I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 2

2 Stupid God And Backlash

"Ah, I forgot about the soul which came in to the void. Hmm, what should I do, this has never happened before. Well, for now let's talk to him. Hello child, how about you tell me how you got yourself here. Oh, by the way, I'm the god of this void which you have currently gotten yourself into."

"*sniff**sniff* Finally, finally you have come out you STUPID GOOODD!! STUPID!! IDIOT!! MORON!! STUUUPPIIIDD!!*sniff*"

The one who claimed to be god seemed stunned speechless for a while after hearing me venting my built up frustrations out on him. Well that's what I wanted to see happen in the first place. He seemed to be for a while panicking and after getting some composure back he began explaining himself in a fluster.

"Uuhh, sorry about that. It was the first time that a soul has wandered in here and I somewhat panicked. And as I was thinking on what to do with you, I, uh, umm, kind of, well fell asleep."


"Umm, say something will you. If you keep silent like that I don't know what to do."




"Awawa, calm down, calm down. How about this, I will let you get reincarnated in a world of your choice with your memories intact. That also includes those anime worlds your world loves so much. Along with a gift of course. Think of it as an apology on my behalf.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WILL, huh, eh you mean I can go to any another world that I want with my memories intact AND I get a cheat? Haha, I knew you were a good guy all along. I was just teasing you to see your reaction."

"I-Is that so, uh, so which world and gift do you want and the timeline you want to be born in as well. And as I said before, those anime worlds are also available as they have been created and made into reality from fantasies by some of the gods who took a liking to it."

"Really!? Then I want to go to Fairy Tail world with space-time control as my gift. Oh, and make me reincarnate into a three-year-old handsome as a devil boy on X765."

"Hmm, very well. Now before you go I need to explain somethings to you. First of all, this place is void which was born alongside us gods. Normally, a soul like yourself entering into a void shouldn't happen so I will try and find the reason in the meantime. Next, you coming here is a first, so we don't know if there will be any consequences to face. It can happen to this void, your previous world or even you or the world you are going to."

As the god started talking serious stuff I turned quite as I had this feeling that this will be important in the future. And to actually talk to a god is not something everyone can experience so I need to listen carefully.

"So you need to train yourself and get stronger as soon as possible. We don't know when there might be a change in the laws of the universe which might happen because of this situation. The void is a place which only gods can enter, as such you will have to be at least a demi-god in power to be safe from the backlash. But don't worry, I will try to influence the universe laws to stay dormant for a while. Enough time to have you grow stronger."

"Hm, that would be helpful. Now can you keep an eye out for my previous world. My parents are there and I don't want them to get hurt because of me. And since there could be a backlash I think the most probable place for it to happen would be here since this is the place where I entered unknowingly."

"Your right, the backlash has the highest chance of happening here but still, that doesn't mean it can't happen anywhere else. And as for your request, I'm sorry child, I can't interfere too much in your world as even I'm helpless to completely stop the universe laws. The only way to do that is to have you, the intruder, become a demi-god which will balance the laws once again, making the void and the laws' connection stabilize."

"Alright, so most of the responsibilities of this SSS rank quest has been put on my fragile little shoulders huh, well as long as it doesn't interfere in plans of getting my heroines then I don't mind putting extra effort into my training,"

"That's good to hear, as you know you can't expect to get success without any effort. And from that quote of a superhero film from your memories mentioned, 'with great power comes great responsibilities'. Remember no matter how powerful you get in the future don't let it get to your head and misuse it. Because even if you think you are all powerful, we gods can easily kill you."

"Don't worry god, I'm only in it for the girls and having fun. As for ruling the world, I'll leave that to others. Although I might end up making a powerful organization to help that person rule the world."

"Hmm, very well, I believe in you. Now off you go, it's time for you to start a new life. I hope you have fun and not completely focus on getting strong and the backlash. Don't go dying and come back here, you hear."

"Haha, ok I will keep that in mind."

And with a bright flash of light, I was gone from the void.

"Phew, now that I had a look at his memories he seemed to have died because of the fart I let out which ended up causing that vehicle to go out of control and run him over. Thank god I sent him away before I babbled it out by mistake."

If I was there at that time and heard those words I might have flipped out on that stupid god once again. Oh well, it wouldn't change anything so

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