I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 15

15 Resolution

3rd person POV

Magnolia, Fairy Tail

After being sent away from the battlefield, the three Strauss siblings appeared in front of the infamous Fairy Tail guild's building. The sudden appearance of three children alerted the guild master of Fairy Tail, Makarov Dreyer, who arrived in front of them while they were still crying.

After taking them inside the guild and hearing from them what happened and how they suddenly appeared at their doorstep, Makarov had a serious expression on his face as he was shocked to hear that the dragon they encountered was hostile towards them unlike Natsu's father, who was also a dragon.

After calming them down and hinting at the possibility of the boy that sent them here surviving and appearing before them one day considering his space magic that the siblings told him of, he welcomed the siblings to the guild.

While the rest of the guild were in a jovial mood due to the new members, the main characters themselves sat at a corner still covered in gloom. But despite their outward appearance which was showing weakness to others it was anything but that inside their hearts. All three siblings were burning with determination to get stronger in order to protect each other and one day find Ray.

As the siblings were getting determined to become strong so that they don't become a burden to anyone else ever again, some distance away Erza, who had joined Fairy Tail earlier was looking at Mirajane and Lisanna with a complicated gaze. Although they never met each other, Erza just can't help feeling wary of the two girls as if they were threatening to steal something that belongs to her. And this feeling will quickly be reciprocated by the two siblings towards Erza making Mirajane and Erza at constant loggerheads.

Back at the battlefield where Ray was once again preparing to face Achnologia.


I once again ran towards Achnologia but this time it wasn't just my arms which got coated with compressed space but my legs and torso as well. After training my ass off ever since arriving at this world I was only able to coat space around only one pair of limbs or just one part of the body at a time. I guess the battle to the death type of fight we were having caused me to breakthrough in space power as I was now able to do both pair of limbs and an additional body part while fighting.

Since my legs were also covered in space now my speed got a lot faster as I reached achnologia in an instant. Unlike last time where I threw an uppercut at him after reaching his face this time I went directly under him and compressed space in the shape of a spinning spear which I threw at its gut. It was like hitting a boulder with a very thick and durable stick. Although effective it wasn't enough to actually damage him enough. It jumped to its right feeling a somewhat light pain on its gut and while doing that sent its dragon roar at me.

"Magic king's roar!!!"

As the distance between us wasn't much I didn't have time to create a space barrier so I did a move that I loved a lot in my past life.

"Tobi's visage!!"

The dragon roar passed right through me as I used space to make me intangible. The move that made Obito in Naruto almost unkillable. I always thought it was cool but I also knew that whoever was facing him must find it pretty annoying.

After the roar went through me I was quickly sent flying by his claw when I dropped my guard due to momentarily entering into a daze because of finally being able to use one of my favorite moves. But this time it was much was as he had hit my lower half of the body breaking a few bones in both my legs. As I was struggling to heal myself and trying to get back up, Achnologia appeared above me and subconsciously set up a space barrier between us. And thank god I did as I clashed with his dragon roar head on.

"Magic king's roar!!!"


A large crater appeared with me at the epicenter. My legs felt like it stopped working as I felt like all of my bones in my leg would turn to dust. As my time power tried to heal me as fast as possible, I split my focus to try and teleport. After a while I was able to do so as I vanished from there which was followed by the sound of the roar destroying the surroundings it hit.

I appeared a few hundred meters away laying on my stomach panting for breath. Although I knew this was how it was going to end up as, I have to admit. This wasn't a fight. This was a one sided slaughter. So, as I had my fun, I decided it was time to leave. But not before giving Achnologia a gift that it will never be able to forget.

I once again created a separate space around me and then started to compress space and added time power to it as well. I was starting to sweat which wasn't because of the fight as it was taking a lot of energy to complete this horrifyingly large space spear mixed with the time power. Once I felt like it was enough, I inhaled deeply before teleporting above Achnologia who was looking for me and as I swung the huge spear in my hand towards it I shouted at the most powerful attack in my arsenal.

"Odin's Judgement!!!"

I felt like time seemed to top and I could also hear a tearing sound around the spear as it headed straight for the head of Achnologia who was slowly looking towards the sky at me. Just as the spear was going to connect dead center of its head it regained its former speed as it inclined its head backwards to try and dodge. Although it managed to avoid a fatal hit, the spear still tore through its left eye and with the time power and space power combined in the attack creating a special element, it also took the chance for him to heal his wound permanently. Meaning his left will now become completely blind.

After seeing it get injured I didn't stay around to watch it howl in agony as I was thinking of using my current injuries to get my next target. And so with that in mind I disappeared from there leaving Achnologia screaming and howling while flapping its wings and flailing it claws in agony.
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