I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 71

71 First Battles Aftermath

-At the battlefield- 3rd POV

As soon as Ray left, a tall figure approached Blackbeard who was still on the ground screaming in both rage and in pain. After the figure reached him, he stood there waiting for Blackbeard to calm down. As he stood there waiting, the figure turned his head towards the direction that Ray was in before he teleported away and got lost in his thoughts.

"Haah, haah, that brat, I will kill him. Zahahaha, I will make sure there is nothing left of him when I am done with him." Blackbeard spoke from his spot on the ground as he managed to calm his rage. Though the pain of having had his arm explode was still there, it was now at a level where he could with stand it due to his tenacious endurance.

"What happened?" The figure asked Blackbeard coming out of his thoughts as he saw he had stopped shouting and was talking to himself. The man was looking at Blackbeard with a calm and indifferent face as he asked as if he was not talking to a man who just had his arm blown up.

"Zahahaha, I think we all have a problem in our hands. But, why should I tell any of you. You can all lose your heads for all I care. That brat had enough strength to do so after all, Zahahaha!" Blackbeard gave a look towards the man as his face split into a grin despite the pain he was going through as he spat out those words.

The man already knowing the type of person Blackbeard was turned away from him intending to leave seeing he won't be getting any answers from him. But before he left, he once again looked at the place Ray was at and then gave a glance back towards Blackbeard before he left. He had only come here due to the battle as he knew that Blackbeard wouldn't fight any of the rest since he was the weakest of them but to see him set his attacks out only meant that there has been an unexpected change of events that none of them knew.

But since Blackbeard won't answer him, he will just have to wait and see if this particular person that Blackbeard spoke of comes at him or the rest of them. This new variant in the equation could either be an ally that was just testing himself or he could be an enemy that had somehow found them and was trying to take them out. The answer? Only time will tell now.

-Back to MC- MC POV

On the side of a mountain, inside a cave that was hidden due to a rock and snow, I somehow managed to light up a fire with an arm before losing consciousness once I teleported here. And now, almost an entire day after that, I woke up from my slumber due to both the pain and hunger.

My body had still not recovered though the natural healing of my body had alleviated some of it but since I wasn't using time power to heal while I was out it didn't do much. Working through the pain and the obvious handicap of having to use one arm, I managed to fill up my hungry stomach before going to my injuries since I was completely out of energy to think of anything else.

After that, I finally turned my attention to my body. Yesterday, during the fight I had found out my inability to heal myself despite using a law of the universe to do so. Time was something that always worked for me so to see that it had stopped working completely is shocking.

Even now as I try, it wasn't working on the areas that hadn't healed yesterday. My forehead, left shoulder and the right side of my stomach. The rest of my body has already returned to its peak form but these areas remain the same.

Seeing that I can at least move my body without any problems, I got into a comfortable position and got to meditating to clear my head of any panic. Although this is the first time such a thing has happened, I should calm down and not let it affect me. Instead I should find the cause and see if I could develop a countermeasure to this.
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After calming down and coming out of my meditation, I started to think back on the fight and remembered something. In the entirety of the fight's beginning, Blackbeard had used his darkness fruit, tremor fruit and haki, that's it. But at the end when he was raining punches down at me, there was something else. What I had assumed was his trump card, those black spots.

It was so small that you could barely see it but it was there. The reason that may be the case could be because Blackbeard had just learnt how to do it because I know for a fact that it wasn't haki. And I remember that the place that those spots came into contact were the same places that aren't healing on my body right now.

So I can assume that those spots are the reason for time power not working on my injuries. Then comes the question, is it permanent. If it is, then this could be bad news for me since I use my time control heavily in battle to recover from the hits. If it is not, then how long is its effect. For now, I need the answer to this question so I can only wait. Those guys are not going to go anywhere but I do have to worry about the fact that they will be getting even stronger in the meantime but I am helpless in this situation.

And so began my recovery break. I spent three day trying to see if the black spots effect were permanent or not by having my time powers constantly activated. And on the third day, to my relief it started working again. It was still a lot slower compared to before but I am just glad that it is not permanent.

I spent another two days to completely recover and then I spent another week to put myself through grueling training. I made sure that I was better than I was when I fought Blackbeard since I know the other guys didn't have any breaks and must have gotten stronger. Apart from that, it was also to see if there have been any after effects those black spots left on me that could cause problems for my time power. But thankfully it hadn't, and I was already getting ready to be on my way to search for another opponent. But if I met Blackbeard this time, I could just explode him if my vibrations are still there inside of him. For now, though, finding any of them is my main focus and with that in mind, I set out.
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