I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 1

1 Void

In a dark empty space, a globe of light can be seen floating around. And in that light globe a conscious has suddenly woken up from a deep slumber.


"Where am I? Whoa! Where is this place!?" I thought while regaining my bearings.

I woke up after what seemed like an eternity, even though I don't really know how it would feel like sleeping for that long. My head is all jumbled up and my memories are kind of blurry so I try to clear my head after having looked around my surroundings, which is actually pretty simple to describe. Dark and gloomy.

"Aaahh!! I remember now. The great truck-kun's brother from another mother car-kun came and ran me over while I was crossing the road. So does that mean I am dead? Is this heaven? No no no, heaven can't be all dark and gloomy like this." I remembered the last few moments before waking up here.

That's right I died. I was born and raised in America. There are only two things I love more than anything in my life. One is anime and manga and novels, things that basically belong in that category. And the second is muffin. She is my Alaskan Malamute breed dog. I know muffin isn't exactly the best of names. Well as Shakespeare once said, what's in the name. Anyway I adopted muffin because he looked like a wolf and I thought it would be cool to have a pet which looks like a wolf. My parents though refused at first they gave in eventually.

After muffin came in to my life watching anime became even more fun because I now had a companion who would watch it with me. Although muffin wouldn't understand it, she would still lay down beside me and watch it like me. Ah, I'm getting off topic. So anyways, I was going to feed muffin food but found out that we were out of dog food. So I went out to buy it at the shop which had just opened recently near our house.

As I was heading there I was thinking on how Fairy Tail, one of my favorite animes could have finished better. And as I was going through various ideas a sudden wind almost like a tornado came and went in flash as I was crossing the road. Then next thing I knew a car was heading towards me in a very fast speed and ran me over.

But even though car-kun ran me over I wasn't angry at it as it was one of car-kun's many responsibilities to run over potential world travelers. The driver isn't so lucky though. If I ever meet whoever was riding the car I would beat the shit out of him.


"That's right!! Car-kun only hits potential world travellers!!" My delusions got the better of me as I shouted.

I always wanted to go to another world, so I tried to get run over multiple times. But I never went through with it as I was never able to gather enough courage to actually do it. But now my dreams have hope of finally happening. And since I can still remember my past life, maybe I can keep my memories when I reincarnate.

"Alright let's try and find the god or a guy with authority in here to get started on my journey in the other world. And while we are at it maybe I can get a cheat as well. Huhuhu, I don't really need a cheat which is too battle oriented, as long as I can use it to get girls I'll be satisfied."

And so I began my quest for my cheat *cough* I mean to find someone. I started floating around trying to find someone in this dark and gloomy place, at least I thought I was moving as I couldn't really tell whether I was moving or not. After a while not finding anyone I started screaming at the top of my lungs, not that I have any, Yohohoho. Aaaah, good ol' Brook. I never get tired of his jokes. Even though it's not that funny actually.

"Heeeyy!! Anybody here!!? I'm here for my interview to go to another world!!"


Nothing. Damn it, my dream of going to another world, my dream of getting the girls I like and my dream of getting a cheat, will it end before it even began! No, I refuse to give up. I must not have made myself known to the other party. Yeah, that must be it.

"Hey, you god-damn-in-charge-of-this-god-forsaken-place!!! Freaking say something damn iitt!!!" I was practically screaming right now or at least that's how it looks to be.


Damn, was I wrong this whole time?! Am I going to end up stuck in this place for the rest of my life, uh, I mean forever! Damn it, my other world my girls that I wanted, my cheat, I'm sorry. It seems we were not meant to be together. *sniff*

And so, I, who felt the entire universe crumble before me, just stayed there floating around aimlessly. I mean what else can I do.

After a while, (although I say that, I don't really know how long it has been in here) I have been doing nothing but stare into the darkness surrounding me and just as I was at my breaking point, I heard the most beautiful and angelic voice in my entire existence even though it was just some old dude's hoarse voice. Hey, don't judge me, just try getting yourself stuck in a place where you even can't see your own body and have no sense of time and see what it feels like.

"Ah, I forgot about the soul which came here to the void. Hmm, what should I do, this has never happened before. Well, for now let's talk to him. *cough* Hello child, how about you tell me how you got here. Oh, by the way I'm the god of this void which you inexplicably entered into."
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