I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 35

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Now standing before me is a man with medium length, wavy and spiked orange hair that juts out at the top in a shape similar to rabbit ears. He has thick eyebrows and bears a scar over the bridge of his nose. He is dressed in fanciful white, black, and red robes and wears simple boots. His most noticeable attribute is a large wheel of blades on his back resembling a dharma wheel, giving him the superficial resemblance of a divine figure, particularly the Japanese deity, Raijin. He is the strongest mage on Ishgar continent and one of the Ten Wizard Saints.

God Serena.

Right now, the strongest mage on the continent is looking around over dramatically with his legs wide apart and a little crouched, eyes wide and practically waving his head left and right instead of someone who actually looked like trying to look at his surroundings.

"Woah, woah. Where is this? How did I get here? Where are the cameras?" He kept asking in a high pitched voice.

Seeing this I had the urge to strangle myself for getting involved with this guy because I know for a fact that this just the tip of the iceberg of how over dramatic he can be.

"Ooh, it's a kid. Hey kid, do yoouu know where we are? Do yoouu know how I got here?" He pointed his finger at me and emphasized the 'you' in his questions when he looked at me. Much to my annoyance.

"God Serena, I brought you here to challenge you to a fight. And by the way, I won't be taking no for an answer. As long as you give me a good fight I will send you back to that bar where you were."

He once again widened his eyes at my words and looked me up and down for a moment before turning sideways, putting his right hand on his waist and his left hand on his head before looking up with a smug smile and saying.

"Heh, I didn't know I was so popular among the young kids nowadays. Well, it can't be helped after all I am suuper strong, handsome and charismatic. Well, I will entertain you for a while then. Come, you can attack me and I won't move too much and end the fight soon."


I seriously want to strangle myself. Haah, let's make him a tad bit more serious shall we. I made use of space by compressing it around him making it feel like I was giving him pressure by my magic power. I learned how to do this since I didn't technically use magic and so most if not all the time, if I want to fight someone strong they won't take me seriously.

He looked surprised at the sudden pressure but that was all. He looked at me for a while and gave a confident smile at me and then without saying anything he raised his left hand to motion at me to come at him while his right hand clenched into a fist cladding it in a flame which gave of an overbearing heat.

Finally, my deadpan expression broke as I gave out a smirk and dashed at him while cladding my spine, legs and arms in space. This was different from the other times I did this as I had never clad my spine with space during a fight. In last week of training, I decided to do this to find out if it changed anything. And to my surprise, not only did it give me greater balance while running it also helped me put more strength and especially speed into my punches and kicks.

Seeing me come over in such a high speed, God Serena was surprised inside but still showed his confident smile at me. And when I entered the 50-meter mark from him, his smile turned to smirk as he slammed his left palm on the ground.

"Cavern Dragon's Earth Destruction!"

The earth underneath me was destroyed as boulders and rocks of all sizes were sent flying everywhere. While I had not received any damage, I was still sent flying due to the shock wave and had to constantly maneuver my body to dodge the rocks flying at me.

As I saw him standing up, I teleported in front of him and sent him flying with a punch to his face. I knew how dangerous he can be so I once again teleported in front of him to continue my attack but he reacted faster.

"Sea King Dragon's Encircling Deluge!"

"Tobi's Visage"

He waved his hand and sent a pressurized torrential water at me but I had improved from last time and was able to make myself intangible.

"Hammer Of Justice!"

I made the space around my fist heavier as I once again land a punch in his face. But before he was sent too far away he managed to throw one of his attack at me and since we were very close to each other and I had already dropped Tobi's Visage, it did a lot of damage to me once hit since I had once again let my guard down.

"Gale Dragon's Song Of The Wind And Moon!"

God Serena released a destructive gust of wind from his mouth which hit me dead in the chest and sending me flying. I wasn't able to get back up straightaway once I landed and so I turned my head towards my opponent while I regained some of my strength.

As I looked towards the direction he was flying to, I saw him stand back up while massaging his jaw with some blood leaking from his mouth and forehead. Damn, that's it? It only gave him slight bruises? I was going for his head because I wanted him to become disoriented a bit to make it harder for him to concentrate on his spells but I guess I failed in that huh.

"Wooaah, I neeever expected for you to be that strong. Buuut, unfortunately for you, the great God Serena-sama is just too much for your young age. So it's time to end this once and for all, God bye-bye."

His right fist was once again clad in his purgatory flames as he made his way towards me with a flamboyant walk and raised his fist and downed it on me without hesitation.

"Purgatory Dragon's Blazing Hell!"

As I saw his fist coming towards me, I quickly used what little strength I had regained and entered Dream Reality.


As his fist made contact with the ground, there was a loud explosion. But unlike last time, there was no rocks flying. Instead, everything turned to ashes as a huge crater of burned ground with smoke coming out from it appeared with God Serena in the middle of it while looking around with a confident look.

Meanwhile inside Dream Reality, I used the most minimum of time power to recover myself just enough to keep on fighting. As I stood up, I readied Odin's Judgement as I kept my eyes on God Serena.

After around five minutes I finished and then appeared just above God Serena who was on guard against me.

"Odin's Judgement!"

"Sea King Dragon's Encircling Deluge!"

As soon as I appeared he fired off his dragon slayer magic at me. As the two attacks met, shock waves were sent as we competed against each other for supremacy.

After around ten seconds, I wasn't able to hold on and was sent flying, again. After landing, I was once again out of strength while God Serena looked like he could go on for forever. As he got out of his fighting stance and opted a flamboyant and confident stance and made his way towards me. But before he could say anything, I quickly used time to recover and then sent him away using teleporting, saving myself from his annoyance.

As I saw him finally gone, I completely relaxed and once again decided to analyze the fight and train some more before going to challenge another one.

But one thing I understood from this fight is that I am far from being the strongest on the continent, let alone able to stand on top of this world or at the same level as Achnologia if what this fight with God Serena who basically didn't really have a hard time dealing with me.

Ray vs God Serena
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