I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 56

56 Ray Vs Mystogan

We both started with an old schooled fist fight as we traded blow for blow. None of our punches and kicks connected with each other's bodies as they were intercepted by the other's punches and kicks. This can be considered as our warm up and trying to feel each other's strength.

Mystogan is an experienced hand to hand combatant who knows what to do and what to not when in battle. So there weren't any wasted movements by him and as less experienced as I was, I tried my hardest not to make any mistakes and show an opening.

We continued to trade blows with each other for well over five minutes before we started to use magic to enhance ourselves and the blows started to create shockwaves that sent dirt flying all around us. At first we both were so into the fight that we didn't even realize that both of us had managed land one or two punches on each other.

But as time went on there were more and more hits being landed on each other due to our muscles stressing. So, we both finally broke off our fist fight and made some distance between ourselves.

"Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song"

"Odin's Judgement"

Mystogan jumped above me and creates several Magic circles covered in runes that started to glow while made a spear of space. Mystogan magic runes then released a concentrated beam of Magic Power right towards me as I threw my spear back at him.


Once again dust and debris was sent all around us due to the shockwave from our attacks colliding with each other as the both of us jumped away from the collision zone. Soon the dust settled to reveal a huge crater as we stared across it at each other.

"Ground Shattering Wave" Mystogan quickly made some hand signs causing multiple purple waves of energy appear from the ground and move to envelop me.

"Tobi's Visage" I remember in the canon that Laxus used his lightning form to avoid being hit by this same magic, so I turned intangible moving right through the purple waves right at Mystogan.

"Hammer of Justice." As soon as I reached him I swung my fist covered by space.

"Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water." Mystogan quickly used a barrier that reflects any spell that hits it back at its caster. I knew about its effects so I had covered myself in a 'Space Barrier'.


When the grassland once again cleared from the dust that flew due to the shockwaves, we stood apart from each other with Mystogan breathing slightly heavy while I retained a calm breathing. While Mystogan is surely strong, he is not at the level where I really have to give it some effort to win even when I am holding back so much.

"Let's end this. Genesis Breaker." I punched both my hands in his direction and space started to crack around him and he started to get pulled at multiple direction at once. He tried his hardest to resist but he couldn't move at all even after he expanded almost all of his magic power.

"Igive." Mystogan who was trying to escape gave up and weakly spoke out those words as I retracted my fists to stop my AOE attack.

Mystogan who was released from the pressure of being pulled from all directions fell onto his knees as he started to desperately tried to breathe. Makarov and Anna came besides us as they saw our fight, though short was eventful to say the least, come to an end.

After giving Mystogan some time to catch his breath, he soon stood up and looked at me. After staying silent for a while he gave a bow to me before speaking to me for the first time.

"Thank you for showing me that I severely lack in terms of overall strength." Huh? What's he talking about? Mystogan seems to have misunderstood the purpose of this fight somehow.

"Uh, yeah. Good for you. Anyway, uh, as you were." I was honestly awkward to be in that situation since it came out of nowhere, so I quickly teleported the four of us back to the guild. Of course I made sure to leave Mystogan outside so that no one sees him.

After we arrived the guild started to ask us where we have been and whatnot but Makarov was able to smoothly turn their attention from us before heading to the bar. The girls then came to take Anna away when I suddenly pulled Mira who was at the back of the group by her arms and whispered to her.
for visiting.

"Let's go on a date tomorrow." Mira brightened up hearing that as she gave a sexy smile towards me before winking and following the other girls with an extra sway to her hips that seems to be trying to hypnotizing me.

It didn't take long for the rest to know about my date plans with Mira, so they came to me for an explanation which I gave. I told them that everyone will have a date and that Mira was chosen because she was closest to me at the time I pulled her back.

After that, I had nothing to do so I went on an easy mission. Well, easy for me at least. It was a mission to take out a beast that has been going around destroying villages. It was three hours away from the guild by train but I didn't really want to waste my time so I just teleported to the village the client was in and introduced myself.

After that, I went on a beast hunt that lasted for two hours until I found it. The reason I didn't use my space control to find it is because I didn't want to finish this mission too quickly and end up bored at the guild once again.

Once I found it, it wasn't even a challenge to take it down as a single 'Hammer of Justice' was enough to have its head deep into the ground. After bringing it back to the village for the client to verify, I received the mission reward and the villager's thanks before heading back.

After having a bit of fun with the rest of the guild, Anna and I teleported to our home to have some 'alone time' before heading to bed. Tomorrow's a big day since I will be having my date with Mira and I have a good feeling about this. As I stopped my train of thought there, I turned to my side to see Anna snuggling into me with a smile in all of her naked glory.

"Haah, it's good to be me right now."
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