I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 40

40 X395

"Iron Rock Fist."

Jura extends one of his hands, the index and middle fingers outstretched, towards the me. This prompts a very large arm made of rock, whose appearance is reminiscent of an intricate gauntlet, to emerge from the ground not far from him, and to move towards me with its fist clenched.




How the sound of both of our stomachs growling was heard over the sound our destruction was making, I will never be able to understand. I mean, I know this is technically an anime world but seriously? Everything came to a stop at the sound and both stood there staring each other down for a few seconds.

"*cough* how about we settle this with one last final attack and go get something to eat?" I asked him after the awkward silence was starting to bother me.

"Uh, yes, I think that's a good idea."

I held out my right arm to the side as I began conjuring a space spear as get ready signal to Jura who was also gathering his magical power. With greater speed than before I was able to make a bigger and stronger Odin's Judgement.

While standing near to a rocky surface, Jura rapidly extends one hand towards the me, his fingers placed in his most recurring hand gesture. This prompts the nearby surface to be split into boulders of various size, which are lifted in the air and sent flying at the me with great force and speed.

"Odin's Judgement!"

"Rock Avalanche"


As the two attacks made contact, shockwaves were sent out with us in the center and we both were gritting our teeth duking it out for supremacy. With what felt like an eternity we gave one final push to our attacks which sent us both flying back and sending a huge dust storm exploding out to the air.

"Haah, haah, damn, guess I can take a draw for now. Though if I really went all out I would probably win against him. Meh, what's the fun in that."

As I stood up slowly and the dust settled, I saw Jura in the same condition as me. We were both breathing hard and our bodies were covered in bruises. But we were both smiling. Jura from having a satisfying battle after a long time and me for finally finishing my battling trip and going back to the best part of this world. The girls.

After resting under a tree for a while we both went to a nearby town to eat something. Of course we were too lazy to move around too much so I teleported him and I there. I didn't want to involve myself with any guild right now so I didn't go their either.

During the time we spent eating, we talked a lot about each other. I even told him of my previous battle results, of course I didn't give any names and he didn't ask either. After eating I sent him back to his guild and I went through the town taking the sights in as I won't be seeing these sights for a while. Why you may ask? Well, after analyzing this short but fun battle I am going to be training in my space and time powers for a while before heading to my next destination. The past.

More specifically, the year X392. But we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. For now, I have to take some time to take the battle experience in and train a bit more in space and time powers to absolutely make sure that I reach my destination.

Hm, let's see. First my aura magic was useless against him but that doesn't mean that it is weak or useless. I just met the wrong opponent for aura magic. I will need to train in aura magic and have more control on that. My attacks while destructive still can't compare to the more well-known heavy hitters so I need to work on that as well. As for speed I don't really need to work on it since I can lower my gravity to increase my speed. But I do need to train my reaction speed though. That will be it for now I guess. Once I come back from the past I will start training on these traits. Now it's time to train on my space and time powers.

And so began another month of training. It wasn't anything new really, just the same old exercises. But I was able to get more control in by the time the month ended and I was preparing to go to the past after a day of relaxing by walking around the town that I went to with Jura to eat.

The next morning, after waking up I cleaned myself up and teleported out of the place and time itself. Now even though I got good in controlling the two powers, I was still nowhere near the level of being able to jump straight to X392 so I was going to make multiple jumps back to back.

This will be quite time consuming as I will need to find out which year I jumped to. Though I will have a rough estimate but jumping time over so many years can be tough so I might be wrong in my guesses.

Anyways, after jumping the first time and looking around I appeared in X700. Quite a good number if I might add. But it was a long journey ahead so I didn't stop by and jumped straight ahead.

This time I appeared in the year X673. If I'm not wrong this was the year Mavis was born. Let's see if I'm right. I use my space sense and hm, aha there she is. Although I think she cute in behavior she is not my type so I won't try anything on her.

Next, I appeared in X612. There wasn't anything noteworthy that I could remember so I didn't bother staying any longer.

Phew, I'm getting closer but it's still exhausting to make so many jumps like that. I appeared in X578 this time and I decided to rest up a bit.

And so I jumped three more times after that with another break in between and like that, I have reached my destination. I am standing at the top of a mountain overlooking the picturesque sceneries of the year X395. I will be here for a while but the start will probably not go the way I would have liked it to go. Well, sacrifices must be made if I want to build a harem and not get killed along the way.
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