I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 72

72 The Second Opponent And Ending Blackbeard

I don't know if I am just that unlucky or that I had somehow ended up running in circles despite using something that was like a map. It has been a long week but since I was somewhat expecting this, I didn't use all of my time to search with everything I had. I kept my Aura magic active while I had continued to train since I may come face to face with two people at once.

While I was still recovering, I had made several discoveries that could be useful in the future. One, I couldn't use my teleportation to come near Blackbeard but I was able to do so to get away from him. This means that his body was giving off something like a vibe that pushed any space related effect away from him.

Another thing I discovered was that, after I was able to use time again, my control over it got better. This could be because I was forcing it to work more than what my body had allowed at that time but honestly it was good thing so I wasn't against it and happily accepted the increase in control.

Third was that this plane seems to start going through environmental changes twice every month. Not just the weather but the very geography of the world changes. It could be a normal calm day one second and then it could start to rain and never stop until the next time the changes occur. That is the current weather that I am dealing with and I can't say I don't like it because I have always liked the rain better than the sun.
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Anyway, apart from those there were a few other minor discoveries but the most important was still the fact that just like the first time, the range for my Aura magic's detection range had a slight increase. It wasn't much but any increase can help me out in the long run so I can't really complain.

As the days went by, I continued to put myself through gruesome training while keeping my senses out to find those bastards. As I had experience of being on the hunt for days without any results, I didn't get impatient or irritated this time. Though if thing remain like this, I might actually really explode.

Aside from that, my continuous training has been showing results. Since the amount of work I have been putting into my training is always pushing me to the brink of unconsciousness, it is not really a surprise that it has.

My strength and flexibility improved the most in terms of physical attributes and I took some time out to train a long range attack magic. Since I didn't have enough time, I tried out a common magic which is lightning magic. It took some time but since this was nowhere near the level of my other magics, I got it down soon enough.

Although its firepower and my control on it is nothing like what Laxus can do, the more I use it the more it will improve and besides, it's not like I will be using it too much once I get back or should I say if I get back. The reason I learned it in the first place is because I wanted to have a long ranged attacking outlet to depend on. My main strength still relied on my Vibration magic and my basic physical strength.

While that may be the case, there is bound to be a situation where I need to stay back and take the fight from long distance. And if my gut feeling is right, then I should be working on the firepower of this new magic because I feel like that time will soon come.

I was out and about searching when I felt that familiar presence of Blackbeard. And this time I didn't have to waste my time with him because I could sense the vibrations I had left inside of him. Although, they were on the verge of disappearing but I can just increase its vibrancy when I see him again and that would be it. I'll let him say his final words before actually doing it though he won't know that.

As I made my way towards him, midway through as he was moving, he stopped and moved in my direction. It seems my Aura magic is stronger than his haki since he took longer to notice me. But it doesn't matter as he was about to die anyway.

Few minutes later, we both were once again facing each other. He was covering his body with captain's coat but I could tell that he hadn't replaced his exploded arm. He was standing there grinning like a fool thinking that he could kill me. Honestly, he lost an arm when he had two and now, his strength remained the same despite losing an arm while I had grown stronger. I could have killed him even without the vibrations I had placed inside of him, although it would be with some difficulties as he is still a strong bastard.

"Zahahaha, I finally found you, brat. Where have you been hiding all this time. Do you know how hard it was to keep my anger in check every time I saw my arm? No matter, now that you're here, I can finally vent it all out." Blackbeard started off gave his annoying laugh as he gave me a mild surprise. Why am I surprised you ask? Well, aren't you? I mean his character is not matching to that of the one in the anime.

In the anime, he was a coward who feared death. He did have his moments but that was how he was mostly and he was usually scheming behind others back rather than fighting head on. But this guy in front of me is coming at me from the front and didn't seem to care about his death. No matter what the reason was, I wasn't going to waste my brain cells on a soon to be dead body. As I was about to let Blackbeard vent his feelings out and let him say his final words, I stopped.


Without wasting a second, I blew Blackbeard up as the scene turned into a gore scene. Pieces of his flesh and blood flew around but I had already turned my attention elsewhere. I was looking towards my right, where stood a person. The person had a childlike figure and judging by the bulge on the chest, it was a female. Her entire body was covered in bandages, with a tattered black colored cloak with droopy ears attached to the hood. She was also wearing a floral scarf around her neck.

"My, my, that was some beautiful firework that you just showed. Was that a welcome gift for little old me? You shouldn't have." The figure spoke as I stood there with a chill on my back as I had once again recognized who this is.
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