I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 50

50 Sending A Message

"You want to what?" I asked Anna just to make sure I wasn't hearing things. I mean sure, I would do that with the girls at some point and I didn't hide that fact with the ones who were mature enough to understand that concept but still this was completely out of my blindside.

"I said I want to practice making babies. And I won't take no for an answer. Let's go!" Anna, aren't you being too enthusiastic about this? She was practically dragging me out of the courtyard and soon the Heartfilia Clan compound. I was still shocked at the situation I was in so I didn't have any resistance and soon we reached my house.

"Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean this is something really big and important you know? Don't just do it for curiosity's sake." I was able to reign in my sanity just as Anna closed the door to my bedroom and suddenly asked her that. I might be a coward to refuse such a gorgeous opportunity but I want all of the intimate moments that happen between me and the girls to be special and from the heart.

"Of course I am sure. I treat myself well, so you don't have to be worried about me doing this for the sake of curiosity. I know I am being sudden and really open minded. But you know, waiting for you to be the one to make a move can be quite stressful. I have been waiting for half a year now for you to make a move and now I have realized that when it comes to big steps in a relationship like this I will have to be the one to take the initiative." Oh, well, that's surprising. Ah, I'll just do it and think of the details later. It's not like it won't happen anyway.

Without saying anything I lifted Anna by her waist and sat her down on the bed. Then we looked at each other as our faces neared and we kissed. The kiss started of gently but soon our passion for each other started to get wilder as our kiss got fiercer.

I don't know whose clothes came off first or how they came off in the first place but within a few minutes of kissing we were both lying naked on the bed. I caressed Anna's curvy waist and slowly raised my hands towards her well-endowed breasts while Anna encircled her arms around my neck as we continued to kiss each other.

While my right hand was busy with her breasts my left hand made way towards her sacred garden. When I reached there, I realized that she was overflowing with her nectar. It seems Anna has a very high sensitivity as the more we continued the more love nectar flowed.

Once we reached the limit of our patience, I readied my spear and thrust it into her sacred garden. At first, in order to let her adjust and not give her much pain, I moved as slowly as I could but once the pain started to subside, we both started to get wilder and wilder. I thrust into her with fierceness as Anna dug her fingernails into my back. We continued to drown ourselves in pleasure for over an hour until we reached our limits and I released inside of her and Anna screamed out her climax.

As we both basked in the afterglow, we both cuddled each other as we smiled at each other. Maybe it was due to this being her first time but Anna fell asleep first. While looking at her, I realized that coming to this world has been the most precious thing that has happened to me and meeting the girls was the best thing I could have asked for. As such thoughts filled my head, I slowly let sleep take over me as we got to head back to the future tomorrow.

The next morning, I woke up to see Anna on top of me with her elbows on my chest and her face on her hands looking at me with a smile. Honestly it was the most beautiful sight I had seen in a long time. The sunlight peeking through the windows to the back of her head giving the perfect lighting job. Anna with her hair flowing down to one side and the beautiful familiar angelic smile on her face. It was simply breathtaking.

"Good morning." We both said so at the exact same time as we gave each other a smile and got up to get ready. We had some more cuddling time in the shower before putting our clothes and eating some breakfast. Once that was out of the way, we went out of the house and made way towards the forest where there were no people. When we got to a clearing in the middle of the forest hand in hand, it was close to mid-day. I turned my head towards Anna and decided to confirm once again.

"You ready to go?"

"Yes, let's go and build a small home for just the two of us. Of course, that is until all the ladies you have seduced comes knocking." She replied with a light laughter and leaned on my shoulder. Receiving her words, I covered both of us in space and time before teleporting us through time to the future.

We appeared at the year X689, quite close to our destination. We just need to jump once and we'll reach the time we need to be at. I had already explained the specifics regarding the future to Anna and how Natsu and the other dragon slayers grew up and what they had become. Of course, when I told Anna what Gajeel was going to do to a harem sister of hers, she gave of a very scary smile saying leave him to him. Honestly I feel bad for Gajeel but he deserves it.

June 3, X784, On a random mountain.

Anna and I arrived one month before the series timeline starts. Enough to give me some time to myself and the other girls. But, the more I think about the time when I will reunite with the girls, the more I feel like something is about to happen. And the scariest thing is that I feel my manhood in danger. Well, I'll think about it when the time comes.

"Wait a bit Anna. I need to send a message very quickly. As soon as I'm finished, we're leaving here since Achnologia might come." I said to Anna who stood beside me and walked forward for a bit. Once I felt the distance between me and Anna, I released all of my magic power which rivals the combined amount released by five of the Wizard Saints and sent it all around me to the world.

"ok, I'm done. Let's get out of here." As soon as I finished releasing my magic power and said those words, I grabbed Anna and teleported the both of us randomly.

Magnolia, Fairy Tail Guild.

Almost all of the members of the guild were currently huddled together in a corner shivering in fear of the sight aura before them. Currently before them are a group of females releasing a massive amount of killing intent. Their bodies were giving off an aura of black death and veins were pulsing on their foreheads.

"Oh, it seems he finally decided to reveal himself." One of the women spoke as she gave of a smirk as she spoke to the other women around her.

"It would seem so. Don't you think we should ready a gift for when he arrives?" Another woman spoke to the rest as she started give a low chuckled which was imitated by the rest of them.

Alvarez Empire, Castle.

"Hm, so he is showing himself to the world, huh. It seems that fate will start moving soon. Well, not that I care about that. As long as he doesn't forget to visit me I'm fine. Don't you think so." A red haired woman gave a charming smile at the direction the magic power signature was coming from as she spoke to the bob haired girl next to her.

"Hn." The bob haired girl did not speak as she just continued to stare off into the distance where she sensed the magic power.

Mermaid Heel Guild.

"I'm waiting. I have been waiting for a long time now. So, you must come." A girl with who was practicing her sword moments ago was looking out of her window as she stayed silent and basked in the sunlight coming through it.

In a rundown house at the outskirts of Ishgar.

"Woah, I just felt a massive chill going down my spine. Are you feeling cold too Anna?" Seriously, what is wrong with the weather of this timeline. How can there be such hot sunlight and yet such cold winds at the same time.

"Fufufu, no, I don't. But I let me say this now so that you won't have any right to complain to me. You deserve it." Anna gave a laugh while saying such confusing words and I was unable to retort since I didn't get what she was saying.

"Well, let's rest up for today. We'll head to Fairy Tail tomorrow. Now let's find ourselves a bed shall we, hehe." I gave a perverted laugh as I swept Anna off her feet and walked towards the stairs not knowing that a special hell was being prepared for me.
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