I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 75

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But even so, I just can't understand how Eto survived the vibrations that exploded her from the inside. Or am I overlooking something, is her body one of her constructs like those extra limbs? If so, that will explain her being alive but thankfully, being in such close range from the explosion gave her a lot of damage. All I have to do is send the vibrations directly into her real body next time.

Nonetheless, the situation has become really troublesome now with this new addition, because not only am I fighting Eto Yoshimura from Tokyo Ghoul now, I also have to fight her and Tetsuo Shima from the manga and anime Akira at the same time.

Yeah, that guy who had psychic powers, teleportation, mind reading and force fields that allows him to survive even in space. Thankfully, my mastery over space law is enough to allow me to make only my brain enter Dream Reality, so his mind reading will not work on me. The only thing I should keep an eye out for is his psionic blasts, telekinesis, teleportation and force fields.

"Huh? I can't read his mind. No matter, not like I need that for guys who are already half dead." Thank god I had used Dream Reality on my brain when I recognized him, otherwise he could have got a lot of information from me that could be dangerous.

"There's nothing to talk about. I'll tear your limbs apart brat!" Eto charged at me after declaring so. But her speed was nowhere near what it was before even though her huge size from earlier should have made her slower. And she was in her normal form now, which I can use to my advantage. As soon as she arrived in front of me though, Tetsuo was also next to me sending in a punch.

I covered both my arms with lightning unconsciously as I blocked his punch with my right forearm and caught the limb coming from Eto's back with my left. There were black spots on both of them but because it was in contact with my lightning coat, I was able to negate its effect on me. Seeing this, I quickly coated my whole body in lighting before they started their joint assault on me.

What followed was a classic fist fight as Eto and Tetsuo sent punch after punch at me which I responded to by either blocking or dodging. With lightning running through my nervous system at a level where it can withstand, my reaction time was greatly boosted. Added to the fact that I had already lowered my weight to increase my speed, I was able to cope with fighting to people at once.

I didn't let that get to my head though as I was bound to make a mistake in the midst of this chaos, so I took the split second I got in between their attacks to swipe my leg under Eto and punched Tetsuo in the gut after hunching down a bit.

As Eto was falling backwards due to my intervention, I went behind her and grabbed her by the waist before throwing her in a Suplex while sending in a huge amount of vibration into her. And after I hit her with the Suplex, I picked her up and sent her flying towards Tetsuo who was coming in quick at me while still nursing his stomach with one hand.

Seeing Eto flying towards him, Tetsuo just swept her aside using his telekinesis which I had already anticipated after seeing their interaction. I wasn't expecting for him to catch her instead I only wanted her to be close to him.

When she was swept to his right, she didn't even go one meter from him when I made the vibrations in her go berserk and exploded her right in Tetsuo's face.


I watched the slight dust that gathered be lifted with the wind and so blood and flesh everywhere just like how it was with Blackbeard. Only this time, I made sure the power behind it was much larger than that time. I wanted to take advantage of the explosion to wound Tetsuo but he was still in much better condition compared to mine.
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Next to the explosion was Tetsuo inside a force field which he was able to create in time. But there was already damage done to him by then. He was holding on to a limp right arm as blood was flowing down it. But, I wasn't expecting it to remain that way for long since I knew he had a high regeneration rate. And so, I started to shoot lightning bolts towards him while I made a lightning Odin's Judgement inside Dream Reality.

Once I saw him stop all of the lightning bolts using his telekinesis, I went in front of him while absorbing those lightning back into me to from my lightning armor and sent a punch with full force at his force field to see how much damage I could deal to it.

And I wasn't disappointed as while I wasn't able to completely break through it, I was able to make a lot of cracks on it. Just as I was about to send lightning to attack him through the cracks, he hit a psionic blast right onto my chest and sent me crashing into the rock I was leaning against when he arrived completely destroying it in the process.

He couldn't have hit a worse part on my body. I was still hurting from the hit I had received from Eto earlier and now, I was hit there again with a psionic blast which had the same black spots as the other two. Thankfully, the amount of those black spots were less dense than Eto although it was still higher than Blackbeard.

I was having some difficulty breathing now and that wasn't good at all. Thankfully, while I was punching his force field, I had done something else. I poured massive amounts of lightning towards the ground after covering it with space to not let it get insulated, effectively creating a type of landmine. And as expected, after he stepped on the spot where the lightning was accumulated while walking to me, the ground suddenly burst forth while a huge pillar of lightning covered Tetsuo completely, hiding him from sight. But the scream of pain he gave off did give me reassurance as I knew he just took a lot of damage.

The force field that still had cracks from last time was about to recover when he had stepped on the landmine but then the lightning broke through it which severed his right arm and left leg while covering his whole body with scorch marks.

Seeing the state Tetsuo was in, I knew his mind had momentarily gone blank. I decided to take advantage of this and used whatever strength I had left in my body to reach him and then I took out the lightning Odin's Judgement before stabbing it into his throat that got ripped from the rest of his body due to the size of the lightning spear.

Even after this, I wasn't able to rest easy so I gathered his head and body before making it explode to nothing with my vibration magic. Seeing the bloody explosion for the third time in a single day, I finally dropped to the ground and started panting.

Maybe it was due to his negligence but ending Tetsuo was much easier than the other two. But for now, I needed to recover so I teleported to one of my hideouts.
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