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  • I Will Be The Harem King

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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I Will Be The Harem King summary:

He died.He met god.He got a cheat.He went to another world.He got girls.That was the short way of saying what the story of our MC Ray Cross is. As for how, when, why and who? Well, you just have to wait and see what happens.

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I Will Be The Harem King Chapters

Time uploaded
84 Title Hidden2 months ago
80 Without Res2 months ago
77 Title Hidden2 months ago
75 2 On 12 months ago
73 Title Hidden2 months ago
69 Title Hidden2 months ago
68 On The Search2 months ago
65 Title Hidden2 months ago
63 Ray Vs Kagura2 months ago
61 Saving Layla2 months ago
57 Date With Mira2 months ago
53 Meeting Mavis2 months ago
43 Saving Irene 22 months ago
42 Saving Irene 12 months ago
41 Enlightmen2 months ago
40 X3952 months ago
39 Title Hidden2 months ago
38 Taking A Break2 months ago
37 Ray Vs Hades2 months ago
35 Title Hidden2 months ago
32 Title Hidden2 months ago
28 Not A Chapter2 months ago
15 Resolution2 months ago
14 Title Hidden2 months ago
4 Training2 months ago
1 Void2 months ago
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