I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 61

61 Saving Layla

*Flashback X689*

"So one more pit stop and we'll be there. Shall we go save your clan's descendent Anna?" Before using space and time to travel again, I turned to Anna who was recovering from the time jump. After a few more moments she turned to me and gave me a nod in confirmation before I once again jumped through space and time with Anna.

Year X777, Heartfilia Mansion.

We appeared in one of the rooms in the mansion. Though I was not stupid enough to suddenly appear in front of people without any signs. Anna and I appeared while I was using space to make us invisible as we looked at the scene before us.

In front of us, on the bed lay a woman who appeared to be in her late twenties and while her body looked sickly, it didn't take away any of the beauty she held. She had soft brown eyes along with long blonde hair, which she wore in a bun along with a lacy baby pink band with ruffles on its edges which rests on her hair with her flicks and strands of hair framing her face. Despite wearing a loose robe it did nothing to hide her voluptuous figure. This was Layla Heartfilia who had just recently spent her life force in opening the eclipse gate.

Sitting right beside her on the bed was a ten-year-old Lucy whose one hand was holding her mother's hand while her other hand was holding onto a doll which I am assuming is what will become Imitatia/Michelle Lobster/Gonzalez. You know, the one who was with the reborn Oracin Seis who called Lucy nee-san. That one.

Anyway, Lucy was in the middle of telling her mother some stories of her adventure in the back garden. It was amazing how a child can prolong a few sentences long story of finding a bug to a few minutes long Harry Potter novel reading of the first chapter or something. While I was getting kind of bored just standing there Anna and Layla were looking at Lucy with what I'm guessing is their mother smiles. You know the ones where never mind.

So after HALF AN HOUR! Lucy went out to have her lunch while Layla went back to reading her book. Finally, I can get to the actual business. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against letting a daughter spending time with her mother who was on her death bed. But just standing there doing nothing for thirty minutes can get to you alright.

To say that Layla was shocked by our appearance would be an understatement. The book in her hand flew over her head alongside her going kyaa and her elbow knocked the lamp post beside her. Yup, it was amusing for sure. A few minutes of calming a sick woman down later me and Anna find ourselves sitting down beside her bed.

Thankfully, I had put up a barrier around the room before appearing so no one came to check the reason for all the noise Layla made. As we watched Layla giving us the suspicious glare we introduced ourselves. Well, Layla was more interested in Anna after that since she was family and her ancestor so I didn't really mind the snub she gave me. I was expecting as much, no really, I am fine.

"So, now that we are past the whole appearing in front of a sick woman suddenly and introducing her to her ancestor is over, can you tell me what you have found me for?" After having a bit of a chat with Anna, Layla asked after having gotten out of her fan girl side.
for visiting.

"Well, seeing as you are on the verge of death because of the plan Anna, Zeref and Igneel came up with, we are here to first of all offer you the chance of curing you, sort of. Now, the downside is that you will have to go into hiding since you are supposed to be dead after a week or so and you being alive to the rest of the world can be detrimental. So here is my proposition, I save you and you come with us and we give you a place to hide while waiting for the time when you reunite with your daughter. Or you could refuse and die." I explained why we were here and I only gave her those two options to choose from since I don't know what will happen if I save her and Lucy decides to stay with her when she gets older instead of joining Fairy Tail.

Layla was considering her options carefully. While she wanted to be there for her daughter, knowing that she was supposed to die meant that her daughter basically grew up without her in a different reality. She trusted her staff to take care of Lucy in her place but it was her husband that worried her.

After his business picked up his interaction with her and Lucy began to drop until it stopped completely a few days after she was diagnosed with magic deficiency. This all started a year after Lucy was born as he was out all day and night. A few months into this change in her life forced her to look into things.

What she found out had terrified her. Her husband was involved with small time illegal guilds, which was the reason for his quick rise in the business world. Apart from that he had also been cheating on her with multiple women due to recent fame and money he got which gathered attention from various women.

She was devastated when she learnt of this and the only reason she didn't break off all relation with him was so that she could give Lucy the love of a father. When I heard all this, I thought that this was different from canon as this was something never mentioned. I mean, yeah Jude Heartfilia was cold hearted in the beginning but he did turn into a kind man when he lost all his wealth. After hearing all this I thought she would refuse since she would be leaving Lucy behind with a man who was connected with the underworld.

"I will agree as long as you promise to keep Lucy safe and happy." But what came from her mouth was acceptance as she looked at me and spoke with a determined tone as she was practically pleading when asked me to keep Lucy safe and happy at the end.

Of course I agreed to that and it didn't take long before I used my time powers on her to cure her before I had Anna make an illusion formation on the room. The next time someone comes into the room they will see a sleeping Layla and then ten seconds later that Layla will disperse into light. People will believe she had died because there have been such cases before when people disappeared due to Anima and were deemed to have died.

After making sure the illusion worked we first sent Layla to a town near the Alvarez boarder and promised to come back for her once we got set up on Tenrou Island. That's right, she has been living with Anna and I on the island. Although when others are there she hides in her room. But it won't be long before she gets to meet her daughter.

As for what I did with Lucy to keep her happy for the few years after Layla 'passed away', well that is a story for another time.
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