I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 58

58 Still Many Dates To Go 18


I kicked the door close with my leg while Mira locked the door while still holding on to me with the both of us glued to each other as we continued to kiss each other passionately. Without stopping our kiss, we both took each other's clothes off as I reached the bed while holding her butt cheeks.

As we reached the bed we both fell on it as I used my left hand to cup her left breasts while my right held on to her hips. Mira held me by my hair as we both immersed ourselves in the kiss. Soon my right hand reached behind her and unhooked her bra and then took it off.

I stopped our kiss and we both gazed at each other before I brought my mouth to her perk nipples. While I sucked on her nipples, I took her panties off and then caressed her butt with one hand and her sides with the other.

While all this happened Mira's hands were busy getting my dick free and then slowly stroke it to get it hard. She moaned as she felt my tongue on her nipples and quickened her movements to match me. Feeling her hands getting faster, I inserted a finger into her unused pussy and slowly began to move it inside.

We continued to pleasure each other for around five minutes before Mira came onto my hand. She was slightly out of breath with her eyes glazed over. I let her get her breathing back in order before I placed my dick before her pussy and stroked it gently. It was a silent way to ask her for permission to enter and she nodded at me as an ok sign.

"Aaagghh." Mira gave a grunt of pain when I entered into her so I stopped any more movement to give her time to adjust. While doing so, I used my thumb to roll her nipples with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other.

"You can move now." Mira after getting used to the new feeling of intrusion told me and I just nodded to her before beginning to move in and out of her slowly.

Before long my thrusting began to get faster and faster and Mira's moans began to sound sweater and louder. We continued this for a few more minutes before I turned her around to get on all four limbs.

Once again I began to move my dick into her as I reached over grabbed both tits and pulled her back with my mouth going to the crook of her neck to plant kisses. I continued to pound into her for another ten minutes and then let her fall onto the bed completely. I put both my hands next to her waist and began to thrust into her wildly as the sound of our flesh smashing against each other.

"Mira I'm going to cum." After around half an hour or so of continuous love making I grunted in to her ear.

"I-inside, do it inside." Mira to my approaching climax managed to gasp out as she soon went back to moaning my name. After a few more thrusts, I pushed my dick into the utmost limit as I released my seed inside of her womb.
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"Haah, haah."

"Haah, haah."

We both laid on our backs next to each other as we tried to catch our breaths. Now that we were out of our pleasure spell, I thought back to where we were and how we got here. Right after Mira said those words to me, I went to her and grabbed her for a kiss and then soon our kiss turned more and more passionate. Obviously, I didn't want to show our affection to each other like this to the world so I quickly teleported us to one of the rooms in my house in Tenrou Island.

I was brought out of memory lane by a pair of soft flesh on my chest and a breath at my ear. I looked down a bit to see Mira on top of me with her mouth near the side of my head.

"Is that it?" A weak voice suddenly said to my ear as I looked into the eyes of Mira before turning her over and got on top of her for round two.

Next morning.

I woke up to the sunlight creaking in and looked to my side to see a naked Mira with her head on my chest and her hand on my abs. her leg was over my own under the blanket as she slept. I reached over and caressed her naked body making her wake up.

"Good morning." I said to Mira who rubbed her eyes to be fully awake and then put her chin on my chest and looked at me.

"Good morning. Let's get ready and head out. I need to be there before the rest of the guild starts pouring in.

I didn't argue with her on that front as we both got up and cleaned up before heading downstairs where we saw Anna preparing breakfast. That put a stop in Mira's footsteps but I held her hand and led her to the kitchen.

"Morning Anna." As soon as I reached her, I hugged her from behind and gave a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning you two. I hope you had fun last night, Mira." She gave a smile as she greeted us but her smile turned mischievous when she mentioned the latter part as she turned to Mira with a knowing look.

Mira for her part was both relieved and embarrassed. Relieved because it seemed Anna knew what happened between us and wasn't mad about it. Embarrassed because she knew about it was giving the look that said 'I know what he did to you'.

After that small bit of awkwardness, we had breakfast while having a small talk and then headed for the guild. Like every day, Anna and I had a slight workout before heading out but Mira went ahead because she needed to take stock of the bar.

Once we reached the guild, I was expecting Anna to be dragged away while I find something to do myself but this time, I was also dragged away where the rest of my little harem gathered. And all of them were staring at me before saying all at once.

"When will be our dates?"

Well then, I guess I still have many dates to go before I get to be on lovey-dovey terms with the girls. Not that I mind, I was going to do it anyway.
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