I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 38

38 Taking A Break

Somewhere between Ishgar and Alvarez.

It's been a week since my fight with Hades and during this time I neither trained or moved from this place. But I did analyze the fight to improve myself and also, I was also thinking about his eye and its powers in more detail.

In the canon, it was never really mentioned what Hades' demon eye could do. But after the fight I think I know what it does. His strength, speed, reflex, flexibility and magic power are all raised exponentially. But if my deduction isn't wrong, then the rise in power is either currently limited on time or it will remain so. Meaning he can only use it for a set duration.

Our fight lasted for about twenty to thirty minutes. With the last five to ten minutes being him in his demon eye form. So that means he can fight for at least that amount of time in that form and maximum five more minutes. How do I know this you may ask? Well, at the end of the fight his demon eye form was slowly but surely losing its aura. After five or so minutes, he would have been back to normal.

Another question you might be wondering, if I knew that he was losing his demon eye form then why didn't I remain back there so that I could beat him? Well, truth is, I only realized that when I was thinking about his demon eye form in more detail.

Anyways, the question now is, is his time in demon eye form limited because he just got the demon eye or is it because he still needs to train in it so that he can keep it indefinitely. But that's for the future now it is time to take a break before going to my next opponent.

"Hm, what should I do? I don't want to go for another harem target right now since I am more focused on increasing my strength so that I can handle the future chaos that Fairy Tail will attract." I mumbled to myself while leaning on a tree.

After thinking for a bit, I decided to go on a bit of a road trip. Going from town to town and trying their specialty food and sceneries. With that in mind, I randomly picked a direction without using space power and started walking that way. That's right, I won't be using my powers for this trip.

After a few days, I was able to see a small village next to a lake inside a small forest. The villagers don't seem to be that much in contact with the outside world if their clothes and houses are anything to go by.

They wore one-piece dress with only one shoulder strap holding it up that goes up to their knees. They didn't wear anything on their feet and it didn't seem they wore any undergarments either. As for their houses, they were all small cottages built from wood and leaves woven together.

As I made my way towards them they seem to have seen me and quickly put their guards up. It didn't take long for me to calm them down and they allowed me to come into their village. As I made my way through the village I took in the sight of children playing, men going out to hunt and women doing the housework.

After a while, the village leader brought me to his house and we chatted a bit. I told him the reason I am out travelling and he generously introduced me their local specialty. He said that for generations the collect coconuts and use the empty coconut shells. They mix egg white and yolk with some salt and pure it into the empty coconut shell and then keep it over a fire with it covered from the top.

After the mixture is hardened they take it out of the fire and pure a type of fruit juice and keep it closed up until the egg mixture is cooled down. After that, they take out the hardened egg mixture and cut it into pieces and then it is ready to be eaten. It was awesome. I think I might get addicted to it. But since there wasn't much to the village apart from the food, I once again set out on the road in a random direction.

Just like that I spent around three months travelling around the land. During these months, I entered three villages and a town that was neither big or small. In the villages, I was able to try out different foods that were almost otherworldly and also saw some amazing sceneries. One of such is in a village where during the night time the roofs of the homes in it glows in a rainbow color giving a very mysterious vibe. It turns out the roof is woven from a special type of palm tree leaves that glows in the night.

Although there weren't such sceneries in the town, there were much more things advanced than there were in the villages. Like the nightclub for example. Honestly, I'm surprised that there is a nightclub in this world but that's just about it for my reaction since I can enjoy it here in this world it's a good thing. The food though not unique, varied and tasted good.

I also met a few people who didn't appear in the canon but nonetheless were good people that I am happy to have encountered. I can safely say that now I have made some friends after coming to this world.

And now after three months of break, it's time to go for my next opponent and maybe the last as well. I teleported in front of a guild building. This guild holds my next opponent and I quickly found him sitting at the bar drinking with my space powers.

And then, I cut the space around him and flared my magical power alongside increased gravity around him. He reacted immediately and appeared before me. But before he could say anything, I teleported the both of us to a clearing in a mountain range.

When we appeared, I finally got a good look at him.
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