I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 59

59 Checking The Girls In Alvarez

It has been a few days since my date with Mira. It took a while but I managed to placate the girls by promising to bring them on a date of their own sometime in the future. during these days, I didn't slack off on my training though considering that the canon plotline will start soon and I want to be as strong as possible.
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Apart from that, I did some missions here and there with a new attire. I wore a white hooded jacket with white pants that had a chain hung from the middle of my back to the front resting on my right side. The reason for this is because, since I already had some fame as the Mage of Time, I decided to use it while on missions and cover my face with the hood to make myself seem more mysterious. You know, the coolness factor.

And it worked splendidly. There was already word going out that I had reappeared and stuff like that and the guild was also benefiting from it. We were receiving more and more quests and the rewards were better too.

Mira had also moved in with me and Anna and it didn't take long for the rest to move in with her once they found out. Despite all of them moving in, the house didn't seem that crowded. The house still had a lot of rooms to spare and the living area was also spacious enough to handle all of us together and then some.

But for now, I have spent a lot of time with girls over here in Fairy Tail and it was now time to go and check how the other girls were doing. And so I decided to take some time off of missions and head to Alvarez Empire. There were two girls there who I have missed a lot. One who I had literally spent centuries with and the other who I lived with for couple years and taught her everything she knew back then. Except the normal education. She went to school for that.

Irene Belserion and Brandish Myu.

That is why I am standing in the middle of Vistarion, the capital city of Alvarez Empire. Located at the borders of Alvarez, Vistarion is one of the major cities located in the Empire in the continent of Alakitasia, housing a significant population, gaining more lore over the years due the monopolization of the country overseen by their founder and first emperor, Zeref.

Being inside the empire's borders, the capital city consists of many tall, skyscraper-like castles surrounding the exterior. Within the city, there two to three story buildings and row homes that barricade the town's streets, along with bridges that connect from one side to another and balconies for viewing. There is a huge castle in the center of the capital with many towers and sections and it towered over rest of the entire city.

Looking around me the people of the city were moving about their lives as usual while for me it was quite the sight that I was seeing. Women a barer and suggestive connotation of fashion, instead of the norm of a clothed and an unrevealing aspect towards it. So seeing so many beautiful women being so open with their choice of clothing was a fresh sight.

After having a look around, I went invisible and sneaked into the palace. Even from a distance one could tell the sheer size of this place so it was no wonder that the palace was even larger up close. I made my way through the long ass hallway, passing by the throne room I went towards the living quarters of the Spriggan where I could sense the presence of those two. Even without my space sense, it would take just a few seconds to find them considering their massive magical reserves. Especially Irene, who has been around for centuries and she is also a dragon.

After walking for a few minutes, I reached the room they were currently in and entered it. Inside the room stood a young woman with blond hair in a bob with bangs cut above her eyes, along with two purple cross-shaped objects attached to the sides of her head like horns. She also wears silver cross-shaped earrings.

She is wearing something like a golden colored swimsuit which showed her huge bust and curves along with a golden fancy coat with purple flower patterns. In addition to this she is wearing a brown colored choker on her neck with golden chains attached to it.

Next to her sitting on a chair is a tall, voluptuous woman with thickly braided, bow-adorned, scarlet hair. Her two front braids have two golden ornaments near the upper sections; she also wears two U-shaped earrings (one on each ear), and wears red lipstick.

She is wearing a risqu version of the typical witch's garb. Her black top has a diamond-shaped opening, exposing a portion of her breasts, and a heart-shaped pattern around the borders. It extends down to the naval of her stomach where it meets a large angular scar, is draped over by a dark-colored cape with a light-colored inside and two medallion like gold ornaments, and is held together by a golden chain. Not left bare, too, her neck is decorated by other small cloth-based accessories, including a wide bow. Additionally, she wears an elongated black loincloth with the symbol of the Alvarez Empire emblazoned on its front, having white borders on its edges and being connected to another cloth piece with the very same heart-shaped design. She also wears black thigh-high boots with heels that have a white-colored border near the top and gloves of the same color and design, only having claw-like extensions. Her black witch's hat is much larger than her head and possesses dreadlock designs with white bandaging near its ends. It also has a fur lining near its edges.

The first woman is Brandish and the second woman is Irene. Brandish had become a beautiful young woman since the last time we met while Irene has become even sexier because of her mature aura. They were in the midst of talking to each other when I arrived and no matter how overpowered Irene is, she wasn't able to sense me come here. So I took advantage of this to sneak up behind and surprise them. I made my way through the room dodging anything that can give me away and finally made it behind them.
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