I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 66

66 Meeting God Again Ii

"Right now, as we keep talking they are gaining even more strength. I am unable to interfere in that plane in any way because of that being so I can't halt their growth and I also can't go there myself because one god can't go into another plane that has been designated as something like a headquarter by another god without permission. So, I came up with a method that could help you find the coordinates of the plane that you could use to go there yourself. But as I said, you are not strong enough to fight them right now so before we do that you will have to grow stronger in a short amount of time." The god continued to explain the situation as he finally reached the main reason I was probably brought here.

"I will create something akin to a time chamber from the dragon ball verse, only stronger. One hour outside will be equal to one year inside. Now, before that you can go tell the people you are close to that you will be gone for a while. It will take around two weeks in your current world at least but it will actually be longer in that plane. I will now be sending you back. I am giving you an hour to say your goodbyes after that I will bring your body to my headquarter plane." Seriously, this day seems to be getting longer and longer and I am getting a bit sick of it right now. But, this is all really serious so I need to be cautious.

"Wait a second. If you could bring my body, why didn't you bring it here?" I asked in a moment of stupidity as it seems all the information given to me was slowly frying my head.

"Are you stupid? I already said that only gods can enter the void which is where we are right now. The reason I didn't bring you straight to my plane is because before this, I never needed one. I have only just now picked a plane to act as my headquarters while talking to you. Now go and say your goodbyes. I'll bring you back in an hour." God sounded amused when he said that but ignored it as I was really stupid at the moment. And so with his final words I was sent back into my body.

"Should I have mentioned that I thought that he died because of a fart I let out? Hm, no, it's not like that's what happened anyway. Thank god it didn't though since if it had been because of that, I would not be able to face any of the rest." Seeing me gone, God mumbled before getting ready for what he had planned.


I woke up from where I was before being taken away to be given that info dumb. On the ground of the hotel room. After dusting off my clothes, I got my mind back to working order and released a deep breath. This was going to be a hassle alright. Not only do I have an upcoming mega training montage and multiple fights after that but I also have to tell I will be leaving to a group of mad woman before all of that.

But I didn't waste too much of my remaining time on such thoughts and teleported to the guild where everyone was still there. As I made my way through the guild, I first went towards Makarov to give a very, very brief version of the story.

"I will have to be gone for a while. There has been a situation that needs my utmost attention. I can't give you a full description on what has happened but I can say that this concerns much more than the world at large." After getting him alone from the rest of the guild I said what I wanted and didn't give him much time to say too much. There were things like be careful and such but I didn't have time to be emotional with everyone else because the emotional part with all the girls is going to take much more time. After that, I gathered all the girls and went home with them to break the news.

"Ok girls, here is what's happening. A very strong guy woke up, released some other strong guys who are getting stronger so I have to go stop them. So, I will have to be gone for a while and before you say anything no, you can't come with me. It's a restricted area where only selected individuals can enter." Once they all sat down in front of me on the couch, I prepared myself for the incoming assault as I explained the situation a bit more clearly than I did to Makarov with a straight face.

No matter what their reaction will be, no matter what curses or arguments they throw at me, I will not change my decision of not to bring them. It's not a matter of only me being brought there. Even if I could bring others with me, I would still not bring them and put them in harms way.

As expected, the girls began to throw a fit and shouted at me but I kept my blank face on and didn't say anything and just let them vent their feelings out. After they calmed down, they still tried to change my mind but I didn't flinch. So we just spent the remaining time snuggling with each other.

After an hour was just about finished, I separated from them and stood a bit away from them to wait for me being taken away by god. And I didn't have to wait long as I just disappeared from before them just as I adjusted my position.
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What appeared next was a grassland. It was all around me and it was all I could see apart from the clear blue sky. And then in front of me appeared an old man with a long white beard and long silver hair falling down his shoulder blades.

"Let's not waste time. You should begin your training as soon as possible. How many years do you want to spend in there? I will say this now that, I want you out after ten hours at most. The rate you will grow in the time chamber will only be slightly faster than those evil beings. That amount of time can only be enough to give you a slight edge over them." So this is god, huh. I am unexpectedly calm in a situation like this but we didn't have time for that.

"Ten hours it is then. But why can't I stay inside there longer?" I asked him since he seemed to be in a hurry right now.

"If we take any longer, they will be nearing the demi god realm which is not to the liking of not only me but the rest of the gods. Although, they will not be demi gods, but we still can't take the chance of something unexpected happening. Now let's get to your training plans. Your offense needs a lot of work so that should be your priority and so is your defense. Your aura magic will be useful for finding your enemy when you go to that plane so train in it as well. That should be your main focus but I think you can come up with a few things on your own. Now let's get you in there," He replied to me as he teleported us to a small house and explained to me as we walked inside.

The only thing inside the house was a gate from one end of the wall to the other and there was nothing else. After finishing his speech, he gestured his hands towards the gate as it opened on its own. I took a deep breath and released it before giving a nod to god and entered. The next ten years is going to be hellish for my own sake.
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