I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 36

36 Precht Gaelborg

It has been almost a month since my fight with God Serena. During this time, I once again trained and analyzed the battle and I must say that I have improved. Especially mixing defense and offense.

After the fight with Gildarts I had improved in doing so but I had still made mistakes. But now I have reduced the mistakes and my combat ability has taken quite the leap in quality.

Apart from that, the most important thing that happened was that I learned my first magic, aura magic. I know it doesn't sound that impressive and quite honestly, it isn't that powerful offensive wise as it is a support type magic. But that is at the beginning, once trained to a high enough level, it can be quite deadly.

I use this magic to read my opponents during my fights with magic beasts and it had helped me in dodging and counter attacking really well.

Aura magic basically lets me 'see the intent' of the target. If someone wants to attack, his/her aura will fluctuate in a wave motion while during normal times it's like an outline of your body. If my guess is not wrong once I train this magic to a high level, it can let me sense emotions as well as thoughts. But that is for the future. Right now being able to sense attacking intent is enough for me to give some of the top mages in the world a run for their money.

But there is still a drawback. Even if I am able to sense when someone is about to attack me, if I can't react in time I will still be hit. This shows that high magic power and magic itself isn't everything. You need to have a strong body to last long in a battle.

So I split my training schedule for the past month in two halves. During the morning, I would fight magic beasts to train my aura magic. While during the evening, I would train my body. And at night, I meditated and improved my control over my time powers which is the least improved aspect of myself ever since I came to this world.

And on the topic of magic, I found myself having quite a bit of magic power considering that I hadn't opened my second origin. For now, that is all that I have learned of aura magic but I will have to work on it in the future to make it stronger.

And so, right now I am making my way towards my next opponent. I have travelled to X770 and currently I am wearing an all-black suit with a white tie and white blank mask because I don't want to expose myself in front of him at the current timeline or anyone for that matter.

After looking through my senses, I teleported in a forest and stared at the sky. There, a huge airship is floating with a menacing appearance.

It consists of a central hull at whose sides are located two larger, elongated part jutting frontwards. It seems to be kept flying by several large magical glyphs floating near it, with a pair of them being located behind it, at the ends of the protruding sections, something which makes them highly reminiscent of proposers, and an even more massive one sitting under it. The hull's shape is that of a real boat, possessing an arched, pointed lower part, ending on the front in a dark section which houses the guild's symbol, with an open zone right above it, where the main hall seems to be located. Such hall is topped by a dark, arched roof reminiscent of a capsized hull, on whose back part sits yet again another, similarly-shaped tower, sprouting from the main hull and going up several meters, which ends in a massive observation deck protruding frontwards, complete with large windows. At the tower's sides, on the dark roof, is a pair of large, wing-shaped ornaments jutting upwards; a similar pair of wings is also present on the airship's protruding sections, with one of them adorning each outer side. The two attached sections of the ship possess frontal, protruding dark parts reminiscent of rostrums, each adorned by a light motif, somewhat similar to a stylized monstrous head. Both the hull and the two adjacent sections bear linear blank parts, where a multitude of square windows is lined up one after the other, these being highly reminiscent of hatches.

As I was watching the airship, I felt my target seemingly staring at me. Sitting on his throne is a tall, elderly man with long, slicked back, silvery white hair, revealing his forehead. He also has a mustache, and a similarly long yet mildly thin and curly beard, reaching down to his lower chest. He has some wrinkles on his face, as evident of his extremely advanced age; nonetheless, despite this age, his figure is muscular and well defined. His right eye is seen covered by a simple eye-patch, hiding away his Demon's Eye. He is one of the founders of Fairy Tail and the guild master and founder of a dark guild.

Precht Gaelborg or now known as Hades, master and creator of Grimoire Heart.

Located in the tower's observation deck is Hades' throne room, a mostly bare hall covered in a glass dome, enforced by bolted metal beams. The floor is composed of wood, and sports two lines of very small, rocky protrusions reminiscent of stalagmites, plus a pair of sections made of stone, and a central, round dark motif, adjacent to which sits Hades' throne, a huge and majestic structure which seems to consist of several, immense bony formations, with two protrusions reminiscent of gigantic horns jutting frontwards, paired with two large wings composed of massive, dark feathers, and a central spinal column reaching high up above the structure, complete with flat bones protruding from its sides, somewhat reminiscent of ribs. The spinal column has a massive, flat object behind it, with the two of them being adjacent; such object is reminiscent of a double-edged blade, complete with a dark central part and light edges.

I appeared in front him and we stared at each other, sizing each other up.

"Who are you?" He asked while releasing his magic power at me.

Although he can't see my expression because of the mask, he must have felt that his magic power was not affecting me at all but instead of stopping he kept on pressuring me.

"Who I am is not really important actually. I just want to have a battle with you. And I think this could be beneficial to you as well, after all, you need to get used to your newfound powers by actually fighting someone on your level." I calmly spoke to him like there wasn't a hundred-year-old monster pressuring me.

"Oh, are you saying you are on my level? From the looks of it, you are just a kid. What makes you think you are on my level or anywhere near it at all for that matter?" He narrowed his eyes as he replied.

"The fact that I was able to find you." I replied, still calm as ever as we stared at each other once again after that tit for tat.

"Very well. Let us head down and show me your strength. Don not disappoint me or else I will personally end you with the most horrific methods in existence." After a while he agreed as he said the last part while releasing a massive killing intent.

"This ought to be fun. Don't worry, we are gonna have lots of fun fighting." I gave a small chuckle in response as I was looking forward to seeing my progress made in the last month in this fight.

Few seconds later, we arrived at small clearing in the forest and stood face to face. I gave a smirk in excitement but that wasn't seen by Hades as I was wearing a mask obviously. As if heavens were acting as the witness, the dark sky gave a loud thunder which signaled the start of the battle and as soon as it began, he raised his right hand and formed a gun with his fingers while I clad space around my arms, legs and spine.
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