on earth did.

Collecting information on everyone.

And no, it's not only public information they collected...but let's not get too much into that topic. (A/N: Don't come knocking on my door FBI, please?)

So, the Library of Knowledge, LoK for short, will hold all kinds of information, whether that be on plants, planets, stars, recipes, blueprints, etc.

However, you obviously wouldn't be able to access all information.

That would simply be ludicrous.

To allow a person access to highly confidential information for passing a single trial...now that wouldn't really work out, would it?

But, what kind of system could I implement?

Should knowledge be unlocked depending on how many trials the individual cleared, or on something entirely else?

Perhaps missions?

Honestly, I don't know.

But my opinion's leaning towards trials the most, as the trial will never repeat itself.

It'll always be a different trial, whether it be the same person entering.

That much is obvious, as having to clear the same trial over and over again, would be pretty...boring?

The individual would also be able to clear it much faster over time, and seriously become the incarnation of modern-day game speedrunners.

That wouldn't be very clever, right?

Obviously that would pretty much ruin the whole idea of having trials.

Especially since speedrunning would pretty much be another form of cheating, if you were to compare it to sharing or selling information.

But, sharing or selling information is already a no-go, and technically speedrunning's also a no-go.

I'm just overcomplicating things by overthinking them when I don't even need to.

It's not like it'll be hard to create the system with trials and the like.

Neither is it gonna be hard to create the rules, as my System will hopefully do that for me without the need to list every individual rule that is. (A/N: Did Autumn jinx herself?)

Alright, I'm definitely overthinking everything at the moment.

There's no need to go into too much detail either, as I can always start over...hehe.

It's not that I'm being cruel or anything, I'm just being honest.

Okay, getting side-tracked here.

I've already got the exterior of the library...but it looks incredibly retarded.

The base of the building's just floating...without anything beneath.

It feels so wrong that there's nothing beneath the building...so what could I put there?

Perhaps one of those islands I've sometimes heard about in novels?

That would probably complement the library nicely.

Use Major Skill: Creation to create a so-called floating island, beneath the LoK, as a way of complimenting the current "landscape."

Since I've never actually seen said Island, I can't actually make one out of my imagination and memory.

What else would you expect?

I've never seen a floating island, therefore I can't imagine what it looks like.

But, enough squabbling.

Like always when I use my Major Skill: Creation, it simply pops out of nothing.

In front of me, a "floating island" was placed beneath the structure that is the library.

And uhm...what can I say?

The library's already incredibly big...and with the addition of the "island", it simply doubles, if not triples in size.

That's perhaps a tad too big now that I'm being honest.

But...it doesn't matter.

It's got to contain knowledge from the whole universe, therefore it can't be small.

Alright, back to the island.

Spread across the island was...pure forests, with INCREDIBLY big trees.

In short, everything was way too big.

Even the grass was perhaps a kilometer in height...and please do not take my word for it though, as I suck with guessing height and the like since I've never actually "seen" how tall a kilometer is.

But, because of my current knowledge...that is stolen knowledge...I can very roughly guess the size.

The same goes for the LoK.

I can roughly guess the size, but inevitably it will not be accurate.

Getting lost in thought again I'd say.

As of now, the thing at hand is finishing the LoK and making the artifacts that will automatically make the trials.

So, since I've already gotten the outer layer of the library, how about we continue with the infrastructure?

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