I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 28

28 Not A Chapter

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OK, I have gotten a bit tired at constantly saying this, so this is the final time I am going to say this.

Volume 1 where we are currently at is MAINLY about MC meeting harem candidates, him interacting with them and the heroines' first impression and maybe even their reason for loving him. Apart from those chapters, there will be fighting chapters or training chapters without any heroines here and there. But it will still be mainly about the girls. As for the second volume, when it is getting close I will inform you guys about it beforehand. The second volume is where the story begins but by then the girls would have already fallen for MC so the first volume will be important. That is if you don't mind seeing:

MC- Hey, I'm really cool and strong. How about you be my girl?


If you don't want to see the situations like that then i suggest the readers be patient and let the current flow of the story continue because rushing it will only ruin the quality of this work. And also, I'm posting as I write and i don't have reserve chapters. And considering that I have a full-time job, it would be very much appreciated if you guys can understand that I am spending a lot of time and energy to write this and that I won't be able to post complete heroine chapters like I did the last two times, meaning, ex: Cana (1)(2) part I II all at once. So i hope you guys can understand. Again, this will be the last time I will explain all of this.

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