I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 70

70 Ray Vs Blackbeard Ii

"Zahahaha, this is turning out be as potentially fun as I had in my last fight before I had died. The difference is that I am now stronger than ever and even if end up dead, I will probably be brought back to life by that thing. So, let's go all out. Let's kill each other, Zahahaha!" Blackbeard continued to run his mouth that honestly was getting a bit annoying. But I have already come to a decision.

Unseen to the eye, my whole arm was vibrating at a minuscule level as I activated my magic. This is to keep its effect still hidden while the attacks that will connect will be able to help me long term. I was already using my Aura magic to its fullest to keep up with his observation haki and now that I am dividing my attention to my new magic, I need my full attention on the battle itself.

After all the training I did, I could fight with my attention divided between different magic with ease for about an hour or so now. Although it might not seem much in a battle of this scale. The Vibration magic can cut the battle time short and give me the win if I do things right.

Before he could say anything else though, I was already right in front of him. Even though space might not work on him, it would still work on me. So I had used space power to lower my weight through gravity as to increase my speed. The aching I felt from my arms from the last attack's impact has long ended due to my time power.

But just like me however, it seems he has been physically holding back as well. Because even before I could fully swing my fist on him, his quake bubble covered fist launched itself on my face. I embedded my feet into the ground to hold myself from getting pushed back and caught his arm with my hands. This was for two reason, first I wanted to forcibly move his fist from my face and second, to get in to contact with him so that my vibration could take effect on him.

Since I got the chance, I made sure to take it. Even if my face was going through pain unlike before, I decided to continue as I let my time power take care of any injuries as I focused on attacking. Though since I had to focus on my time power much more than other I could only use it when I had breathing space.

Slowly, I was able to get his fist away from me as my magic worked its magic unknown to Blackbeard. He was grinning like a madman while gritting his teeth as he pushed forward while I pushed him back. After getting his fist a few inches away from me, I lowered my waist as I snapped my head back while using one of my hands to twist my body using the ground.

My other arm on the other hand, kept its grip onto his hard as I pulled him with me and threw him off balance with my legs while I was mid turn. As he was falling backwards, I sent in an elbow directly onto his chest. The impact made the ground beneath him to crack and he coughed out blood but that wasn't the best result of the hit. What was though, was that I was able to send more vibrations inside of him. It's just that I had to keep them from being discovered so I had controlled its effectiveness.

After hitting him I was about to get up from the ground when his previous hit took its intended effect. My vision blurred and my legs got tangled as I almost fell again. I quickly used time to recover but it was already too late. While I was disoriented, Blackbeard recovered enough to stand back up and punched me with a haki infused quake bubble fist.

This time as I hadn't managed to react in time, his punch hit directly on my throat as I flew back onto the cliff side and ended up in an even worse state than Blackbeard did earlier. On the side of the cliff wall, I was coughing blood out like there was no tomorrow and as I was about to use time once again, I vision got covered by a huge shadow. It was Blackbeard as he started raining his punches on me.

But this time, it was different. His quake bubble had black spots in it that belong to neither the darkness fruit or his haki. This was something new and I realized that he probably unleashed his newest trick and quite possibly his trump card. But the problem is that I don't know what it does. So I shouldn't take too much of his attack so I used what little focus I had at that time to increase the vibrations I had released in his arms.

"Aaagghh!!" Blackbeard gave shrill cry as he held on to his left arm. His arm looked like there were worms crawling inside of it before it got worse as I bumped up the effect even more.
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"*gasp* Burst!" Despite my condition, I whispered the word as his arm full exploded in his face. As his cries continued, I tried to recover from my injuries. As I took all of his punches the amount of injuries I had increased even more so. But then I realized a problem. Some of the injuries weren't healing. My left shoulder remained dislocated, my left forehead was bruised and was profusely bleeding and the right side of my stomach also remained in pain.

I didn't have time to think about this or Blackbeard because as I was treating myself, I suddenly felt a massive presence coming in. it was even bigger than Blackbeard's and this person was coming in fast. With my current condition, I was in no state to fight two opponents and one who was even stronger than Blackbeard.

I had lost so much blood that I had lost too much focus and that caused me to think of the vibration I had left inside of Blackbeard's chest. The only thing I did was give the writhing form of Blackbeard on the ground in front of me before I used my last remaining strength to teleport away to a spot I had been in before to recover as soon as the new figure came to the area.

I was unable to see who it was but if I had, I would probably be cursing my luck since this guy was the worst type of opponent anyone could face. But unfortunately, nothing can be done now apart from getting my body back to its original state.
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