I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 52

52 Talk With Makarov

"Ah, I could have just teleported away from here." While sitting on the ground of the guild hall with my face all messed up and my hands tied behind me while I was surrounded by the five attackers, I suddenly thought of that and spoke unconsciously.

"You still want to escape?" Mira, who was standing in front of me gave me a quick glare to shut me up along with those word and it worked wonders as I quickly closed my mouth.

"Now, how about we decide how to punish this player who played with all of our hearts and just left not to be seen for years. I propose cutting his manhood off." Lisanna with a sickly sweet tone and smile gave out her frightening opinion which scared not just me but all of the men in the guild as we all unconsciously closed our legs tight.

"Although I am not familiar with all of you, I at least hope you do not do that. Trust me, it will be a waste to cut it off." Anna who stood at the side with a smile watching this scene play out suddenly raised her hand and voiced out.

"Now that I think about it, who are you?" Erza who stood silent so far suddenly questioned Anna as she pointed her sword at her.

"I'm the one who took his first time. So I speak from experience that it would be a waste to cut it off." Anna completely unfazed at the sword pointing at her replied with the same smile. This resulted in the girls once again directing their killing intent at me as they gave me death glares.

"Just how many women have you seduced." Cana who recovered first gave a sigh while patting her forehead.

"For now, it's nine including me." Anna once again spoke as if she hasn't seen enough of me getting beaten up. And the rest gave me blank stares before voicing out altogether.

"For now?" I could only give a dry chuckle to that as I cleared my throat and weakly tried to salvage the situation.

"At least, I didn't lie to you right? I did mention I wanted a harem to all of you. I think." Would this be something that could get me out of this situation or will it end up with me in more trouble.

"And you think you can get away with this just because of that?" Levy shot my last hope down as I didn't have any other bright ideas that could me get out of this.

"Now, now, ladies. Give the young man some leeway. As he said he did tell you that he would have multiple women and yet you still liked him so it shows that you don't really have any prejudice against the idea of sharing him." My savior has cometh. A short man with a mustache who could only be the guild master, Makarov Dreyar, arrived and put in a good word for me. And he even sent me a secret thumbs up. Thank you, old man.

"But the fact that he left for so long and not even visit us and the fact that he had such, such, indecent acts with this woman doesn't change." Erza spat back while stuttering mid-way not know how to say the word sex without sounding indecent. How cute.

"Now, I know you have a lot to talk about but how about you take this young lady with you to do that while I speak with him about somethings." Makarov told the girls in a dignified manner of a guild master leaving no room for arguments. I feel like I know where this is going.

Makarov was able to convince the girls to let go of me for now and took me to the back of the guild hall. Once inside a room that looked like a small library, we both sat down on a couch that was inside. I had already fixed my face with time control and I was now giving Makarov a smile that indicated that I might know what he wishes to talk about.

"I'm guessing you know what I want to talk about?" Makarov went straight to the heart of the matter as he asked me.

"If I'm not wrong, you want to ask me whether I am the one who went around challenging all the strong guys you had right? You might also want to talk about what I said to your ace, Gildarts after we finished our battle." My expression remained the same as I spoke those words as I wasn't surprised how Makarov came to that conclusion.

I knew that there was talk going around about a young boy who keeps challenging the strong mages across Ishgar and the fact that the Strauss siblings and Gildarts both might have told Makarov how I looked can also be the fact that convinced him that I was the same person.

"Indeed that is what I want to ask. I don't mind about the fact that you went around fighting all those mages but what you said to Gildarts worries me. Can you tell me what type of magic you use?" Makarov gave a sigh at me accepting that I was the same person as the so called 'Warp Mage' as they called me. And asked me for what my magic was.

"Space, time and aura." It wasn't like he wouldn't find out in the future and I knew that he was a trustworthy guy so I had no reason to withhold that information. Although I don't really use space and time magic but he didn't need to know that now did he.

"Haah, as I suspected. You know what will happen don't you? But, the real question should be why you said those words to Gildarts. If you know the future, that means at some point Gildarts encounters an opponent that he had no chance against and lost his limbs. But telling the future so carelessly can cause a lot of problems right? So why did you tell him that?" Makarov asked what has been worrying him after confirming his theories.

"First, I didn't directly tell him that, that was his future. I just gave him a warning, a foreshadowing if you will. Second there is a girl who would be very sad if Gildarts gets hurt no matter how much she tries to deny it, in this guild." I spoke to him as I pointed out my reason for telling him those words.

"Who?" Makarov seems to be curious about the person who would be sad if Gildarts got hurt so he asked.

"Cana. After all, which daughter would like to see her father get injured so badly." I revealed the big secret as I looked forward to Makarov's reaction. And I wasn't disappointed as his mouth and eyes went wide open in shock.

"Oh, by the way. Anna and I will be living on the Tenrou Island and we will be joining the guild too. See you tomorrow." I told the shocked Makarov of my intentions on living on Tenrou Island before leaving the room.

Once outside, without saying anything after getting both Anna and I our guild marks, I teleported the both of us and the rest of the girls to Tenrou Island.
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