I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 68

68 On The Search

"Before you go. I must both apologize and thank you for undertaking such a huge task. As a mortal you should not be involved in these things but as we gods can't interfere ourselves, we are forced to rely on you for this. So once again, thank you and sorry. Now, we still haven't found out who that being is who released those evil souls since it has once again gone into slumber but from the density of power that it released, it is safe to presume that he is equal in strength to the rest of us. But you do not have to worry about it and just focus on the ones he released. Make sure you are cautious. Don't think your new found strength will make you invincible. If they gang up on you, things will get messy so be careful. And also, there seems to be a barrier around the plane. But don't worry it won't stop you from entering." God and I stopped some distance away from the house that we just came out of before he gave a final few information and advice and I listened to him attentively.

Once he finished, he gave me the coordinates for the plane and I gave him a final look before I used my space powers to the utmost limit and teleported. Ever since I have met God again, I realized that I have been less talkative. Maybe it's because of the impending crisis or the tough challenges awaiting me or even the fear of death that may come to me on this journey. But, I know I can't keep such thoughts in my head and make myself an easy target psychologically. I decided to toss those thoughts aside and never bring them up until I am either finished taking care of these things or I die.

When everything became clear around me, the first thing I did was throw up. Traveling such a huge distance and the fact that I there was some sort of barrier around the place disoriented me like never before.

After emptying my stomach, I wiped my mouth before looking around. Like all typical base of a villain, it was gloomy as hell. The sky was grey and the air had something like ash floating around here and there. Despite this the only thing normal or should I say abnormal about this villain's hideout was the fact that the terra forming of this place was just like any other. Trees, grass, cliffs and mountains, they were all present.

Stopping my sightseeing activity mid-way through, I started to use my Aura magic to search for my opponents. But even after standing there and giving my full concentration for a full five minutes, nothing came up. It seems this place is much larger than what my magic can cover. I will need to move around while keeping my magic activated.

And so started my search, at the start I never imagined how huge this place could be. Even after searching for hours, I still found nothing. So when the sky turned darker than the color of ink, I decided to rest up and camp somewhere. Even if I find them after searching nonstop, it would be futile if I don't have the strength to face them if they go for a surprise attack.

This place didn't have any livestock or maybe I am in an area where there is none but it did have an excess amount of fruits so I didn't have to worry about food. I also decided to stockpile them just in case I end up in an area where there is nothing to eat. So after eating, I activated dream reality on the entrance of my campsite before meditating and then getting some sleep.

The following days were equally unfruitful. The only living thing aside from me that I was able to encounter was just a day ago when I encountered a wolf pack on the verge of collapse. They were famished and yet had the strength of fighting an A-rank mage individual. And they were a pack of eleven wolves. Despite that they were weak to me and I took care of them swiftly. I was able to get my hands on some meat so that was good.

Apart from that nothing noteworthy happened. I did get to see some sights though but that is beside the point. Having my Aura magic activated throughout the day had taken its toll on me so I took the day off to recover when that pack of wolves had come but after some rest, I had already recovered so I had gone on my way again.

If I am being honest, the lack of results was getting a bit frustrating but not enough to have me make irrational decisions. It was annoying at best and I could just vent it out on my surroundings if it became too much to handle. So here I am, finished with another line of trees lying on the ground before me after I basically shredded them with my new magic.

Just as I had managed to calm down, I felt a signal at the very end of my Aura magic's search range. The presence was massive and gave off a dark and eerie feeling. I don't think this was because he was brought back from the dead, I have a feeling this was just how this guy's character is. Dark and eerie.

I didn't waste my time as I charged at the direction of the presence. If I miss out on this chance I don't know when I will be able to find another one of these guys and I am not going to be counting on them leaving behind trails.

The presence was also moving but at a much slower pace and he was very slowly making his way towards the center of my magic's range which is where I am. After I had continuously used aura magic these past few days without stopping, its range had increased so even after a day of nonstop moving I wasn't that close to him. I had tried to teleport to him on the first day that the chase began but I found out it was interrupted by the guy somehow.

It took two days but I was near him enough to finally take a breather. I used time to recover my stamina and remove any form of exhaustion but I still held back from going to him since I needed to be prepared for the battle mentally.
for visiting.

After I got ready, I ran at a moderate pace until I was a few thousand meters away from him. I had made my way around him to get to his front as I waited for him. I was still using Aura magic but it was much less intense than before since I was holding it back for the fight.

After a few minutes of waiting, I saw him. And when I did, it shocked me since I knew who he was. And since I know who he was, it was going to be easier to prepare a battle plan for him.

"Zahahaha, well what do we have here. And here I was thinking how boring this place has become. I can take care of the little rat while having some fun, must be my lucky day. Zahahaha!"
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