I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 5

5 Three Years Later

It's been three years since I came to Fairy Tail world and I have to say, because of that god damn backlash, I had to live every day for the past three years in a serious mode. Which was seriously like hell for me. I couldn't have any fun since I wasn't strong enough to withstand the back lash which can come at any time, place and way. But that changes today, because today I will be officially starting my adventures and my plan to get girls today. Because I feel like I'm strong enough to handle many things with my current abilities.

During the first half a year, I did nothing but train my body to build a strong foundation and practicing control over my space powers.

After that, I started to slowly practice basic fighting stances and made my own moves using space power and I also thought of ways to use time power, which I started to train in since I had reached a satisfying enough level in physical strength. At that time, I was already able to do 1000 sets of each type of exercise I was doing. I was even able to lift up boulders five times my size.

One year after beginning my training, I got somewhat good at controlling space. I could add it to my combat stances in about 1.5 seconds. I wasn't satisfied with that so I knew I had to continue my practice.

But the biggest improvement surprisingly came from the time power. I was able to move it around my body enough to heal my body from wounds and muscle pain I got from training.

I began to put more effort in my space control while not neglecting the other because I wanted to be able to fight some beasts soon.

After three months of training I was able to apply space to fight instantly and so, I decided it was time to go fight some beasts. And honestly I was already sick and tired of eating fruits all the time.

Honestly fighting with them felt really refreshing. I had been in serious mode for so long that it was sickening. I was able to vent out my frustrations and anger on them while calling out the names of move set like your typical chuunibyo. Yeah, it felt great.

And so I kept on fighting against magical beasts when three months ago I was able to get really good at my time power. I had already mastered my control over space, now it all depends on my imagination to what I can do with it.

But I couldn't say the same for time though as when I tried it on a really huge beast who I had kicked out of his territory earlier because of his constant roaring. He was a pretty big guy, well he isn't any important character so I won't go to the trouble of describing him.

Anyway, I used my time power on him and I was able to make him age twenty years and make him younger by twenty years in an instant. Meaning twenty years is probably my limit for now. But I knew that it wasn't the end. So I worked extra hard and fully concentrated on my body training and time power for the last three months. And I thought it was that stupid god doing something or else I couldn't explain what happened. I was able to break my limit from twenty years to seventy-five years. There is no way this has something to do with only my training, it has to be that the stupid god helped me by interfering. But since I couldn't ask anyone and it is a good thing I decided to leave it aside.

And that's how I spent the last three years in this world. Right now I'm in the middle of saying goodbye to my home of three years. Something had gotten into my eyes at that moment and I am currently seeing blurred things because of water in my eyes. I-I wasn't crying or anything ok. I'm glad I am leaving this god forsaken place.

Hm? Oh, it looks like it's going to rain. Haah, I guess I have no choice but to stay for another night here, no, two nights, just to be safe since judging from the dark clouds it looks like it's going to be a storm.

If anyone knew what he was thinking at the moment, they would have had their eyes and mouth wide open in disbelief at his shamelessness. Because there weren't any dark clouds in the sky for as far as the eye could see. In fact, it was so hot that some might not even come out of the comfort of their houses. But still, no matter who it is, you have to salute his shamelessness.

2 days later.

"*sniff**sniff* I won't miss you cave, so goodbye. I hope I never have to see you again. Only exception being if I am near here or I just happened to fly over her or something will I have to see you. B-but I will try my absolute best to never see you again."

Haah, and so I left my home of three years and at once I became happy because now I can finally meet the girls of my dreams in their chibi forms. Haha, let's begin phase 1 of my plan: to make them be unable to forget me and permanently move in to their hearts. Now, I maybe six-years old but the girls are even younger than me, so I have to combine space and time to move to the future when they are a little older, enough for them to understand the differences between men and women.

I must also make sure to do it before the incidents which formed their personalities. Although I want to make them become my harem members, I don't want to really change them or interfere too much in the canon timeline events. Of course, I will interfere when things get a bit tough but I won't insert myself unnecessarily into the canon timeline events. My only goal is to complete my harem but while doing that I don't my helping out a bit. Anyway, now that all of that is out of the way.

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