I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 76

76 The Final Three

It took a whole day before I was able to start my healing process on the wounds that were caused by those black spots and that too in a very slow pace. The damage I took from Tetsuo's psionic blast was the worst as I still had a very difficult time to breath. Apart from that the wounds caused by Eto's projectiles were slowly but surely healing.

Given the rate at which it was healing, I am guessing it will take half a day to fully close the wounds. But the gash that was opened on my chest and the few cracks in my ribcage because of the psionic blast will definitely take more than a day. So the only thing I could do until then is meditate and use my time powers to the most of its current ability.

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3rd Pov

Meanwhile, in a deeply hidden underground cave was a mystical lake that was giving off a light from its bottom that slightly illuminated the cave. Surrounding the lake on three of its side stood three figures that was mostly covered by the shadow of the cave.

"It would seem, the other three have been killed. Does any of you have any information on who might be behind this?" One of the figure, who judging by his voice was a young man in his late twenties, asked the other two while his voice contained a hidden authority which revealed what kind of status he has either in this little group or before he had previously died.

"It seems not. I had encountered Blackbeard after his first battle but you should know given his personality, he refused to part with any information. Now though, it would seem I should have just forced it out of him." To the right of the first man, was the man who spoke with Blackbeard following his first fight with Ray and he relayed his encounter with Blackbeard to the other two as he scanned them to see if they were hiding anything.

"Does it matter? It's not like we will be beaten with the recent growth in our strength. So what if those three were killed, they were just brash little brats who didn't know the true might of what we had received. Just because this new person killed the weakest of us means nothing." The third and final member of the trio who had the voice of a middle aged man spoke indifferently after hearing what the other two had to say.

"Even so, we must prepare just in case. the fact that this new entity was able to kill them alone is something we should be wary of. While we may not know why we were brought back to life, I for one will make sure to be alive until I find out the reason." The first man spoke as he gave a side long glance at the middle aged man. No one knew why they had been brought back to life and neither did they like each other. So they had always minded their own business aside from the three who had been killed. Those three often ended up confronting with each other. While they hadn't gone into a full blown fight, they did have small skirmishes.

The three who are here however were different. They always avoided any contact with the rest if it wasn't anything big and so rarely met. And when they did, the tension between them was always tense. That was the case here as the first man's words caused the middle aged man to slowly release his pressure.

"This is no time to fight against each other. I propose at least being in a close proximity to one another so that even if one of us ended up fighting this new entity, the other two of us can come to aid." The younger man of the three voiced out quickly seeing as the situation was going downhill which elicited a nod from the first man and a snort from the middle aged man.

"I don't need your help. I can take care of my battles on my own. If any of two dare to interfere, I will show you just how powerful I am." After giving his piece of the matter, the middle aged man turned around and soon disappeared from their sight as the two looked at one another.


MC Pov

It has been two days since I started to heal and I am finally out of the influence of those darn black spots. Since there was nothing hindering my time powers anymore, I healed the remaining wounds and physical pain completely before moving around a bit and stretching my muscles a bit. These three days has been excruciatingly hard since I had to try my best just to keep breathing.

But even then, I had somehow managed to get some meditation done and I was able to improve my aura magic and vibration magic to some extent. As for my lightning magic, I was only able to gain better control on it and since I was unable to actually train, there was no real increase in the power output of my lightnings.

Just like last time however, my flexibility, speed and strength gained a slight increase after recovering and so I decided to get used to the changes that had occurred to my body and magic. This was done in a day and now I started thinking about what was to come. The characteristics of the three people I have encountered so far can be said to be impulsive in a way, so I knew that apart from these three there should be those who are calmer and smarter than them. And in that case, these guys will be much harder to beat since those types are the ones who will mainly focus on getting stronger than useless things.

And if that is so, the things they will be able to do with those black spots will be much more as well. Thankfully, I was able to find out a way to somewhat negate the effect those spots had on me in the last fight when I used lightning to coat myself. And with that in mind, I started an intense training session in regards to my lightning magic and strengthen the lightning armor which is really a copy of what the Raikage used in Naruto. But as long as it helps me, I wasn't going to make a fuss about it.

A few days of this training later, I was leaning against a tree to rest after another training session when I noticed a presence coming in quick. But I didn't move and instead waited for him/her to arrive. And it didn't take long as a figure jumped out of the trees and landed in the forest clearing that I was in.

"So you are the one who killed those three. Although you are hiding it well, the aura you give off is almost the same as mine. So this won't be a disappointment in the end after all. Come, let us dance shall we?" The figure stood there imposingly with a blank face as he spoke those words. While inside of my head, I was cursing whatever god it was that released these bastards.
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