I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 43

43 Saving Irene 2

Next morning, Irene and I were in sync as we both woke up at the exact same time. But it surprised me quite honestly that she woke up so soon. I was expecting her to sleep the day away as that's what you would expect from a person who hasn't slept in a long time. It's surprising how strong her will is and how far she would go to keep what's precious to her from harm.

For a while we both silent as we stared each other down. One, namely me, was calm while the other was looking suspicious and careful. Seriously though, those eyes of hers is so beautiful with them filled with stubbornness and will. But since I was waiting for her to wake up to properly talk, I can't let my mind wander too much so I had to break the ice between us.

"So shall we discuss what I said last night properly now?" I said with a smile to Irene who still had her guard up.

"My questions are, who are you? Why would you help me? And as I asked last night, what would you get out of it?" After staying silent for a while, she finally asked with a steely gaze, getting straight down to the heart of the discussion.

"Hm, well you can call me Ray. The name is Ray Genesis in full, in case you're wondering by the way. As for why I'm helping you, well, let's just say I was disappointed when you used yourself in a political marriage and leave it at that. And just like what I said last night, you will know what I would get out of this when the time comes." My facial expression didn't change as I explained myself, although her expression got a bit weird at the answer I gave to her second question.

"While I still don't know the exact reason to why you are doing this, from the condition of my body, I can at least say you did what you told me. So I will accept your corporation for now. But let me tell you this, I don't trust you at all and the only reason I am accepting your offer is because that is the only hope I have of protecting my baby and you also have the aura of a very strong person. Stronger many others that I faced. If you wanted to do something to me, I won't be able to resist at all. But even then, I will not go down without a fight should you betray me or do something against my will." Damn, she is hot when she is seriously talking like that and that look of defiance is even more of a turn on.

Wait, aren't I turning hornier ever since I came to this timeline. And it's not just Irene but yesterday when I was walking around and saw women, I would get slightly lustful at times. Although it's not at the level of being out of control, it is still worrisome that I am feeling this way. I might have to look a bit more into this.

Coming out of my thoughts, I didn't say anything to Irene's last statement but instead I just gave a smile before turning slightly serious. Keyword being slightly, because I really don't think of helping Irene right now as anything difficult except for after this of course.

"Well, let's get down to business then. I can use both space magic and time magic. With my space magic, I can cover your womb for as long as you are here. The problem is that it will only deflect attacks aimed there and even then some might get through. As for my time magic, I can think of something that might need time magic in the near future."

"Then aren't you basically useless if you can't completely protect my womb? What's the use of it if there is a chance of attacks going through your barrier." She bit right back at me didn't she. Well, I was lying when I said that about my space power's efficiency but I didn't want her to completely drop her guard against Erza's father. After all, it's because of him that Irene turned into her dragon form. I want her to believe that that last attack that the guy aims at her womb will likely kill Erza, so she will completely exhaust her magic power and turn into a dragon.

After that happens and we escape from here, I can easily transform her back after some time has passed. Like I said before, I didn't want anything that helps her become the strong woman she is to be stopped. Though I don't really want her to be that cruel and sadistic as depicted in the Fairy Tail. Who knows, maybe having a companion during her years may help her retain her gentler side while crushing her cruel side before it appears.

"At least it's better than nothing. Do you even know how hard it is to control my magic? It's a million years too early to talk about me when you can't even control yours. There are far more things you don't know than the ones you do in this world miss queen. You'll be surprised how I got here in the first place." I faked an expression of hurt as I said the first part but quickly turned serious in the latter as I didn't want her to judge things based on her current knowledge.

Just as she was about to reply, the hallway door opened and in came the oh so glorious king of the place. It seems he might have taken Irene more seriously than a punch in the face as he just glared at me without stopping his stride towards Irene. I guess it's about time we escaped this place, thank god I don't have to stay in this rotten place anymore.

I don't really have the heart to watch what's about to happen so I just protected Irene's stomach before closing my eyes and getting ready to interfere when the time is right. The rest happened as according to the original story of Fairy Tail. Irene tried to reason with the guy while said guy refused to believe anything she said and attacked her womb. I think Irene might have sneaked glances at me during the guy's attacks but that stopped when he tried to attack her stomach.

Irene went ballistic as she released her magic power and slowly her body was transforming into that of a dragon as she broke free from her restraints and attacked the guards after brutally, and I mean really brutally killing the king guy. Once she was finished, I quickly teleported both of us to a mountain quite far from here without any humans nearby.

Ah, that's it for the easy part, now it's gonna be the hard part. Seriously though, how am I going to survive her dragon onslaught. Haah, this is going to be quite the adventure.
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